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I Trade: PSX + PS2 + PSP games, Accessories, Cash, PC Games, Anime DVD's, DVD Movies, Video Game Systems, Strategy Guides, Music CD's, Books

Interests: Video Games, Movies, 3D Animation/Modeling, Music, & Girls Who Enjoy Life
Likes: Transformers, Anime, Kittens, Cool People, & Causing Chaos =)
Dislikes: Dishonest People or butt-holes, Needles (Oh god...), & Spiders

Quote: Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkeness sobered, but stupid...lasts forever. - Aristophanes

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ʆR h座 RߺR

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! warning !COLLECTION ALERT!! warning !

If you have ANYTHING related to the following items, let me know IMMEDIATLY! That includes DVD's, Toys, Games, Plushies, Posters, Soundtracks, T-Shirts, ect. These are the things I am collecting, in order of Most Wanted!
Metal Gear Solid Series
Scr-Y-Ed Series
Band Of Brothers Series
Cowboy Bebop Series
Trigun Series
All Transformers Series

! warning !ALERT!! warning !

Just as a side note, I am a slow sender at times. Transportation is not on my side as of lately. I do my best to get it out as soon as possible, but dont trip if I cant get the stuff out for a week or so. I don't have any set days that I can send, cause my schedule is so iratic and all over the place I never can set a certian day. So if you have any problem with this then don't trade with me. If you don't have any problem with it then go ahead and keep reading and lets trade!

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warning shake warning

warning shake warning

ABOVE ALL: Always know that real life comes first. People have jobs and lives. Families or loved ones to take care of, and bills to pay. Crap happens. Things get delayed. If you agree with this, then we are good to go. If not, then you can just leave my site right now. I hold real life in a much higher value than any video game, and if you don't, then I wish to have nothing to do with you.
If you have a BTR then you send first. NO EXCEPTIONS! (Unless I find the BTR to be completly bogas, or just plain stupid.)

If you have more completed trades, then I will send first.
If I have more completed trades, then you will send first.
If we both have around the same amount of completed trades, or we have traded before, then we can both send at the same time.
When it comes to Selling or Buying I prefer Paypal, but I do accept Money Order, Cash, or Check.
Buyers always send first unless we have a special arrangment.
If you pay for something through Paypal, you must allow 3-5 days for the e-check to clear through Paypal's systems. I will not send untill it has.
Once our trade is completed, you MUST rate me. If you do not, you will receive unnacceptable on all categories. It's respectful as a trader, and it's just plain common curiosity. I have no respect for people who won't rate after a trade.
If we trade, and you do not follow one of these rules, I have the right to cancel the trade at any point.
If the trade is uncancelable, and you fail to adhear to these rules then it will be reflected in your rating.
If any of these rules seem unacceptable, then simply don't trade with me.
If you are O.K. with these rules, then keep reading and let's get a trade going!

My Avalible Trade Values

Low = I use this item to an extent, but aside from that I don't hold much value to it, so I would trade it for less than fair.

Medium = This is an item that I like to have in my library, and one I use sometimes. I'd trade it for a fair trade if one came along.

High = An item that I like a lot, and one I use quite often. It would take a multiple trade to pry this item from me.

Very High = A huge favorite of mine that I keep under lock and key. It would take a huge trade to get this baby from me.

My Wanted Trade Values

Low = This is something that I'd like to have in my possession, but I'm not dying to have it. I won't give much for it.

Medium = I'd really like to own this item, and I'd do a fair trade for it. It's still not a high demand though.

High = This item's been mocking me in the back of my mind because I don't own it, so I'd trade a less than fair trade for it.

Very High = I have wet dreams about owning this item, and would give up quite a bit to have it in my possession.

Game Boxes and Manuals

These are manuals and/or boxes that I have by themselves, and are not with a game that I own. If you have the game to these manuals let me know. Either I will want the game, or you will want the manuals. Something can be worked out.

Checked listings are manuals and/or boxes for games that I don't have, and want to get.

Unchecked listings are manuals and/or boxes for games that I do not have and don't care to have, therefore are up for bids.

Any unchecked item is a FREE item. Just ask for it and I'll throw it into our current trade (Limit one item per trade). Or they can be traded for Subtime. Manuals and boxes are worth 1 week of Subtime. Game Demos are worth 2 weeks of Subtime.


uncheck Legend Of Dragoon (Playstation | Fair Condition | Manual Only)
uncheck Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider(Playstation | Excellent Condition | Manual Only)
check Megaman Legends (Playstation | Excellent Condition | Manual Only)
uncheck Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC | Excellent Condition | Manual Only)
uncheck Slave Zero [Dreamcast | Excellent Condition | Manual Only]
uncheck Time Stalkers [Dreamcast | Excellent Condition | Manual Only]
uncheck Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 [Playstation | Excellent Condition | Manual Only]


uncheck Metallica: St. Anger (CD | Excellent Condition | Manual Only)

Demo Discs

uncheck Empire Earth: Preview Betta Only (PC | Excellent Condition | CD Code Included)
uncheck Frequency (Playstation 2 | Excellent Condition | Blue-Back Disc | Envelope Included)
uncheck Toys"R"Us Interactive CD Sampler Disc (Playstation | Excellent Condition | Envelope Included but warped from water damage | A Bugs Life - MediEvil - Spyro The Dragon - Crash Bandicoot: WARPED - NFL GameDay '99)

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Titles and Acomplishments

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Achived from completion with vDub on Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

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Achived from completion with Exagenous on Saturday, March 13th, 2004

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Achived from completion with Priest_of_Gaming on Sunday, January 8th, 2006

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Achived from completion with J_Factor on Monday, March 6th, 2006

! Pimp Lite !

