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Bad Trader Reports

Status: active
Address: 6103 Locust Dr. Evansvill, IN 47720
Reporter: BobaFett

This trade is actually alot older then what the pend says. The last time I heard from him was on the 6th of January when he asked me to repend our trade. What is sad is I know he got my stuff. Here is the tracking #0310 2990 0001 9659 4057. I believed him when ever he said he sent the figures and so I waited to see what would happen. I either want the 2 action figures or my stuff back. I have responded and have just sent another email to him in hopes of resolving this.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (5-Jan-2005)
User will not respond to my emails. How am i suppose to resolve these things if im not allowed to?

Status: active
Address: 6103 Locust Dr. Evansville IN 47720
Reporter: PGG

Like Ben said, this is really a shame. I have completed a trade with Mike before and it went great.
Anyways, we pended our trade November 17th, $25 from me, for a bunch of comics from him. I told him well before we pended that I would probably send about early December because I was low on cash, and he was cool with it. I got the money order December 12th, and after confirming his address, sent it out. I have not recieved and e-mail from him since, even though I have e-mailed him at least 6 times, asking him if he has recieved, and sent my comics. Still no response. I will remove this BTR when I recieve either my comics, or my money back. Please Mike, I don't want to have to contact authorities, but I will do so if this can not be resolved.

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (5-Jan-2005)
Resolved just waiting for Phil to take this off!

Status: active
Aliases: Freezelevel4
Address: 6103 Locust Dr. Evansville IN 47720
Reporter: skdoor81

He had an auction going on I won the bid on an unopened Saturn pad. He e-mailed me and told me I won the pad, so I mailed him $11.00 so he would send it Priority Mail. He got the money on 12/20/02, and said he would mail out the pad on 12/23/02. I e-mailed him on 1/09/03 and asked him what was going on, that I still haven't gotten his side of the deal. He then e-mailed me and said he was in a car accident and the pad was on it's way. I checked out his page and shaw a BTR on him, and he had reply that he had just come back from a vacation to find out he had a bogus BTR on him. I then e-mailed him and asked him if his car accident was before or after the vacation. I've yet to still hear from him and I still haven't gotten my Saturn pad. Freezelevel4 just send the pad or send back the $11.00 and I'll take off the BTR.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (5-Jan-2005)
Another user who has not responded to several emails. I want to resolve the problems but this user is not allowing me to.

Status: active
Reporter: NHL2001Kidd

I sent him Nascar 99' for N64. Have'nt gotten either $7 or the hulk shirt 4 months later.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (5-Jan-2005)
This user is no longer registered on gametz, he did email me back and said he would take this off but i havent heard from him since.

Status: active
Reporter: mk_magic

I sent him a jaguar 5 months ago and still have not gotten the money for it.just send it freeze and ill take the btr off.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (5-Jan-2005)
would gladly resolve this but i cant get a hold of user. What do i do about this moderators?

Favorite Links:  
McVans Video Game Superstore
Interests: sports, video games, politics, etc.
Likes: Good videos games, Lifted Ford Trucks, iu basketball,etc
Dislikes: Liberals.

Quote: When i die, bury me upside down, so all my critics, can kiss my ***!-Bobby Knight

Hi Gametz i am back. I am not back to make excuses for the items i never sent out nor am i here to start trading again without first taking care of my overdue btrs. I had every intention of sending these items pertaining to the btrs out, i just had some bad things happen and along with not having PC access i basically just did not fulfill my trading responsibility. I openly accept all blame and i am not looking to make excuses to get me out of my responsiblities, i have returned to gametz to fix things asap. I have contacted all the traders that i neglected using my personal email account in order to resolve things . I do apologize for my not coming through on my trades, but i am back and i am here to prove that i always have been and i always will be one of the best gametz traders. I do apologize for taking so long in coming forth and doing the right thing. Please take a look at my available list i am doing alot of ebay now and i am attempting to build the best overall collection around kind of like i almost achieved in the past. Thanks for looking!

