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LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs3-Feb-2003
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Thunder Bay Ontario
Reporter: fum171

we made a deal for $$ for my paintball gun. we sent same time and he got mine and latter said he didnt. i never got any thing from him its been over 4 months. he now as alot fo btr's

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs11-Jan-2003
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
Reporter: Nick

We set up a trade probably about 3 months ago, the trade was my Mark of Kri (ps2)for his Half Life (ps2). I sent mine first since he had a lot more trades then I did. He told me h received and then said he sent mine. I waited along time an it never showed, so he says it must have got lost, which may or may not be true, but I'm guessing it's probably not since he has so many BTR's. So I tell him we should just compete the trade since I really don't care anymore, but he insists on sending me Wreckless (xbox) to make up for it. so, after about 3 months the trade gets deleted, and I tell him we should just set up a new trade so that I can at least get ratings out of this, and he still insists on sending me Wreckless. So I set up a new trade my Mark of Kri for his Wreckless. I wait while and he still doesn't send, so I once again tell him that we should just complete it, I don't really care if I lost a game, but he insists on sending me Wreckless. So I am getting pretty mad that he wont just come forward and say he's not gonna send it, cause obviously he isn't. I'll take this BTR down if 1) He sends Wreckless or 2) he just completes the trade with me and stops screwing around.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs30-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: ds_billybob, Larry Laffer, LeisureSuitLarry
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Ontario Canada
Reporter: Technical_Nikita

Quite a few months ago I bought the two PSX Lunars that he had. Well after him lieing on shipping for a while, he finally tells me the truth, that he doesnt have the games yet his friend does. Well i made several attempts to get my money back and nothing. He told me quite a few times that he was getting money from selling something and that he would paypal it to me...never saw it and I know I never will, but hey, why not post a BTR on his Butt huh? grin

Also, I have the paypal record of my payment...he did it VIA 3rd party so I paid someone for him... good thing im not a "butt" hole and file a complaint on it so the other person has to deal with it. (steinkat-matt stein)Payment was made April 29th....a little over due on the BTR arnt I.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs21-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Larry Laffer, LeisureSuitLarry
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Thunder Bay Ontario
Reporter: Ugthoran

He said that he sent my items out on the 18th of November, and I haven't seen them yet. I even E-mailed him a couple of times and tried to find out when he was told they would get to me, but he won't even tell me the method of shipping he used. This BTR will come down when I get my games.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs8-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Larry Laffer
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Thunder Bay Ontario
Reporter: Andy

In october, we made a basic trade. I was to give my copy of splashdown on PS2 for his copy of THPS3 on ps2. My copy had no instructions, and that was stated. I sent my package on the 19th of October. He admitted receiving it a few weeks later, and that the box had been crushed in the packaging. He said that did not bother him, and informed me he'd sent. That was in early November. It is now early December, and i have no game. I would either like my copy of splashdown with no instructions and a crushed box back, or my copy of tony hawk's pro skater 3 on PS2.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs30-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Thunder Bay Ontario
Reporter: grass07

Pended on 12.09.2002
Hmmm the fact that he said that he sent my stuff a month ago from Canada, and I have yet to see it, and I have had very fast, smooth trades from other Canadain traders, this is the first one that has gone awry, and also due to the fact that I have heard many bad reports, negative things about this trader, from other traders on gametz and on tradegamesnow.com.I strongly advice anyone who considers trading with him, to ask him to send first at any cost,if he gives you uh my mom wont let me excuse or I am in the hospital for a operation and I cant send out your game excuse, trust me when I tell you that you have been royally screwed.If anyone knows his current address, email me so I can report him to the Canadian authorities.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs28-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Email: leisuresuitlaffer@hotmail.com
Address: Somewhere in canada, too lazy to look for it...
Reporter: DrizzDrizzDrizz

Trade pended July 31, 2002.
I sent him $11, and was supposed to receive Gran Turismo and Final Fight.
He ripped me off, but at least he finally admitted it and stopped pretending he sent after months of lying. Whatever, I don't really care, and it's not like this BTR matters, only an idiot would still wanna trade with him, but I like having reported a BTR on someone and have it stay there raspberry

2011 update:

the wounds just will not heal. I have assembled an elite squad to track and subsequently take him down.

2018 update:

I thought I could get over it. I was wrong. The hunt is on.

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1.Douglas Lloyd, Little_warrior_gohan ~ GREAT TRADER, FAST SHIPPING!!!

