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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • AMAZING gameplay, each level is unique
  • Gets very hard, yet surprisingly not frustrating
  • Graphics are the best yet on the Xbox 360
  • Multiplayer allows many simultaneous players
  • Very intelligent teammates
  • Probe, tank, and even helicopter control!
  • Gripping and smart story line
  • Characters are underdeveloped
  • Not one civilian in the entire metropolitan area

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Xbox 360)

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A spectacular game with smart and intelligent, fast-paced shooting that will have your heart beating dangerously fast



This is a great new game in the lineup of the Tom Clancy series that has a very unique story line that goes along with the rest of the brilliant Tom Clancy stories that are similar to today's current events. The story takes place in Mexico City; where Canada, the United States, and Mexico are all signing a peace agreement to share security issues of the entire continent in order to maintain control of drug trade and terrorist activities. This is something that we could actually be seeing the soon future in reality, which I appreciated about the story line. In the middle of the summit meeting, Mexican rebels led by a rebel general use a shroud of an uprising of the people in disagreement with their president as a coup that he and his son, a guerilla war lieutenant, and a select few in the military have started. They hit fast and soon disrupt most of the military matters in the area, scattering the Mexican army, killing the Canadian president, and capturing key U.S., and Mexican military generals. Your job is to go in and rescue all personnel and retrieve information known as the "football" that has key security information that they were discussing at the summit meeting that could put the entire continent in danger if put into the hands of terrorists.

You must go from location to location ahead of the rest of the army and as secretly as possible you and your fellow "Ghosts" will destroy key targets and infiltrate enemy bases so that it is safe for the rest of the army to move in with a full attack. You are a key player of the U.S. Special Forces and are vital to the entire movement. The story line is gripping and smart, yet some of the characters that direct your movements in the military seem a bit random and underdeveloped, as does your own character and teammates. The campaign has a normal difficulty which is pretty difficult and a hard difficulty which is insane at the level of realism that the mode employs. The difficulty will have you coming back for more and make the game even more pleasurable, unlike Call of Duty 2 where you end up screaming at your Xbox 360 and threatening to throw it out the window.

The sound in the game is pretty standard. The mechanics sound amazing and I love listening to all of the chatter between you and your teammates. Everything is cued perfectly and all of the guns and vehicles sound great. You can hear enemies' voices echo in the distance and get louder as they get closer to you. The characters don't move their mouths when they speak or, if they do, it's hardly noticeable at all, but is hardly a big deal. There isn't much1 music throughout the campaigns but I could care less, because most of the nature sounds sound amazing.

The graphics in Advanced Warfighter are the most amazing that has been introduced so far on the entire Xbox 360 in my opinion. They blow all of the other games out of the water. There are miles and miles of city landscape just on every level that you can explore and they all seem very different from each other. The lighting is spectacular, as it casts shadows from helicopters flying overhead and the shadows will change on buildings as the sun moves throughout the day. The buildings look spectacular and so do enemies, vehicles, yourself, and your teammates. You even get to fly on helicopters and use the rail gun and you can see the city stretching IN DETAIL as far as the sunset. The only downside is the glare from the sun, as realistic as it is, can sometimes be a pain when using your scope and trying to shoot enemies as it will blind you. Also, there are zero civilians in a city that is supposed to be occupied by millions. It would be cool to see people running down the street screaming like infants in terror as shots rang out.

The multiplayer is amazing. It can fit tons of people into one lobby and there are tons of maps to choose from and lots of different modes like deathmatch and territory for example. They bring back a tactical vision to shooting games that is much more realistic, as you have to peek around corners and hide behind areas and will have you communicating with your team constantly on trying to organize strikes against key points against your enemies. If you're a fan of childish and often no-thinking shooters like Halo 2 where you can simply run in and blast everything (not bashing it, because I love the game)... then this game might not be for you. It requires a lot of skill and thinking because you can be killed in a matter of a few shots.

I honestly hated the past Ghost Recon games but this one is a completely new format that makes it a bit faster paced and intense. I highly recommend this game... smile

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