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I have in my collection over 450 SNES games, over 90 Playstation games, and over 550 DVDs.These include many rare games, many "rare" rpgs, 9 of the top 10 most manted snes games, and many of the major movies to be released in the last 3 years.

I've been rather lax about creating and updating my movies on this site. Although, all of my DVDs are listed here under the user ID: bird-one.

Everything I have on my availables list is for sale or trade. I'll take offers to sell items, but will not make an offer unless we cannot make a trade. I just assume that everyone is looking for a trade.

Anyway, what I don't get here I will get somewhere else.

I am actively looking for the following games. They only have to be complete if they are playstation games. I also perfer that SFC games be complete, but some deals I wouldn't be able to resist. Please, no altered SFC games. I have a converter and would rather have games that have not been altered. I am only looking for games in very good condition or better. Also, I am really only interested in original playstation games and not the greatest hit releases. Unless it's on my wanted page or a SNES game thats not on my collection, sorry, I'm not interested.

Vectrex games:
All Complete Games
Especially Pole Position

Playstation games:
Mega Man X6
Guilty Gear
Street Fighter Collection 2
Allied General

SNES games:
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III
Super Bomberman
Kirby's Dream Course
Lost Vikings
Super Adventure Island 2
All Super Nintendo Demos-
Not For Resale

SFC games:
Dragonball Super Butouden 2
Dragonball Super Butouden 3
All Wrestling games that I don't know their names including sumo
Fire Pro Wrestling
Pure Female Wrestling
Jikkyou Power Pro-Wrestling '96 Max Voltage

Gameboy games:
Mario and Luigi Superstars
Mega Man Anniversary
Donkey Kong{blue}

Gone in 60 Seconds: Exended Cut
Memento: Limited Edition
Sin City: Recut
Fight Club- Better hurry If you have one of these
Family Guy: Volumes One and Two- Would trade big for these

All of these games I may want one day and will have the next. And DVDs go super hot.

I want to make trades. If you've got anything above, make me an offer for something on my list. And if you want something from my collection make me an offer, for some trades I might be willing to give it up. All offers are welcomed.

I'd like to consider myself a collector, so all the games that I have and offer are in very good condition or in stated good condition. I try never to lie, so I never under or over state the condition.

Excellent means that the condition of the label is practically new, absolutly no rips or tears, fading, or discoloration, the label has little to no scratches and is probubly still glossy, and plays perfectly with no skipping

Very Good means that the condition that the label is still perfect with no rips or tears, fading, or discoloration, the label may have scratches (scuffing is probubly more appropriate, does not affect the surface, or coloration of the label) and may have lost some of its overall glossiness, plays with out skipping and a good definition of this would be clean

Good means that the condition of the apears to have some wear, labels are still without rips or tears, fading or discoloration, they show some use and the general finish is not glossy, this still plays well, without skipping, but may need an occassional blow to clear out a little bit of dust

Fair means that at this point it is obvious that the item has been used slight fading, possibly some discoloration, they are obviously not glossy and may be harder to start, they may have a little skipping but will not affect game play

Everything Else I would not waste my time with, I would not buy, sell, or trade unless they were are or valuable, a cd that noticably skipped or way deeply scratched, a label that was shot, a cart that was broken, or disfigured, tampered or severly marked, a manual that way crumpled, or torn, or a box/ jewel case which was cracked, ripped, severly marked, bent up, or disfigured

This is how I rate the condition of the games that I have, as well as the condition or any games that I receive.

I will provide digital pictures of any item that you might like to see before you trade with me or buy something from me. Email me and I would be glad to send them to you.

You will not receive a cracked or severly scratched jewel case with any of my games. If they have a crack in them I will change them out before I ship it out. And unless you have objections, then all games will be shipped in a box. If its my choice, you will never receive a bubble mailer for anything. Its just an added protection for the people I trade with. If your purchasing a game from me it will be your choice of shipping method, with your choice of packing method.

I also want let you know about excellent trades that I had with these people:


They've made the GameTZ a greater place. Click on their name and check these great people out.

They have left me excellent ratings as well. If we trade, please leave ratings to help my numbers, and let others know that I trade fairly and quickly. Though you don't have to, please also leave a comment regarding the trade so people know more about the way I trade.