2.Bryan Tarlowski, Brak ~ This guy was Fast, polite and explained this whole Gametz thing to me, ONE GREAT GUY !

3.Cody Gray, Crasher ~ Trusting guy, great talker he likes to chat, so do I smile trade with him NOW! most honest guy besides upper 2 i know

4.Brian Bratt, Nescollector ~ you all know him, one of the best gametz guys out there smile !

5.Scott Everall, Chugs ~ a really great guy, fast shipper and relpies right away wow surprise

6. Steven Word, Sjword ~ a great guy, very funny fun to talk to and a overall great trader plus i getta do this O):::::::::::::> surprise

7. Gambit, Real Forget ~ great guy CANADIAN, he is da coolest smile raspberry trade with him fast and trustworthy, like beer and pretzels

8. C_hawk_fan, greatest people EVER a wonderful young couple who like BEER ahhh!!!!! One of fastest and best trades EVER GREAT people....desevre Billybob ratin of Quintuple Gold Star ! (note: due to special request let it make known Nikki only likes beer but watch your hangovers dead face)

9.new Milwbuck, Oh YEAH he gave me money, very patient, and does not whine like 98% of people here, GREAT GUY Quintuple Gold Star chatting

10. new Andrew Fultz, SNKapcom i feel sorry our trade went bad, but seriosuly one of the best and most honest guys on GTZ i ahve ever met

11. new John Francis, Skex one the best traders i have dealt with yet, fast coutreous (much like myself raspberry) and modest wink thanx dude, you desereve to be up here ! Quintuple Gold Star

12. gardian_angel, Miguel Garza He is ALSO in there with gamer_junkie, Rleav, KOF,Brak, Blue_fusion, the 5 of my best traders ! thanx for your patience, time, consideration, a real cool guy surprise

13.KeeperofFate, Kent Gambill, he's COOL to talk to, VERY reasonable, EASILY in the best ever of traders. ! grin new

14. Trevor Ens, Msman_ , One of teh greatest traders I have dealt with. So honest and willing, amazing trader, I see a bright future for him on GTZ, thanx dude shake new

15. DarkPhantasy, gave me a week of sub time wink

shake Nominations for LEISURESUITLARRY's WALL O FAME shake

1. KYSlug, Very patient and a great guy. new

2. Old Lady, never traded with, but she's soo damn nice!!! surprise

3. DarkMissle, one of the most modded guys ive ever seen, but he's cool smile he agrees with me im sure on downwith modding !

4. EnforcerICE, He's CANADIAN!!!! golden globe dude, youve made the list, oh and we have a trade together too raspberry

5. SlipKnot, understanding and patient he's a Double Gold Star and I see why new

6.MOntyPYthon, We had a rough time at teh start, but we like this now !shake new

7.MastaDrumma, a Candian trader surprise new

8.Finn, another on of us damn Canucks! wink new

9.Dustin Lambert, He gave me a cube. Hes the greatest! new

10. TMNT, DantheMan, and sooo many other names. He changes them all the time, but great trading stays with! new

IF i FORGOT your name from these lists (the bad one too!) mail me and ill fix it ASAP

many others ALMOST among these special people raspberry

ALSO ! golden globe globe chatting yes I want ANYTHING RESIDENT EVIL surprise i mean posters/action figures/lil things and big things, but ESPECIALLY POSTERS mail if you have thanx

warning warning warning>frown >frown >frown >frown no no BAD TRADERS no no>frown>frown >frown >frown warning warning warning

warning means avoid at ALL COSTS trust me on this one!

Wario/Yui ~ backed out of a trade after i bougth ebay auction, i needed this money and he knew that, said it was 100% sure it would go through, next time ASK YOUR MOM YOU WUSS!!!! no excuse here >frown

warning warningJustchill14 ~ BEEN WAITING SINCE AUGUST FOR GOODS ! ! >frown warning warning

warning warning warning warning warningRDL ~ WORST TRADER EVER ON THIS SITE owes me a DC or my money GIVE IT BACK >frown >frown >frown >frown warning warning warning warning warning

warning warning warning Bug492002 ~ OWES ME TWO GAMES< ignores me in chat and does not reply to e-mails A REAL JERK!!! no no warning warning warning

warning warning Pavilion316 ~ been a trader for three days, yet has a complete trade, lied about sending and sent me a FAKE delivery number, wont tell real name, pended same thign twice and tried to trade it warning warning

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