My Trading Rules
1. If I am selling, buyer must send payment first unless that trader Double Gold Star
2. I will send first to anyone with more trades, when i am trading or buying.
3. If you have a BTR your gonna send first with no questions asked.
4. If you have multiple BTRs i will not trade with you.
5.. Please be honest when dealing with me, honesty is the number one most important aspect of trading in my opinion.
6.. If we have traded before we send same time shake
7. After all BTRS all resolved i will gladly send first until my trust is earned again.

My Star Rating System:

Available Games
5 stars =Top level, hard to get from me, must be good trade or large cash amount.
4 stars = Great games, but will trade for a good trade, or cash.
3 stars = Average game, will sell for a very reasonable price, or trade evenly.
2 stars = simple bargining or small cash amount will get this gae from me.
1 star = Will sell or trade for very little.

Wanted Games
5 stars = Would kill for this game, Must have, will trade largely or give large cash amount.
4 stars = Will trade largely or give large cash amount.
3 stars = Even trading, medium cash amount.
2 stars = Will trade evenly, and pay small cash amount.
1 star = Will buy for $1-$4


The Systems I Own
(At one point i owned about every system known to man but my collection has shrunk considerably. )
Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo
Sega CD

__The Systems I NEED

Philliphs Cd-i
Pansonic 3D0
Gameboy Advance Sp

My Sports Cards (please take these off my hands grin)

93 Bowman Jim Kelly
98 Upper Deck Randy Moss Rookie
95 Classic Tony Boselli Rookie
98 Upper Deck Vonnie Holiday Rookie
96 Topps Laser Curtis Martin
95 Collectors Edge Drew Bledsoe
96 Skybox IMpact Marshall Faulk
97 Topps Laser Lamar Lathon
98 Upper Deck Jeff George
97 Collectors Choice OJ McDuffie
96 Skybox Impact Ken Dilger
96 Collectors Choice Kerry Collins
95 Edge William fuller
97 Score Jef George
98 Score Mark Chmura
95 Score Bruce Smith
98 Collectors Choice Tyrone Poole
97 Pinnacle Ken Dilger
94 Score Gold Zone Thurman Thomas
95 Collectors Choice Bryant Young
98 Pacific Bryant Young
91 Pro Set Jim Kelly
95 Pinnacle Jim Kelly
97 Fleer Ultra William Roaf
97 Collectors CHoice Turf Champions Trent Dilfer
98 Upper Deck Peyton Manning Rookie
96 Collectors Choice MVP Emmitt Smith
97 Collectors Choice Terrell Davis
96 Classic Blake Brockermeyer Rookie
1989 Topps Record Breaker Troy Aikman
98 Collectors Choice Drew Bledsoe
91 Fleer Deion Sanders
91 Pro Set Reggie White
98 Upper Deck Black Diamond Trent Dilfer
97 Fleer Ultra Tony Martin
98 Upper Deck Tony Martin
97 Donruss Dorsey Levens
97 Collectors Choice Jake Plummer
95 Collectors Choice Larry Centers
