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Pros and Cons

  • Classic Bomber Man gameplay
  • Wario crossover
  • Interesting story
  • Decent graphics for its time
  • Levels are all too similar

Wario Blast (Game Boy)

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Wario... Welcome to Bomber Man's Turf!



Story Line:
Bomber Man is minding his own business, when all of a sudden Wario pops out of nowhere. Wario, seeing this strange new world, decides to try and conquer it. It's up to you as either Bomber Man, to defend your home, or as Wario, to take all control!

The game plays similarly to past Bomber Man games. Your goal is to simply blow up enemies to move on to the next stage. As with traditional Bomber Man games, your view is from an overhead perspective. Playing as Bomber Man, your mission is to blow up all of the Wario clones. Playing as Wario your mission is to blow up all of the Bomber Man clones. Unlike previous Bomber Man titles, your only enemies are either Bomber Man clones, or Wario clones. Blowing up the same enemies over and over again can get pretty repetitive and boring.

The graphics in this game aren't that great. The sprites are pretty dull looking. The only sprite I found that actually looked great was Wario. Granted it's a GameBoy game, but considering GameBoy games that came out years before this one have better graphics you'd expect a little more then what your getting. The graphics aren't "Bad" they just aren't anything that pushed the GameBoy to the limit. The graphics are slightly better if playing this game on a Super GameBoy, as it adds a pretty cool looking border, and color.

The sound in the game is very good. The music is extremely catchy, and takes advantage of the GameBoys limits. It might just be me, but I really enjoy music coming from GameBoy games due to it's classic (chip tune) style.

Overall Wario Blast is a pretty fun game. It has it's flaws, but it is still definitely worth a go. So if you like Bomber Man games and like Wario, then I highly recommend giving this game a go.

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