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Interests: Sports, gaming, pretending I'm funny, noise, sleep, women
Likes: Honesty, Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, Law and Order: SVU, Milwaukee Brewe
Dislikes: Dishonesty, BTRs, fanboys, closed minds, arrogance

Quote: Ayn Rand - "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

I'm just a simple college student who enjoys gaming as one of his many hobbies. Also, I didn't have much experience with online trading, so I had a few screwups as my ratings show. Anyways, I don't do trades that often, but when I do, I try to be as fast and honest as possible.

Just have a few rules before we trade. shake

1. If you have an unresolved BTR, you send first no matter what warning

2. I usually send it First Class; but it is ok if you need to send your side via Parcel Post if you're hurting $$ wise.

3. Please don't ignore my trade messages. It's just impolite.

4. If it is a game console or something fragile the package you mail it in MUST be labeled as fragile.


1. If I have more trades, you send first. If you have more trades, I send first. Unless our rep is about the same (i.e. were both Silver Star) then we can send at the same time.

2. For pricing my games I normally use so we both can debate the true value of what a game is worth. If we cannot agree on the set price of my game/your game, we can always refer to that website.

3. I can offer and accept PayPal, money orders, checks, and concealed cash. Whatever works for you. smile

My GameTZ History
new actiongamer1414 12-Jun-2008
Bronze Star Aqquired on 10-Mar-2009 with thekoolkurt
Changed username to obi1kenobi
Silver Star Aqquired on 12-Dec-2009 with saeedc

Awesome People smile yes


Awesome Traders match yes

BoB-Thanks for the age of mythology smile
DirtyMarco-Thanks for the free books smile
ultima_ganer-Thanks for the movies smile
hotgamerchick-Thanks for the awesome deal on your PlayStation 2 smile

Avalible Games And Pricing
1 star-I'll accept almost any offer made, I'm really trying to get rid of it and will accept anything.
2 stars-Holds some potential value but still dont want it anymore.
3 stars-A game I will sell for a fair price or trade for any equal value game on my wanted list.
4 stars-An Item I really want to keep but will sell or trade for any equal value item.

Wanted Games
1 star-A low priority game and not looking into buying it or trading for it at the time. But will accept a great offer.
2 stars-A game I want at the time but a low priority.
3 stars-A game I want at the time and will most likley accept any offer. Medium Priority.
4 stars-A game I am currently looking into getting and will accept any fair offer.
5 star-I really want this and will do anything to get it.

The way I rate games yes
Unopened-Never been opened or used. Packaging still intact.
Excellent-Opened and used in like new condition maybe a couple barley visible marks.
Very Good-Some minor scratches and marks.
Good-The item is showing general wear and has scratches.
Fair-The item is showing great wear and has many scratches.
Poor-The item is beaten up pretty badly and has a large amount of scracthes.
Damaged-The item doesnt work.

I am currently looking for: PC / Windows PlayStation 3 *blu-ray*
Assassin's Creed III PlayStation 3 Quintuple Gold Star
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 PlayStation 3 Quintuple Gold Star
Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC / Windows Quadruple Gold Star

Memorable Chat moments chatting

Pyrgamer war
general 13-Apr-2009 12:35am actiongamer1414 Pyramid_Party!

general 13-Apr-2009 12:35am Pyramid_Party Hello actiongamer1414!

general 13-Apr-2009 12:35am actiongamer1414 MY ARCH ENEMY!

general 13-Apr-2009 12:35am actiongamer1414 scowls at Pyramid_Party

general 13-Apr-2009 12:35am Pyramid_Party chokes actiongamer till he turns blue

general 13-Apr-2009 12:35am actiongamer1414 punches Pyramid_Party in the nose

general 13-Apr-2009 12:36am Pyramid_Party bits actiongamers face and rips off his nose

general 13-Apr-2009 12:36am actiongamer1414 kicks Pyramid_Party in the balls

general 13-Apr-2009 12:36am actiongamer1414 watches Pyramid_Party scream like a school girl

general 13-Apr-2009 12:36am actiongamer1414 force pushes Pyramid_Party into lava

general 13-Apr-2009 12:36am actiongamer1414 watches him burn up

general 13-Apr-2009 12:36am TrueBlue ur mother is a jedi

general 13-Apr-2009 12:37am Pyramid_Party Fudge, I am sad

general 13-Apr-2009 12:37am actiongamer1414 slaps TrueBlue around a bit with a large trout

general 13-Apr-2009 12:37am actiongamer1414 be nice to Joesworld79

general 13-Apr-2009 12:37am actiongamer1414 carves a smile into Pyramid_Party's face

general 13-Apr-2009 12:37am Pyramid_Party ?me carves his name into actiongamers face

general 13-Apr-2009 12:38am actiongamer1414 sticks a candle into Pyramid_Party's head

general 13-Apr-2009 12:38am actiongamer1414 and that candle says Dynamite

general 13-Apr-2009 12:38am Pyramid_Party jams a crowbar into actiongamers ear and rips his brain out

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am actiongamer1414 how violent

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am actiongamer1414 runs Pyramid_Party over with his Lamborghini

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am actiongamer1414 ROADKILL!

