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Pros and Cons

  • Includes a general hints section
  • Written by a pro writer, so it isn't dull to read
  • The screenshots are a huge help
  • Provides nudges instead of spoilers
  • The book has a sense of humor!
  • The screenshots are in black and white

Timelapse -- Strategy Guide (guide)

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Gets into the game's little details like online walkthroughs can't.



Whether you seek soft-served hints or hard-boiled answers, you'll find exactly what you need here.

The Timelapse strategy guide itself is broken into three parts: Part one gives general hints, which is for people who prefer gentle nudges in the right direction, instead of spoon-fed answers. It offers soft hints in a Q&A format offering subtle clues for some of the game's tougher puzzles.

Part two is a hardcore walkthrough, exactly what the name entails.... A detailed walkthrough which is divided into sections for each of Timelapse's five worlds. Each section offers not only quick solutions, but also explains the puzzle logic when possible.

Finally, part three is an interview with the Timelapse development team. I thought this was an awesome insight into the design process for this remarkable game. The interview is quite lively and offers some closure for anyone with some lingering questions about the game.

One final note:
You have to love the background commentary in this guide. Instead writing hints like "walk over to the statue and click on it to reveal a scroll", the creators preferred much more interesting wording, like "Haven't you always wanted to pull up some guy's skirt and grab his scroll?"

Props for Prima for unlocking all of the secrets of the game!

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