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Bad Trader Reports

RV03 BTRs19-Nov-2008
Status: active
Email: RobertV03@Gmail.com
Address: Robert Vance 4233 Gore Rd. Conneaut, OH 44030
Reporter: MuttenMaster

Trade Pended on Oct. 12, 2008:

MuttenMaster gets: N64 games listed in message*
RV03 gets: $18 + fees

|on 12-Oct-2008 at 3:27pm MuttenMaster I sent on 12-Oct-2008.
|on 12-Oct-2008 at 3:28pm RV03 I have received.
|on 14-Oct-2008 at 1:01pm RV03 I sent on 14-Oct-2008.

-Shipped FC with DC, but never bothered posting DC#

|on 24-Oct-2008 at 3:33pm MuttenMaster I received today, but apparently envelope had been open and someone took the games in Kansas City,
Pic: http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb68/SoaDKillz/...

I'm not sure how you want to handle this, so lmk.

What exactly made you thing it was a good idea to ship 6 games and a few manuals in just a standard bubble mailer?

Tracking # is entered below..

|on 24-Oct-2008 at 3:22pm MuttenMaster Tracking number: 03080660000167852424--
Your item was delivered at 12:34 pm on October 24, 2008 in COLUMBIA, MO 65202.
Processed, October 18, 2008, 1:42 am, KANSAS CITY, MO 64121
Acceptance, October 16, 2008, 4:47 pm, NORTH KINGSVILLE, OH 44068

Never received any type of repayment for the lost items.

I'll take this down when I receive 66% of my lost (due to crap packaging and time waited)

RV03 BTRs22-Aug-2008
Status: active
Email: RobertV03@Gmail.com
Address: 4233 Gore Rd. Conneaut, OH 44030
Reporter: InsertCoinstoBegin

He has got my money on on 28-Jul-2008 at 11:20pm RV03 I have received. I know he has said stuff about been out of town, then internet, then family problems. I understand, and its not that I have lost all hope, or anything. Its just that this a way to make sure that I do'nt end up loosing 17 bucks. Like the other person said,

"August 21, 2008 EDIT: He is frozen listed under family problems, will leave this up but for now I understand why not sent today or yesterday, other days are inexcusable as of now besides internet downage."

Still has not done anything yet, will never trade with again.

Want my money back in the form of a Money Order, if this does happen I will change my mind about what I think about you, and this BTR.

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Interests: Football, basketball, and gaming
Likes: I love FPS, sports, and RPG's
Dislikes: Fantasy games

Quote: "God only made the sun so girls could tan, if he really wanted it to just be light he would have put light bulbs everywhere"

"Elmo"- Bunch of fudging M16 whores
"RV03"- Hey elmo what gun are you using?
"Elmo"- An M16 i picked up

Priceless times in Chat

[23:08] <Cyco2oo4> I played with myself for 45 minutes
[23:08] <RV03> LOL
[23:08] <Cyco2oo4> oh. my. god.
[23:08] <Cyco2oo4> STFU

[00:17] <Cyco2oo4> My brother plays his more than I played mine
[00:17] <RV03> LOL
[00:17] <Cyco2oo4> Yeah
[00:17] <RV03> he must not sleep
[00:17] <Cyco2oo4> Wait
[00:17] <Cyco2oo4> WTF does that mean?
[00:17] <RV03> haha
[00:17] <RV03> ur always on

[22:09] <RV03> CAPS!?!?
[22:09] < 3Pigs> HUH
[22:09] < 3Pigs> WE ALL NEED HELP
[22:09] <RV03> caps lock ftl
[22:09] < 3Pigs> WHAT?
[22:10] <RV03> fail
[22:10] <tessy2013> turn your caps off
[22:10] < 3Pigs> HOW?
[22:10] <RV03> WOW!!!!!!!!!!

[15:22] <ghostman123> So what is the big deal with FF13?

[15:12] <Angel_ShindoW> Is it bad if I feel like I have no reason to get a PS3 now? o.o;

[01:42] <RV03> RLeav20717 i dont sell to ohioans
[01:42] <RV03> :-
[01:42] <RLeav20717> surprise
[01:42] <RLeav20717> shipping would be fast :-
[01:42] <RV03> yea i know
[01:42] <RLeav20717> and instead of a btr, i could drive to your house and have sex with your dad
[01:42] <RLeav20717> mom*
[01:42] <RLeav20717> wry smile
[01:42] <EvilManDeadMan> whoa
[01:43] <RV03> lmao
[01:43] <EvilManDeadMan> whoa
[01:43] <EvilManDeadMan> whoa
[01:43] <RV03> LMFAO
[01:43] <Bobman32x> lawl
[01:43] <Vapor> RLeav20717 is so gay
[01:43] <EvilManDeadMan> rv file a btr on him for that
[01:43] <EvilManDeadMan> now

[19:49] <RV03> backpack backpack
[19:49] <Spunion> In the words of Niko Bellich "I'm not great at life but I bowl like an angel"
[19:49] <MuNnY> lmao
[19:49] <MuNnY> yes rv
[19:49] <MuNnY> Backpack nao
[19:49] <RV03> from Dora?
[19:49] <MuNnY> no
[19:49] <RV03> the exlpora
[19:49] <MuNnY> fudge that thing
[19:49] <RV03> lol
[19:49] <RV03> its scary
[19:49] <MuNnY> creppy crap talks
[19:49] <RV03> the damn thing talks
[19:49] <MuNnY> backpacks dont do that
[19:49] <MuNnY> F that crap
[19:49] <RV03> what if u accidently took it in the bathroom?
[19:49] <MuNnY> eww
[19:49] <RV03> fudge that
[19:50] <RV03> i would scream like a little raging
[19:50] <MuNnY> roflmao
[19:50] <RV03> girl*
[19:50] <MuNnY> hey, i call him girl
[19:50] <RV03> i get them two words mixed up
[19:50] <MuNnY> lmfao
[19:50] <RV03> they mean the same thing
[19:50] <RV03> dont they?
[19:50] <MuNnY> ha
[19:50] <MuNnY> why you hate the kid now?

1.) If you have more trades I will send first.
2.) If I have more trades you are sending first.
3.) If you have more than one BTR you are sending first.
4.) I expect my package to be sent in a box or a bubble mailer.
5.) Communicate with me to let me know when you are shipping.
6.) To have a good trade