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am Pyramid_Party clamps jumper cables to actiongamers nuts and connnects them to a car battery

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am actiongamer1414 whacks Pyramid_Party in the face with a shovel

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am masterchief06 slaps Pyramid_Party around a bit with a large trout

general 13-Apr-2009 12:39am actiongamer1414 OOOOOOOOO!

general 13-Apr-2009 12:40am Pyramid_Party pistol whips actiongamer and tell him to run, then shoots him in the back

general 13-Apr-2009 12:40am actiongamer1414 opens Pyramid_Party's dresser and finds a polka dotted bikini

general 13-Apr-2009 12:40am actiongamer1414 drop kicks Pyramid_Party into a pile of Pig Crap

general 13-Apr-2009 12:40am chuckecheesse123 ChuckECheese123 hates you all

general 13-Apr-2009 12:41am Pyramid_Party strangles actiongamer for walking in his moms room finding me there with her

general 13-Apr-2009 12:41am actiongamer1414 gives Pyramid_Party a face wash in -40 below weather

general 13-Apr-2009 12:41am actiongamer1414 tears Pyramid_Party limb from limb for insultin his mother

general 13-Apr-2009 12:41am actiongamer1414 time for Pyramid_Party steak

general 13-Apr-2009 12:41am Candle_Jack yum

general 13-Apr-2009 12:42am Pyramid_Party actiongamer walks in to find me having sex with his mom and his dad recording it

general 13-Apr-2009 12:42am actiongamer1414 gives Candle_Jack a piece

general 13-Apr-2009 12:42am actiongamer1414 dumps McDonalds FRYING OIL ON Pyramid_Party WHILE HES NAKED

general 13-Apr-2009 12:42am Pyramid_Party jams a skewer into actiongamers pisshole

general 13-Apr-2009 12:42am actiongamer1414 OOOOOOOOOO

general 13-Apr-2009 12:42am actiongamer1414 nasty

general 13-Apr-2009 12:43am actiongamer1414 shoves a beer bottle up Pyramid_Party's anus

general 13-Apr-2009 12:44am Candle_Jack now he's flirting pyr, you gonna take that?

general 13-Apr-2009 12:44am Pyramid_Party positions actiongamer under a book shelf then knocks it over on him

general 13-Apr-2009 12:44am actiongamer1414 ouch

general 13-Apr-2009 12:44am actiongamer1414 Candle_Jack: how was the Pyramid_Party steak?

general 13-Apr-2009 12:45am PsychoSocial anyone here interested in a 40 gb Ps3?

general 13-Apr-2009 12:45am Candle_Jack chewy

general 13-Apr-2009 12:45am actiongamer1414 knocks down the BERLIN WALL ON Pyramid_Party

general 13-Apr-2009 12:45am actiongamer1414 runs Pyramid_Party over with a tank

general 13-Apr-2009 12:46am Pyramid_Party grabs actiongamer in a headlock and runs him into a wall head 1st

general 13-Apr-2009 12:46am actiongamer1414 VICTORY FOR THE JEDI TONIGHT!

general 13-Apr-2009 12:47am actiongamer1414 puts Pyramid_Party in a food proccesor and sets it on liquify

general 13-Apr-2009 12:48am actiongamer1414 well done ultima_gamer

general 13-Apr-2009 12:48am Pyramid_Party ties a rope to actiongamers nuts and the other end to a horse and holds onto actiongamer as the horse pulls

general 13-Apr-2009 12:49am actiongamer1414 killed the horse already

general 13-Apr-2009 12:49am Pyramid_Party throws actiongamer into a cage with lions after he hit them a few times to piss them off

general 13-Apr-2009 12:49am actiongamer1414 pours gasoline on Pyramid_Party's balls then sets them on fire

general 13-Apr-2009 12:50am Pyramid_Party grabs actiongamer by the back of the neck and digs his nails into him and rips his spine out

general 13-Apr-2009 12:51am actiongamer1414 digs a hacksaw into Pyramid_Party's front then rips his ribs out and burns hus heart

