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Thanks for visiting my page!

Trading with me is pretty simple. Just send me an offer and I usually check my email each day, so I'll get back to you immediately. If we agree and I have less feedback than you, I'll gladly send first and always send within 2 days of agreeing. If you have less feedback, if you have any negative feedback or if you are sending cash, I expect you to send first. I like to use Media Mail with delivery confirmation.

Right now I'm looking to sell or trade my Magic: The Gathering Collection. This is almost entirely composed of older, OOP cards that Wizards has kindly banned or restricted to Type 1 in order to make new, less powerful cards. As a result, the value has gone down, and I'm looking to sell them or trade for far below book value. I'd really like to get a collection of warhammer 40k models in exchage as there aren't many video games that I'm looking for right now. The available cards include:

Single Cards include:

Maze of Ith
Kjeldoran Outpost *2
Balduvian Trading post
Scorched Ruins
Winding Canyons
Rainbow Vale
Ice Floe
Dormant Volcano x 2
Mountain Valley
Rocky Tar Pit x2
Grasslands x4
Scabland x2
Thawing Glaziers

Dralnu's Crusade
Sabertooth Nishoba
Vile Consumption
Barrin's Spite
Breathstealer's Crypt x4
Cadaverous Bloom x3
Squandered Resources x2

Jester's Cap x3
Sol Ring x2
Icy Manipulator (Mint -- unlimited version)
Juntu Stakes
Mishra's Helix
Glasses of Urza x2
Ashnod's Cylix x3
Clockwork Avian x4
Tetravus x5
Serpent Generator
Alladin's Ring
Triskelion x 3 (all signed by artist)
Vexing Arcanix
Xanthic Statue
Jayemdae Tome x2
Soldevi Digger x2
Pentagram of the Ages x2 (one signed by artist)
Relic Barrier x 2
Shapeshifter x2
Acidic Dagger
Rocket Launcher x2
Moss Diamond
Marble Diamondx3
Urza's Avenger
Rod of Ruin x2
Wand of Ith
Gauntlets of Chaos
Helm of Obedience x2
Nevinyrral's Disk x4
Black Vise
Teferi's Puzzle Box x2
Jester's Mask x3
Zuran Orb
Feldon's Cane
Meekstone x2
Tormod's Crypt
Fountain of Youth x3
Armageddon Clock x2
Barl's Cage x2
Helm of Chatzuk
Ventifact bottle
Library of Leng x2
The Rack
Felwar Stone x2
Bottle of Suleiman

Rabid Wombat x3
Aspect of Wolf x2
Desert Twister x 3
Scarwood bandits
Craw Giant x3
Thicket Basilisk x4
Whirling Dervish x2
Killer bees x3
Storm Seeker x4
Natural Balance x3
Gaia's Avenger

Mana Short
Pirate Ship x3
Time Elemental x3
Desertion x3
Control Magic x4
Planar Overlay
Energy Vortex
Magical Hack
Slight of Mind
Mystical Tutor x2
Acid Rain
Daring Apprentice
Counterspell x5

Karplusan Yeti
Land's Edge
Power Surge x3 (all signed by artist)
Hammer of Bogardan x3
Shivan Dragon x3
Mana Flare x3
Keldon Warlord

Spirit of Resistance
Reverse Damage x2
Celestial Dawn x2
Northern Paladin
Veteran Bodyguard
Spirit Link x4
Personal Incarnation
Swords to Plowshares x3
Sacred Mesa
Resurrection x2
Karma x3
Divine Transformation
White Knight x5
Sengir Vampire x3
Nekrataal x3
Demonic Hordes x2
Royal Assasin x4
Will-o-the-Wisp x3 (one Japanese)
Demonic Tutor
Hypnotic Specter x2
Coffin Queen
Nightscape Master x2
Hecatomb x2
Nettling Imp x2
Black Knight x4
Nightmare x2
Sorceress Queen x3
Volrath the Fallen
Hauntin Wind
Animate Dead x3
Mind Twist x2
Breeding Pit
Contract from Below
Dance of the Dead

Several hundred commons and uncommons

As I said, I'm willing to trade this or sell; just email me with an offer if you are interested. I'd really like to get warhammer 40k stuff for this, so if you have a collection you'd like to trade; we can make a deal.

Thanks for checking out my bio. If you have any questions about my games available or wanted, just email me.

Justin (EnderJHR)