98 UpperDeck Aeneas Williams
95 Scote Aeneas Williams
97 Collectors CHoice Emmitt Smith
91 Pro Set Emmitt Smith
96 Collectors Choice Emmitt Smith
98 Score Emmitt Smith
96 Collectors Choice Michael Irvin
97 Score Michael Irvin
96 Skybok impact Michael Irvin
95 Pinnacle Rookie replay Michael Irvin
98 UpperDeck Deion Sanders
90 Fleer Deion Sanders
97 Collectors Choice Ike Hillard Rookie
97 Donruss Ike Hillard Rookie
98 Upper Deck Michael Strahan
90 Pro Set Irving Fryar
97 Topps William Thomas
98 Collectors Choice Herman Moore
96 Skybox Impact All Time Rookie Impact Brett Favre
95 Skybox MVP Brett Favre
95 Pinnacle Brett Favre
98 Pacific Antonio Freeman
97 Upper Deck Leroy Butler
95 Collectors Choice Cris Carter
99 Skybox Thunder John Randle
98 Upper Deck Mike Alstott
97 Collectors CHoice Turf Champions Warren Sapp
95 Pinnacle Aerial Assault Steve Young
98 Upper Deck Steve Young
98 Score Garrison Hearst
97 Score Terrel Owens
96 Select Jerry Rice
91 Pro Set Jerry Rice
96 Skybox Impact Marshall Faulk
97 Upper Deck Marshall Faulk
96 Select Issac Bruce
97 Collectors Choice Orlando Pace Rookie
98 Upper Deck Doug Flutie
93 Skybok thurman Thomas
97 Upper Deck Ken Dilger
98 Upper Deck Ken Dilger
97 Donruss Bruce SMith
98 Upper Deck Marvin Harrison
98 Upper Deck Black Diamond Zach Thomas
96 Skybox Impact All Time Rookies Impact Drew Bledsoe
98 UpperDeck Starquest Drew Bledsoe
96 Select Terry Glen Rookie
97 Donruss Curtis Martin
95 Collectors Choice Curtis Martin Rookie
96 topps Laser Vinny Testeverde
97 Collectors Choice Keyshaen Johnson
97 Upper Deck Keyshawn Johnson
97 Fleer Ultra Jim harbaugh
96 Topps Stadium Club Jim Harbaugh
98 Collectors Choice Jon Odgen
97 Score Jonathon Odgen
96 Score Jonathon Odgen Rookie
98 Upper Deck Jermaine Lewis
96 Skybox Impact Ray Lewis Rookie
98 upper Deck Corey Dillon
98 Collectors Choice Corey Dillon
95 Upper Deck Mark Brunell
98 Score Mark Brunell
97 Collectors Choic Kennan McCardell
98 Upper Deck Kevin Hardy
96 Collectors Choice Kevin Hardy Rookie
98 Upper Deck Black Diamond Kordell Stewart
97 Fleer Ultra Kordell Stewart
96 Pinnacle Kordell Stewart
98 Upper Deck Jerome Bettis
95 Score Jerome Bettis
84 Topps Stadium Club Jerome Bettis
97 Fleer Ultra Steve McNair
98 Upper Deck Blaine Bishop
97 Donruss John Elway
98 Upper Deck Ed McCaffrey
97 Pinnacle Neil Smith
98 Upper Deck Derrick Thomas
97 Collectors Choice Brad Johnson
95 Pinnacle Warren Moon
98 Upper Deck Rich Gannon
90 Pro Set Rich Gannon
95 Collectors Choice Napoleon Kaufman
97 Collectors Choice Tim Brown
96 Topps Finest Tim Brown
96 Collectors Choice Natrone Means
96 Collectors Choice Jr. Seau
98 Upper Deck Jr. Seau
96 topps Stadium Club Joey Galloway
96 Skybox Impact Joey Galloway
98 Pacific Michael Sinclair

