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Aj BTRs25-Sep-2006
Status: active
Reporter: Scrodamoon

cause i have never received anything he said he sent on 5-Apr-2006 now its September 25th, 2006. he hasnt msged me back in over a month and well im out alot of computer parts which he has traded off im sure.

on 25-Sep-2006 at 4:49pm Scrodamoon dude what the hell is up?
on 21-Sep-2006 at 5:53am Scrodamoon you alive?
on 8-Sep-2006 at 12:45pm Scrodamoon ..............??
on 28-Aug-2006 at 11:53am Scrodamoon well i cant see that this is gonna get completed looks like i got screwed and now no response from you well now regardless of your feedback im screwed out of a computer.
on 25-Aug-2006 at 10:34am Scrodamoon
on 21-Aug-2006 at 3:06am Scrodamoon well im still waiting for a response to anything so please shoot me a msg
on 8-Aug-2006 at 12:56pm Scrodamoon if you send me a msg via email send it to scrodamoon@gmail.com tell me if ya found anything out im freakin dieing here.
on 5-Aug-2006 at 11:48pm Scrodamoon take it you didnt find out anything?
on 2-Aug-2006 at 12:54am Aj heya , i sent a message earlier by email an it got rejected , im going to the post office tomorrow (been very busy an havent had time but ill be sure to let you know the status on it)
on 31-Jul-2006 at 10:11pm Scrodamoon any updates?
on 17-Jul-2006 at 11:20am Aj i filed last tuesday sorry for not telling you sooner , was at the hosptial till early last night , my girlfriend lost her baby :( , ill keep you posted on what they have to say about the lost package report!
on 8-Jul-2006 at 10:21pm Scrodamoon ya they told me that the one that would have to file that report is you because you would have proof of purchase for shipping and all that kind of stuff and pretty much that it was out of my hands and I was unable to do anything because it wasnt me that sent the package.
on 8-Jul-2006 at 1:24pm Aj Alright , went to the post office friday they told me to do this first -
File For A Lost Claim Package (gonna go ahead an turn that in monday) , an they told me it would be a good idea for the recivier to do the same to see if its lost on one end or another so i don't know how it works over there for lost package reports but , its addressed from me like this
"Aj Mike
3763 Ribera Ave.
North Port , FL 34286 USA" & to

Wesley Gardner
Box 1121
Salmon Arm, BC
V1E4P3 Canada "

on 1-Jul-2006 at 1:27pm Scrodamoon well whats are options?
on 22-Jun-2006 at 3:37pm Scrodamoon well you need to find out if there has been a theft at the post office there, and also get them to contact customs or you contact customs and find out where it is.

because there is nothing that I can do from this end.
on 22-Jun-2006 at 10:50am Aj , best i could do on the photo of it
on 21-Jun-2006 at 4:11pm Aj im just going to go down there tomorrow an take a picture of the recipt with the number on it an everything , thats all i can do

so i can prove that is the right number & and everything

on 21-Jun-2006 at 3:45pm Aj Thats the number they gave me on the peice of paper i wrote it down as follows , i don't know what to do , it was sent. now im highly pissed off , an what are you unimpressed about ...

on 21-Jun-2006 at 3:07pm Scrodamoon contacted canadapost and told them the number CP637749120US and they checked everywhere threw their systems and nothing has been scanned threw customs at all nothing has even been scanned on that number not even at the post office by the looks of it.

so ya now im pissed. and highly un impressed.

on 19-Jun-2006 at 2:34pm Scrodamoon any luck getting them numbers?
on 14-Jun-2006 at 3:54pm Scrodamoon well I talked to canada post and any package that leaves the usa and comes to canada has a dispatch number and I need you to get the dispatch number which is probably on something you would have gotten from them when sending thus i can use this number to see if it has been scanned into customs or not. it ushally starts with a LC or CP or something like that they said so if you can find this number it would be greatly appriciated.
on 1-Jun-2006 at 1:58am Scrodamoon any updates? no change on my side still nothing
on 24-May-2006 at 11:26pm Scrodamoon im on a 550 celery this isnt impressive.
on 23-May-2006 at 2:42pm Scrodamoon ok there still isnt nothing at my post office. whats the plan?
on 18-May-2006 at 3:20am Scrodamoon still nada
on 12-May-2006 at 3:43pm Scrodamoon nope nothing and no way to find out anything at customs, it should not have taken this long as is, i did talk to my post office about it. ushally takes me less then 2 weeks to get stuff from japan ect. never had to wait this long, only time i have is when the item ushally hasnt been shipped which i hope isnt the case,
on 12-May-2006 at 3:23pm Scrodamoon nope nothing and no way to find out anything at customs, it should not have taken this long as is, i did talk to my post office about it. ushally takes me less then 2 weeks to get stuff from japan ect. never had to wait this long, only time i have is when the item ushally hasnt been shipped which i hope isnt the case,
on 11-May-2006 at 12:52pm Aj any word ? , any way to check if customs has something ?
on 8-May-2006 at 7:57pm Scrodamoon will do nothing down there today as well, hopefully tomarrow.
on 8-May-2006 at 7:49pm Aj i ended up posting a lost package report , hope it gets to you or it gets found , keep me posted
on 3-May-2006 at 5:50pm Aj hey , i checked with the post office , they told me to wait a week more , customs could have it thats what they are thinking , than im gonna file a stolen/or lost package report
on 30-Apr-2006 at 11:28am Scrodamoon well still nothing :(
on 19-Apr-2006 at 1:03pm Scrodamoon hows stuff working for ya? hope your enjoying it lol
on 5-Apr-2006 at 11:56am Aj heres the package to expect !

on 5-Apr-2006 at 11:50am Aj I sent on 5-Apr-2006.
heya i sent , i marked the package worth 20$ so you wouldnt get any fee's or anything , i asked them if i could insure it an they said for the packages value , an us to canada can't get tracking for some odd reason , even with airmail , they said it could take 10-15 days LMK when you get it!
on 3-Apr-2006 at 7:51pm Aj hey got the stuff , ill test it later on tonight or tomm , an ill get it out by wensday !
on 3-Apr-2006 at 7:50pm Aj I have received.
on 24-Mar-2006 at 3:35pm Scrodamoon I sent on 24-Mar-2006.
Tracking number: cx136475862ca Your item was delivered at 1:34 pm on April 03, 2006 in NORTH PORT, FL 34286. Additional information for this item is stored in files offline.

on 23-Mar-2006 at 9:15pm Scrodamoon sorry ill get it out tomarrow.
on 16-Mar-2006 at 9:51pm Scrodamoon Scrodamoon's address:

Wesley Gardner
Box 1121
Salmon Arm, BC

If sending from outside of canada please mark it as a gift and a value of $10 or less or I will not accept it.
on 16-Mar-2006 at 9:51pm Aj Aj's address:

Aj Mike
3763 Ribera Ave.
North Port , FL 34286
on 16-Mar-2006 at 9:51pm Scrodamoon Pending trade created.
Offer Accepted
will get that out by tuesday for sure

on 16-Mar-2006 at 9:50pm Aj Offer Created

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