Pros and Cons

  • Detailed lists of every item
  • Maps covering every level
  • Somewhat funny passages
  • Reveals hidden items
  • Occasionally incorrect on item locations
  • Occasionally incorrect on hidden passageways
  • Doesn't tell you exactly what to do all the time

Super Paper Mario -- Strategy Guide (guide)

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A poorly edited guide for a poorly educated gamer



This guide definitely has its pro's and con's. I spent $15 on this 'Official Nintendo' guide and was hoping for quality. However, I feel now that Nintendo doesn't care about editing. This guide was chocked full of errors big and small. But there are good things about this guide, like thorough lists of Recipes, Cards, Maps and Mini-Quests.

Still the guide lacks in a lot of areas. It doesn't always explain what you have to do to advance in the game. This left me with a headache occasionally and, eventually, I just put down the guide and figured it out on my own. And it also seemed to me that the guide got worse as it went on, as it messed up some pretty important things. One being which window you had to jump through while in 3D in Chapter 8. That was rather irritating. Also, I wish they had included locations and places to find the cards. I felt that was something the guide was lacking as well.

I feel that this guide is very average and whoever did the editing should be fired and replaced by someone with an education higher than the 8th Grade.

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