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Bad Trader Reports

NostalgiaJoe BTRs14-Jan-2011
Status: active
Aliases: Anna/Joe Parrinello
Address: 780 w 1125 n unit 7 Cedar City UT 84721
Reporter: dmerit


Update 15 Feb 2011: Not much to say besides the fact that he decided to give me crappy ratings for my side of the trade(my item was sent day trade was accepted) , he is a class act...not, still hasn't sent the $5 he said he would so this will stay.

Took forever to ship, said they had some type of family emergency, last time it was computer problems, said he would refund $5 of the $10 I sent to balance out the trade, that didn't happen. This guy or gal is a completely irresponsible trader, I gave him/her the benefit of the doubt and decided to trade with again only to have a worse trade than the previous. I don't know how they have had so many good trades and I get the 2 bad ones, it makes no sense but its the truth!

Trade 2
Trade/Offer History Log

When Who Message
on 14-Jan-2011 at 10:36am dmerit Guess you decided not to refund $5 of the $10 I sent out to you well I am putting up BTR until I receive the 5 thanks once again for a awful trade, I should not have given you a second chance.
on 14-Jan-2011 at 10:33am dmerit I have received.
on 12-Jan-2011 at 12:01pm dmerit Dude please put it in the mail its saying the usps has still not received, this same thing happened in our last trade just take it to ur mail box and ur dun
on 10-Jan-2011 at 2:00pm RockfnBttm I sent on 10-Jan-2011.
Tracking number: 9101 1501 3471 1529 3746 86
Your item is out for delivery at 8:41 am on January 14, 2011 in PORT ANGELES, WA 98362.
Sorting Complete, January 14, 2011, 8:31 am, PORT ANGELES, WA 98362
Arrival at Post Office, January 14, 2011, 6:19 am, PORT ANGELES, WA 98362
Processed through Sort Facility, January 13, 2011, 9:52 pm, SEATTLE, WA 98168
Electronic Shipping Info Received, January 10, 2011
sorry again this took so fn long
on 7-Jan-2011 at 4:19am RockfnBttm hey, goin back home tomorrow (Saturday), and will print out label. Will be in in Monday's mail! Thanks again for your patience
on 6-Jan-2011 at 1:58pm dmerit any word on when you plan to send out my games would be great.
on 29-Dec-2010 at 10:01am dmerit no worries man, we have traded before and it went well so thanks for the message hope all is well peace
on 29-Dec-2010 at 8:14am RockfnBttm Hey, I had to leave town for an emergency and planned on taking your games with me and ship them from here, but I totally forgot them back home. I feel really bad, cuz I won't be back for about a week or so. I will send $5 back to you, for the inconvenience. Really sorry about that, but figured I'd message you and let you know.
on 28-Dec-2010 at 10:10am dmerit Hey, we did agree to ship at same time so please ship soon thanks
on 27-Dec-2010 at 11:33am dmerit I sent on 27-Dec-2010.
Tracking number: 03102640000137057687
Your item was delivered at 3:50 pm on December 30, 2010 in CEDAR CITY, UT 84721.
Out for Delivery, December 30, 2010, 8:42 am, CEDAR CITY, UT 84720
Sorting Complete, December 30, 2010, 8:32 am, CEDAR CITY, UT 84720
Arrival at Post Office, December 30, 2010, 4:09 am, CEDAR CITY, UT 84720
Processed through Sort Facility, December 27, 2010, 7:23 pm, KENT, WA 98032
Acceptance, December 27, 2010, 11:17 am, PORT ANGELES, WA 98362
on 22-Dec-2010 at 7:51pm dmerit dmerit's address:

436 E 6th St
Port Angeles, WA 98362
on 22-Dec-2010 at 7:51pm RockfnBttm RockfnBttm's address:

Joe Parrinello
780 W 1125 N
Unit 7
Cedar City, UT 84721

on 22-Dec-2010 at 7:51pm RockfnBttm Pending trade created.
on 22-Dec-2010 at 7:51pm dmerit Offer Accepted
on 22-Dec-2010 at 5:57am RockfnBttm Offer Accepted
on 21-Dec-2010 at 11:23pm dmerit Counter-Offer
Sending changed from: "dmerit sends first" to: "both send immediately"
RockfnBttm gets: +10 bucks in game case

dmerit gets: Need for Speed: Shift (PlayStation 3) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

on 21-Dec-2010 at 11:21pm dmerit Offer Declined
on 21-Dec-2010 at 10:34pm RockfnBttm Offer Created