Awarded to me by "PPP" on Friday, August 29th, 2003

Tribute To Master Of Noodles

What can we say, about Master Of Noodles. He was a bright young flower...just waiting to blossom into a beautiful creation. Sadly, video games took over his innocent young mind, warping it, twisting it, and destroying it into a hidous, sick and twisted domain for every foul thing known to the existance of evil!

Yet, Master Of Noodles, will forever life...in our hearts. Loved by all! Hated...by many. Yes, many people were quite jealous of his glorious nipples, his long, flowing chest hair, and his massive monster farts. Those...were my favorites. Sadly, his Assblaster will no longer be enjoyed, and wafted in, as the young, innocent, sparkling life that was, Master Of Noodles...is no more.

Master Of Noodles. You will live forever, in our hearts, our dreams, and our gastric discharges.

We'll remember you always, Master Of Noodles.



*Taps play slowely in the background. Fog rolls in dramaticly. Beautiful women are weeping everywhere.*

*A solitary box, is lauched into the air, exploding into thousands of noodles, all soaked in gasoline, and set ablaze. Thousands of firery noodles fall slowely around the gathering, in an umbrella effect, protecting the resting place of their Master...forever.*

laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loudPriceless Moments in GTZ Chatlaughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud

<Guru> I took a malibu shot of tequila once
<Guru> I died a little inside that day

<thep0et> poopy nipple is funny

<HAMMER> angelina jolie is pregnant frown
PiemJi pregnant? she must have swallowed a Pitt

<Guru> JFACTOR - What would you do if somebody crap on you and posted a pic of it on the net
<j_factor> demand royalties

<Cinder> StoneFree are you purposefully trying to be an ass or is it just a natural gift
<StoneFree> well if two options are given i guess i have to choose the later

<defmonkey> i let it all hang out, pity the person whos in the same room with me, they will learn thier lesson the next time when dealing with something as destructive as my bowel movements

<Cinder> dude you need to get out more
LadyInRed heck with that , he needs to eat out more
<Cinder> no comment
<Scrodamoon> lmao
LadyInRed i guess that didn't sound exactly right

<shadowchemist> fudgeer
<MajorGimp> of butts

<ManiacMadman> stop singing Queen
<HungryWolf> I did
<HungryWolf> Like, 45 seconds ago
<HungryWolf> Ass.

<Eternal_Chaos_Reborn> Would you say that, at times, you are, and I quote: "An anal retentive ass"?
<MightySlacker> yes
<MightySlacker> often
<Eternal_Chaos_Reborn> Well at least your honest.
<MightySlacker> yes, I am that too
<Eternal_Chaos_Reborn> What other qualities would you give yourself?
<MightySlacker> Eternal, I'm ruggedly handsome, infinitely charasmatic, and hung like a small country
<KingofGames> small countries are hung?
<MightySlacker> all the inhabitants length and girth combined KoG
<KingofGames> Wow, impressive
* HungryWolf wishes he was a small country

<KingofGames> If you would so desire, I can act mature.
<KingofGames> But that just seems so boring, what with this being a game trading site and all.

<MajorGimp> husky truckmen? bonetastic! love
<benstylus> never actually tried... "scuse me, can you spare a sperm or two?"

<Eternal_Chaos_Reborn> Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.
<MajorGimp> what about sticking a cock (rooster) up there
<SteveAllen> lol
<Eternal_Chaos_Reborn> Are you asking this from curiosity, or experiance Gimp?
<MajorGimp> both

<HybridCRoW> I won't justify myself by giving you morons proof of my penile existence.

<E_C_R> And most women don't like huge, horse hung cocks anyways.
<E_C_R> It does rip you know.
<E_C_R> The vagina.
<Bernch> ...
<E_C_R> It must be handled delicatly.
<Bernch> like a flower?
<MightySlacker> yes
<MightySlacker> no
<MightySlacker> just get a can of crisco and a running start. She'll stop crying eventually

* kommie slaps E_C_R around a bit with a large trout
<kommie> how's that for affection?
<E_C_R> Oh, if I could only fart in your general direction, you would truely know the meaning of affection.

<E_C_R> Girlfriend is like a money leach ya know.
<tool187> lol i hear that
<E_C_R> "Would you please buy this? It's ONLY $150."
<E_C_R> God help us all when the next gen systems come out.
<E_C_R> Men around the world will be in tears.
<E_C_R> And most likely sleeping on the couches.

Now with all of that said, take a look at my listings and lets see if we can get a trade going!