93 Donruss Reggie Sanders
91 Upper Deck Cecil Feilder
90 Score Will Clark
92 Fleer Will Clark
91 Donruss Vince Coleman
91 Donruss Benito Santiago
91 Fleer Benito Santiago
89 Score Tony Gwynn
93 Topps John SMoltz
92 Score Select Greg Maddux
85 Topps Dwight Evans
86 Topps Dwight Evans
93 Triple Play Roger Clemons
92 Topps Bobby Bonilla
91 Upper Deck Ozzie Conseco
86 Topps Jim Rice
89 Score Daryll Strawberry
91 Upperdeck Dwight Gooden
All Time Greats(unspecified year) Babe Ruth
91 Score Bo Jackson
1987 Topps Don Mattingly All-Star

99-00 Topps Finest Kobe Bryant
95-96 Collectors Choice Damon Stoudemire Rookie
92-93 NBA Hoops Shawn Bradley Rookie
96-97 Fleer Ultra Antoine Walker Rookie
91-92 Upper Deck Silver Dennis Rodman Defensive Player of the Year
90-91 NBA Hoops Magic Johnson MVP
94-95 Fleer Ultra Glenn Robinson Rookie
94-95 Topps Glenn Robinson Rookie
97-98 Toppa Tracy McGrady
99-00 Skybox Premium Steve Francis Rookie
93-94 Topps Nick Van Exel Rookie
94-95 Fleer Ultra Juwan Howard Rookie
94-95 Topps Jason Kidd Rookie
90-91 NBA Hoops Isiah Thomas
94-95 Fleer Team Leaders(Shaq,Charles Barkley,C.Weatherspoon)
93-94 NBA Hoops Jim Jackson Rookie
91-92 NBA Hoops Sumpreme COurt Michael Jordan
89 NBA HOOPS All Star Game Michael Jordan
90-91 Fleer Michael Jordan
93-94 Upper Deck Signature Moves Michael Jordan
00-01 Fleer Premium grant Hill
98-99 Topps Grant Hill
96-97 Fleer Jerry Stackhouse
91-92 Fleer Team Leader James Worthy
93-94 Skybox Premium Sam Cassell Rookie
91-92 Fleer Team Leader Hakeem Olajuwon
91-92 Fleer team Leader Charles Barkley
91-92 Fleer Team Leader Clyde Drexler
97-98 Skybox Z Force Marcus Camby
96-97 Pacific Damon Stoudimire Rookie
00-01 Victory Kobe Bryant
96-97 Fleer Shaquille O'Neal
96-97 NBA Hoops Shaquille O'Neal
91-92 Topps All-Star James Worthy
91-92 Topps All-Star Magic Johnson
91-92 Fleer Mitch Richmond
92-93 Fleer Ultra Dennis Rodman
93-94 Topps Dennis Rodman
95-96 Collectors Choice Dennis Rodman
95-96 Collectors Choice Chris Webber
98-99 Skybox Century EX Peja Stojakovich
00-01 Upper Deck Peja Stojakovich
98-99 Upper Deck Game Dated Tim Duncan
01-01 Fleer Game Time Tim Duncan
91-92 Fleer team Leader David Robinson
98-99 NBA Hoops David Robinson
95-96 Topps David Robinson
95-96 Fleer Ultra Steve Smith
93-94 Topps Stadium Club Steve Smith
96-97 Fleer Ultra Steve Smith
96-97 Fleer Metal Steve Smith
00-01 SKybox Century EX Juwan Howard
99-01 Topps Juwan Howard
00-01 Upper Deck Michael Finley
99-01 Fleer Mystique Dirk Nowitzki
00-01 Upper Deck Tim Hardaway
95-96 Fleer Gary Peyton
99-00 Topps Gary Payton
94-95 Collectors Choice Silver Signature Gary Payton
98-99 Upper Deck Rasheed Wallace
97-98 Fleer Ultra Damon Stoudimire
00-01 Upper Deck Damon Stoudamire
92-93 NBA Hoops Shawn Kemp