Trade 1

When Who Message
on 18-Jun-2010 at 5:12pm system Trade is complete.
on 18-Jun-2010 at 5:12pm dmerit I have received.
on 15-Jun-2010 at 6:20pm RockfnBttm man, what the hell is going on.. i dropped the game in the box at the PO the day I printed the label before work. i will go to the PO tomorrow and see what's up
on 15-Jun-2010 at 5:29pm dmerit Tuesdays gone with the wind?????
on 12-Jun-2010 at 9:00pm RockfnBttm wtf.. i brought it to the PO the day I printed the label..thats weird it hasn't updated yet.. should be there monday or tuesday, promise ;)
on 12-Jun-2010 at 1:28pm dmerit are you going to send the game guy ????? sure you bought postage online but obviously you have not put in mail???
on 10-Jun-2010 at 6:12am RockfnBttm I have received.
on 10-Jun-2010 at 6:10am RockfnBttm I sent on 10-Jun-2010.
Tracking number: 9101128882300191974189
There is no record of that mail item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet be tracked. Please try again later.
hey man, really sorry it took me THIS LONG to send.. just been really busy with summer school + that virus I got.. but still, no excuses for taking this long.. i apologize big time.. game should be there in 2-3 business days tho.. thanks
on 6-Jun-2010 at 10:06am RockfnBttm hey man, sorry it took so long to get back to you.. i got a crazy virus on my computer and wasn't able to do anything.. got it all fixed now.. ill be sending tomorrow afternoon.. thanks
on 4-Jun-2010 at 10:01pm dmerit I see they delivered when are you going to ship? Thanks
on 2-Jun-2010 at 4:40pm dmerit messed up the tracking sorry
on 2-Jun-2010 at 4:39pm dmerit Tracking number: 03100480000269142066
There is no record of that mail item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet be tracked. Please try again later.

on 1-Jun-2010 at 2:24pm dmerit I sent on 1-Jun-2010.
Tracking number: 03100420000269142066
There is no record of that mail item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet be tracked. Please try again later.
on 1-Jun-2010 at 9:15am dmerit dmerit's address:

436 E 6th St
Port Angeles, WA 98362
on 1-Jun-2010 at 9:15am RockfnBttm RockfnBttm's address:

Joe Parrinello
1264 North Cedar City Blvd #C208
Cedar City, UT 84720

on 1-Jun-2010 at 9:15am RockfnBttm Pending trade created.
Offer Accepted
on 1-Jun-2010 at 9:06am dmerit Dmerit is fine for the package
on 1-Jun-2010 at 9:05am dmerit Offer Accepted
on 1-Jun-2010 at 5:31am RockfnBttm Offer Created

Completed Trades

6-Nov-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: RE7 & Friday the 13th (Ps4)
whitefire gets: $45 PayPal Gift

4-Sep-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: $10 PSN code
Pelle gets: $8.50 PayPal Gift

20-Aug-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: Best Buy Gift Card
Heavyd814life gets: $13 PayPal

10-Aug-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: $10 psn and $20 eshop
theundead67 gets: 25.50 gifted paypal

22-Jun-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: Halo 5 Guardians, Madden 17, Dirt Rally, Sunset Overdrive, Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny: The Collection
MuNnY gets: $35 Gifted PayPal

1-Jun-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One)
Vault101 gets: $28 gifted paypal

20-Apr-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Nintendo DS), Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PlayStation 2), God Hand (PlayStation 2), Killer 7 (PlayStation 2), Okami (PlayStation 2)
Hekau178 gets: $60 shipped PayPal

14-Mar-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: Battlefield 1 Ps4
Ivorypoet gets: $23 PayPal

10-Mar-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: $5 gifted paypal
Stav gets: Dishonored Ps4

1-Jan-2017NostalgiaJoe gets: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past (Nintendo 3DS)
BloodPuppetX gets: $27 shipped

15-Dec-2016NostalgiaJoe gets: Zelda 3DS XL
Porksta gets: $127.40 shipped

29-Nov-2016NostalgiaJoe gets: Samsung Note 3 Verizon 32gb with ding on the side
peteystreet gets: $75 gifted pp

10-Nov-2016NostalgiaJoe gets: N64 Lot
luvgangster gets: $78 gifted PP

15-Sep-2016NostalgiaJoe gets: Vagrant story, xenogears, grandia II.
EvilMrJingles gets: $75 gifted PayPal

11-Aug-2016NostalgiaJoe gets: Ps3/ps2/psp lot in forum
gameremporium gets: $45:gifted paypal