I will always give the people I trade with ample time to make right things. I will not BTR, or leave bad comments without consulting the person I am trading with. I will send several emails, and be patient. I also wish those people to give me the same curtiousy. I will set right problems. Also, I will accuratly rate those people upon the conditions of the trade and leave comments based on the conditions of the trade. If I receive an item as decribed and under the terms of the trade agreement, I will leave an excellent rating.

As far as I am concerned, anything agreed upon is still yours until someone sends. Up until that point I don't mind if you wish to cancel a trade. Just send me an email telling me that you wish to cancel and I will confirm that it is alright to cancel the trade. I consider it a kind of no harm, no foul kind of thing. However, I do not expect the same of the people I trade with. I assume that everyone considers something agreed upon final. I will not ask to cancel any trade.

I am willing to offer any information regarding myself. Anyone that I trade with will get my full name or phone numbers should they request it. This information may relieve some people. By making this information available, it make me less vague. A full name makes a pretty good police report if you were so inclined to do so. These things will let you know that I am legitimate.

Also, I am very interested in making trades for complete Vectrex games. They must have the cart, the overlay, and the box and manual. They must be in good shape. I am specifically looking for the ones on my wanted list. Make me offers for these, I want these.

It wouldn't fit in the favorite links page, but go to this site.
Homestar Runner
It has a really funny site that, they make right here in Georgia. Great Cartoons.

Also, if you like the Viewaskew Universe, then go here for some cool cartoons.
Trooper Clerks
It has some crossover Clerks/ Star Wars cartoons that are really good.

And click here to check out some funny dubbings of the old GI JOE cartoon morals.

The following is a list for my records of the boxes and Manuals that I have. They are either rare or have sentimental value and are not for trade.

Tecmo Super Bowl- b-E chart-V
Tecmo Super Bowl II- b-E m-V
Tecmo Super Bowl III- b-E m-V
Lamborghini American Challenge- b-E m-E
The Tick- b-E m-E
X-Zone- b-E m-E
Death and Return of Superman- b-E
Prehistorik Man- b-F
Turn and Burn- b-E m-E
Dino City- m-P
Aero the Acro Bat 2- m-E
Radical Rex- b-E m-E
Super Solitaire- b-V m-E
Hurricanes- b-E (and a Xerox of the manual)
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?- b-G m-V
Tecmo Super Bowl III- b-V chart-V
3 Way Muli- Play Adapter- b-E
Catapult X-Band- m-F
Speed Racer- m-V
Lethal Enforcers- m-E
Breath of Fire II- m-V
Cliffhanger- b-V m-P
Incantation b-V m-V
Hammerlock b-V m-V
Prince of Persia 2 b-V m-V
Top Gear b-V m-V

I have some older anime VHS tapes that are available for trade as well. All have been taken very good care of and all have been viewed very seldom. All are dubbed unless otherwise noted. Here is a list of the ones I have and can sweeten trades.

MD Geist
MD Geist II
Ghost in the Shell
Poltergeist Report

The Cockpit
The Guyver 1-3
Devil Man- Birth
Silent Mobius 1-3
Peacock King 1

If you don't know what the VECTREX is, it is an arcade style, vector based system. It has a built in monitor and was made c. 1982. It is much less common than the atari and nes and even less comon than the coleco and intelvision. It was released and gathered support of about two dozen games. In 2000, a few prototype games were released for retrogaming. In addition, there are many homebrew carts as well as specialist which still produce some games even today. It is a solid system with a good base of mostly shooter style games.

I love my vectrex have played almost all of the official MB and GCE released games. These are my top five.

1. Starhawk - just got it and it instantly became my favorite, a star wars type vertical shooter
2. Fortress of Narzod - like space invaders but confined in an alleyway
3. Web Wars - almost unique, similar to asteroids but in a halfpipe, accelerating, and trying to catch trophies
4. Scramble! - predecessor to R-Type and Phalanx
5. Armored Attack - never played Jackal but possible similar, you get a jeep that fire missiles and you blow up faster and faster, more and more tanks, ever now and then a helicopter flies around to try and kill you.