90-91 NBA Hoops All-Star Scottie Pippen
93-94 Fleer Ultra Scottie Pippen
93-94 Upper Deck Scottie Pippen
92-93 Fleer Scottie Pippen
90-91 NBA Hoops Scottie Pippen
90-91 Fleer JOhn Stockton
91-92 fleer Team Leader John Stockton
94-95 Fleer Ultra John Stockton
96-97 NBA Hoops John Stockton
92-93 Fleer John Stockton
91-92 Fleer john Stockton
94-95 Topps John Stockton
91-92 Upper Deck john Stockton
90-91 NBA Hoops John Stockton
Fleer 91 All-Star Team John Stockton
93-94 Fleer Ultra Karl Malone
90-91 NBA Hoops Karl Malone
89 NBA Hoops All-Star Karl Malone
93-94 NBA Hoops Sumpreme Court Karl Malone
92-93 Fleer Karl Malone
00-01 Cuttino Mobley
91-92 Upper Deck clyde Drexler
93-94 Upper Deck Signature Moves Clyde Drexler
93-94 Fleer Clyde Drexler
94-95 Topps Clyde Drexler
98=99 Upper Deck Charles Barkley
96-97 Collectors Choice Charles Barkley
90-91 NBA Hoops Charles Barkley
91-92 Fleer Charles Barkley
90-91 Skybox Charles Barkley
95=96 NBA Hoops Anfernee Hardaway
98-99 Skybox Metal Universe - Stephon Marbury
97-98 Upper Deck SP Kerry Kittles
99-00 Upper Deck Keith Van Horn
98-99 Skybox Premium Silver Sig Keith Van Horn
98-99 Upper Deck Keith Van Horn
98-99 Upper Deck Jason Kidd
96-97 Fleer Jason Kidd
96-97 Fleer Jerry Stackhouse
94-95 Skybox Premium Jerry Stackhouse
95-96 Topps Jerry Stackhouse
96 Topps Stadium Club Jerry Stackhouse Rookie
96-97 Fleer Hardwood Leader Jerry Stackhouse
91-92 Fleer Team Leader Larry Bird
91-92 Fleer Team Leader Dominique Wilkins
90 Fleer Patrick Ewing
94-95 NBA Hoops Patrick Ewing
93-94 Topps Patrick Ewing
97-98 Topps Chrome Grant Hill
97-98 Fleer Grant Hill
91-92 Fleer team Leader Hakeem Olajuwon
99-00 Fleer Mystique Anthony Mason
91-92 Fleer Anthony Mason
95-96 topps Stadium CLub Reggie Miller
96-97 Fleer Reggie Miller
90-91 NBA Hoops Reggie Miller
96-97 Fleer Ultra Alonzo Mourning
99-00 Fleer Mystique Brian Grant
08-99 Upper Deck Allen Iverson
00-01 Fleer Metal Dikembe Mutombo
93-94 Upper Deck Dikembe Mutombo
93-94 Topps Dikembe Mutombo
00-01 Upper Deck Ray Allen
99-00 Topps Latrell Sprewell
97-98 Skybox Premium Marcus Camby
90-91 Fleer Tyrone Hill
97-98 Upper Deck Shareff Abdul-Rahim(SPECIAL ED.)
98-99 Topps Terrell Brandon
90 Best of the Best Michael Jordan
98-99 Upper Deck Michael Jordan
89-90 Fleer Dominique Wilkins
99-00 Victory Glenn Robinson
01-02 Topps Heritage Jamal Mashburn
01-02 Topps Steve Nash
01-02 Topps Darius Miles
01-02 Fleer Premium Elton Brand
99-00 Topps Gold Label Kerry Kittles
93-94 Skybox Premium Jamal Mashburn Rookie
97 Skybox Premium Shareef Abdul-rahim Rookie
93-94 Topps Anfenee Hardaway Rookie
97-97 Skybox Premium Tony Delk Rookie
94-95 Topps Juwan Howard Rookie
2000 Upper Deck Kenyon Martin Rookie
90-91 NBA Hoops Michael Jordan
94-95 Collectors Choice Brian Grant Rookie