general 13-Apr-2009 12:51am Pyramid_Party hog ties actiongamer and exposes his balls, then tells a whole soccer team to take kicking practice at his


general 13-Apr-2009 12:51am actiongamer1414 lights Pyramid_Party's innards on fire

general 13-Apr-2009 12:52am Pyramid_Party ties actiongamer from a tree upside down and has everyone beat on him like a pinata

general 13-Apr-2009 12:52am actiongamer1414 is on the soccer team

general 13-Apr-2009 12:52am actiongamer1414 watches them do it to Pyramid_Party

general 13-Apr-2009 12:52am Pyramid_Party tackles and lays on top of actiongamer, then burns his eyeball with a magifying glass

general 13-Apr-2009 12:52am actiongamer1414 gives Pyramid_Party to the millwaukee county zoo for shark food

general 13-Apr-2009 12:53am actiongamer1414 in he goes

general 13-Apr-2009 12:53am actiongamer1414 gets a new one

general 13-Apr-2009 12:53am actiongamer1414 makes Pyramid_Party drink gasonline

general 13-Apr-2009 12:53am actiongamer1414 drops a lit match down his throat

general 13-Apr-2009 12:53am Pyramid_Party lays actiongamer over his kneee and whips him with a clothes hanger

general 13-Apr-2009 12:53am actiongamer1414 watches Pyramid_Party light up like a lightbulb

general 13-Apr-2009 12:54am actiongamer1414 kicks Pyramid_Party in the face then rubs crap all over his face

general 13-Apr-2009 12:54am Pyramid_Party keeps actiongamer prisoner in a room chained to the wall, beats him daily and invites drunk pedophiles to
rape him.

general 13-Apr-2009 12:55am actiongamer1414 sends Pyramid_Party to easter island to be executed

general 13-Apr-2009 12:55am ctank did you guys know actiongamer1414 is the infamous star wars kid

general 13-Apr-2009 12:55am Pyramid_Party ties actiongamer ass up onto a chair, throws ina few jerks and locks the door

general 13-Apr-2009 12:57am Pyramid_Party comes in every few minutes with a chain and asks the jerks to step aside and he beats the crap out of him

general 13-Apr-2009 12:57am actiongamer1414 has Pyramid_Party crucified

general 13-Apr-2009 12:57am Pyramid_Party ties barb wire around actiongamers dick and yanks on it

general 13-Apr-2009 12:58am actiongamer1414 gets Pyramid_Party flogged by barbarians while nude

general 13-Apr-2009 12:58am actiongamer1414 dies a piece of dynamite to Pyramid_Party's dick then lites it

general 13-Apr-2009 12:58am ultima_gamer tires of this

general 13-Apr-2009 12:58am actiongamer1414 peace Pyramid_Party?

general 13-Apr-2009 12:59am Pyramid_Party smashing cockroaches in actiongamers face then punches him

general 13-Apr-2009 12:59am Pyramid_Party puts my hand out to actiongamer like hes gonan shake hands, but pulls away at the last minute and punches him

general 13-Apr-2009 12:59am ultima_gamer locks both of them in a reinforced room made of 6" steel and concrete

general 13-Apr-2009 12:59am ultima_gamer there, quiet

general 13-Apr-2009 1:00am actiongamer1414 chopps Pyramid_Partys buttocks off and feads them to Russians

general 13-Apr-2009 1:00am Candle_Jack I'm glad I aint russian

general 13-Apr-2009 1:01am Candle_Jack jm gimme candy

general 13-Apr-2009 1:01am actiongamer1414 rips Pyramid_Party's nuts off with pliers

general 13-Apr-2009 1:01am Pyramid_Party puts a funel into actiongamers mouth and pours in maggots, cockroaches, bees and spiders

general 13-Apr-2009 1:01am actiongamer1414 puts a funnel up Pyramid_Party's ass then pours in

general 13-Apr-2009 1:02am actiongamer1414 PIG CRAP, COW BARF, Urine. Black widow spiders and cockroaches

general 13-Apr-2009 1:02am actiongamer1414 then throws a match in

general 13-Apr-2009 1:02am Pyramid_Party blindfolds actiongamer and drives him out to a desert and releases him. Then watches him for days dying of heat xposure and dehydration

general 13-Apr-2009 1:03am Pyramid_Party me pulls up ever few hours and teases him with water, swishing it aorund his mouth and spitting it out

BoB is dying

18:39] <BoB> ive left rage instructions on being me
[18:39] <BoB> just pop in call everyone an @sshole and leave