My Action Figures (I really want to get rid of these offer me a price or a trade!)

Star Wars Episode 1 Action Figures:(all mint/unopened)
Padme Naberrie
Obi-Wan Kenobi

MAGAZINES(I have tons of Magazines for sale or trade, please ask me for particular magazines you are looking for, I probaly have them grin)
Wrestling:( I hate wrestling please take these off my hands!)
WWF Raw Magazine November 98 (Sable Special)
Wrestling Heroes & Villians All Stars - Nov. 97
The Wrestler - Dec. 97
WWf Magazine - Sep 99
Pro Wrestling illustrated - June 99
Wrestling Heroes & Villians All Stars - Feb 98
Raw Magazine - Jan 99
Raw Magazine - Oct 97
inside Wrestling Supercards - Summer 99 )the history of Wrestlemania)
The Wrestler - June 98
The Wrestler - Aug 98
Wow Magazine - June 99
WWf Magazine Oct 98


Maxx Vs. Pitt #7
Limited Edition Spawn/Batman
Spawn #9
Spawn #18
Darker Image #1
Vanguard #2

Top Cow:
Witchblade #24

Marvel Vs. DC #2
Disney Comic Hits #5
Fish Police #5
X-men Adventures #3 (2nd Series)
X-Men Deluxe
X-Men #13
X-Men #13
X-Men #19
Super Pro #1
Super Pro #3
Super Pro #11
Super Pro #9
Silver Sable #4
Cage #5
Dr. Strange #4 (64 Page Annual)
Warlock Chronicles #3
Fantastic Four #374
Fantastic Four #23 (64 Page Annual)
Guardians of The Galaxy #25
Quasar #31
Nomad #3
KillRaven #33
DareDevil #300
Captain America #407
Captain American: Sentinal Of Liberty #1
Avengers #352
Avengers #353
The New Warriors #23
The New Warrios #25
The Mighty Thor #252
Wonderman #11
The Marvel Saga #3
Ghost Rider #72
The Amazing Spider-Man #368
The Amazing Spider-Man #4
The Official Marvel Index to The Amazing Spider-Man #6
The Spectacular Spider-Man #13(64 Page Annual)
The Spectacular Spider-man #211
Spider-Man 2099 #17
Spider-Man 2099 #42
Spider-Man #14
Marvel Tales ft. Spiderman #260
The Punisher War Zone #7
The Punisher War Journal #47
The Punisher War Journal #50

Frank #4 of 4

Dark Horse:
Gi Joe #1

Dark Claw Adventures #1

Batman #397
Batman #399
Batman #468
Batman #491
Batman #497
Batman #500
Batman #507
Batman #533
Batman Adventures #20
Batman Detective Comics #725
Detective Comica #38 (toys r us special replica edition)
Detective Comics #674
Robin #1
robin #6
The New Teen Titans #26
SilverBlade #1
Forrever People #3
Swamp Thing #18
Rima The Jungle Girl #3
StarFire #2
Damage #1
the Shadow #7
Flash #80
Flash #87
Justice League America #57
Superboy #220
The Legacy of Superman #1
Superman: Man of Steel #25
Superman #75(The Death Of Superman)
Superman #77
Superman #78
Superman #82
The Adventures of Superman #500
The Adventures of Superman #501
The Adventures of Superman #505
Superman In Action Comics #687
Superman in Action Comics #694

Marvel knights Sketchbook
Undertaker #0

If you are interested in any of the above comics, magazines, or sports cards please let me know i am looking to get rid of them and will sale them for a very reasonable price or trade them for games.

yes *Excellent Traders List* shake

yes Chef Larry - Excellent trader! Sent very quickly and was very courteous, Highly Recommended!
yes MoeBarGuy - Great Trader! Would Recommend MoeBarGuy to anyone!
yes Synthetic - Very fast shipper, and very professional! Excellent person to trade with!
yes Jalt24 - A very honest, quick and courteous trader, highly recommended!
yes Rawkus- My trade experience with Mark was quick and pleasant.
yes Rutherf8 - Great trader.
yes Michael 2001 u - Great guy to trade with.
yes Giznad - One of the best traders on gametz, highly recommended!
yes Jurai_Prince - One of the best traders i have traded with, Awesome trader!
yes Brandon_Nba - Sent very quick, very courteous!
yes SegaMan14 - Quick sender, very good trader!
yes princeofcarnage - Excellent Trader, great communicator!
yes Jellynuts - Great Trader,good communication,quick sender!
yes Pelle - Great Guy to trader with!
yes Wildrosebc - New to gametz, but very courteous,trustworthy, and honest!
yes Fisherman - Great Communication, quick shipper!
yes The Fix - Cool guy to chat with, good overall trader.
yesRonfar - A fellow Southern Hoosier and 3DO Attic! Plus hes a great trader.
yes msmeenk - A plus to trade with.Very good trader!
yes Bobaloo - Awesome trader, gave me a great trade, was courteous and quick!
yes Holypoo - Sent quick and was very courteous!
yes KYSLuG - Yet another very good trader!
yes DarkManX - One of the most courteous,honest, and overall great traders i have dealt with.
yes MCMG - Very fast shipper,superb communication, very courteous.
yes Slipknot - Fast shipper, courteous and pretty comical as well.
yes Deadsexy - Very good trader .
yes dr_r_muckly - Excellent new trader.
yes Kblazer883 - Very good trader, sends quick !
yes dj_jewboy - Another Excellent New trader!
yes Speedy05 - One of the better traders on gametz!
yes mmpoole - very fast and very courteous very good trader.
yes tgaither - Also very fast and courteous, very good trader.
yes ChuckyDJ - Awesome trader very quick and very courteous!
yes Grandmaster Sexay - Awesome Overall trader and good guy!
yes Eltis - Good Trader!
yes Rubber Thumb - Excellent Trader and an overall good guy.
yes Citizen_Zane - Superb Overall Trader,great communication, sends quickly!
yes Big Hab - Fantastic Trader, very reliable and courteous!
yes Admiral - Another Awesome Trader and one of the easier people on gametz to get along with.
yes Guts - Excellent Trader very fast shipper!
yes tmur11564 - Very good trader, very honest and courteous.
yes PacersFan - Excellent New Trader. Very courteous and very quick when it comes to shipping!
yes Coolike - Another Great New Trader!

The Two-Timers List: People i have traded with multiple times

MoeBarGuy Quintuple Gold Star Gold Star

Gr33NnBl4k Double Gold Star

Synthetic Double Gold Star

Jalt24 Triple Gold Star

Chef Larry Double Gold Star

Ronfar Double Gold Star

SegaSonicFan Double Gold Star

Speedy05 Quadruple Gold Star

rutherf8 Triple Gold Star

Wildrosebc Double Gold Star

Grandmaster Sexay Double Gold Star

Bighab Double Gold Star

grin I could go on and on about how awesome these traders are, but go trade with them and find out for yourself.grin

warningTerrible Traders List!(In No Particular Order)warning no

no Sophitia - We completed a trade and i went all out and did everything to fix a prob with my part of our trade to make the trade perfect. However she deleted our trade after it was completed and she was very rude throughout the trade. This trader is very stupid and pushy as well. She never answers emails either.
no ChickenPuppet - this guy is the biggest whiner on gametz. He is rude he is stupid and plus this guy is a little fruity.
no Spike_Spiegel - After over 6 months, He still has not sent my side of the deal!!! The worst trader on gametz by far. he has 6 btrs i dont know why hes even allowed on gametz anymore.
no Mr_Niggy_McBlack - this is a funny story. this guy is a mini-mod and hes claims his daddy's a police officer.(Hes probally a security guard at the mall) Yet he still ripped me off!!!
no Puddytay - retracts bids on auction, is rude, and has no life. This guy constantly goes into other traders posts and complains about the prices.
no InvisibleInk - The Worst trader on gametz hands down. Rude, immature, he is so stupid it makes me feel sorry for him. He also has had several BTRS in the past and is a veteran scammer. I wouldnt send first to this kid unless you like being ripped off.


1Shining Force (Sega Genesis)

2 Shining Force 2 (Sega Genesis)

3 Shining Force 3 (Sega Saturn)

4 Phantasy Star 4 (Sega Genesis)

5 Pirates Gold (Sega Genesis)

6 Albert Odyssey (Sega Saturn)

7 Gemfire (Super Nintendo)

8 Romance of The Three Kingdoms 4 (Super Nintendo)

9 Shadowrun (Sega Genesis)

10 Earthbound (Super Nintendo)

11 Lufia (Super Nintendo)

12 Shining Force: The Sword Of Hayja (Game Gear)

13 Sim City (Super Nintendo)

14 Madden 98 (Sega Saturn)

15 Dino Park Tycoon (Panasonic 3DO)

16 Dig Dug 2 (Original Nintendo)

17 Dragon Warrior 2 (Gameboy Color)

18 Theme Park (Atari Jaguar)

19 Super Mario 3 (Original Nintendo)

20 Phantasy Star 2 (Sega Genesis)

21 March Madness 99 (Sony Playstation)

22 Liberty Or Death (Sega Genesis)

23 River City Ransom (Original Nintendo)

24 Biker Mice From Mars (Super Nintendo)

25 Final Fantasy 3 (Super Nintendo)

(Others Receiving Votes: Rainbow Six 3, Rainbow Six 3:Black Arrow,Soldier of Fortune 2, Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War.)


1 Flashback (Sega Genesis)

2 Checkered Flag (Atari Jaguar)

3 Warriors Of Rome (Sega Genesis)

4 NFL Blitz (Sony Playstation)

5 War Craft 2 (Sega Saturn)

6 NFL Gameday 98 (Sony Playstation)

7 Mutant League Hockey (Sega Genesis)

8 Math Gran Prix (Atari 2600)

9 Sega Bass Fishing (Sega Dreamcast)

10** Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Thanks for visiting my page.
Please email any offers to me asap.