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Richie's Memorial

Richie passed away on January 7th, 2010 from complications of pneumonia .

Richie was a moderator at GameTZ and just a fixture in the GameTZ community for many years.

He will be missed.

I'm going to try to collect stuff that people have said in memorial of Richie. If you'd like to add something, please email and we can add it for you.


from Sid_Ceaser
I can just see him standing at the Pearly Gates having this argument:

THEM: "but, sir, you CAN'T go into the Endless lands with those. . . those. . . CHINHORNS!. It doesn't set a good example for the rest us here."

Richie: "dude, chill out, I ain't cutting these horns. You just need to let me in and deal with it."

THEM: "but. . .but. . . they'll think that you are from . . . (points in a downward direction)

Richie: "Hah. Maybe. Probably. But you just need to let me in and take that chance."

THEM: ". . . . "

Gates open.

R.I.P Richie. Its very weird writing that. GameTZ just lost a tiny little something that made its community so special.

from RPGfreakout10
I would like to say that even though I have never directly corresponded with Richie he has always been a member that stood out in my eye, both very courteous and true to his words unlike the facade most hide behind.

Mine and my family's thoughts will be with you and yours during this time of mourning.

from DarkGammaZ
I didn't really know Richie that much. The only post I ever remember seeing him make was him asking for cigarettes. Regardless, the death of a GameTZ user, especially someone who had this much of an impact on others around him, saddens me.

R.I.P. Richie

from PunkStatix
While I had very little actual contact w/Richie, I always enjoyed the random banter that was created by him in his posts whenever he was on the forums. From what everyone has said, he was a really cool guy, and I wish I'd of had a chance to get to know him better.

R.I.P. Richie, thankfully you are now in a better place.

from rayzor6
He was a great guy and I'm saddened to know how acute his anxiety disorder was that prevented him from leaving his home. I hope he is at peace now....God's blessing to his family.

from Reed
I always felt a little sympathy for Richie, but I also felt admiration for taking all the cheap shots we threw at him and still keeping his head high.

Sometimes you can just tell through a computer screen that the other user simpy has a good heart. Richie did.

from monkeysmadness
I only had a small amount of communication with Richie - he and I set up the Musicians' Lounge forum about a year and a half ago. We were mainly connected through that forum and the topics/conversations that went on there, but that forum has been dead since about July 2009.

In recent months, all I've seen of Richie are his occasional posts in the other forums I frequent. I enjoyed his conversation, and I hate to see him go.

Condolences to his family and friends.

from guncrazy90
Richie was a good guy, it is sad to see him leave us so soon
RIP Richie

from TahoeMax
It was a pleasure working as a mini-mod with Richie a few years back, after which point he was always an amusing "face" to see in the forums. We'll miss him here, just as his family and friends in the real world certainly will.

from willyum
I'm honored to have traded with Richie once, so this news is quite distressing; it's a strong hit to the GTZ community. My sincerest condolences to his family.

RIP Richie.

from SEspo
I traded with him when he was rfwinters. Good guy.

from Y2k
Richie was a good friend on here. frown

from Pyramid_Party
RIP Richie

Richie was actually my very first trade on GTZ. But it shows him as the 2nd due to marking the trade late. I felt like Richie was one of those people here that stood out. I didnt know him that much, but I do miss him.

from Raisin
Damn i'm all choked up over here.. It's just sad that it happened the way it did..

I don't think Richie and I saw eye to eye, but I definitely respected him as a person and never knocked him for asking for loans.. a man has to survive somehow..

I think it's great as a community that we're all getting together to help his family out.. He was a great guy regardless of what anyone said to or about him.

Definitely will be missing him around the forums.. and I hope his family is holding up well.. i'll be sending my donation shortly..

EDIT: Donation is sent.

Rest In Peace

Richard Winters


from Mewtwo
Just wanted to say my condolences. I didn't post in the other threads because of all that was going on.

I didn't know Richie that well. Of course I saw him around on the forums. Always joking around making people laugh. I think I had a few discussions with him over the years but I don't remember them that much truthfully. I think we had some heated discussions over consoles vs computers. Whatever it was I didn't know him that well. But he always came off as a relaxed guy. People joked a lot at his expense, but for most of the time he just joked about it himself or went with it. I remember him for taking care of his Dad and having hard times mostly. And again this way he had about him where he didn't seem to care what people thought of him and was just a nice guy. You know? Either way even though I personally didn't know him well enough to call a friend I still think he was a decent caring person. Goodbye Richie. May you find the peace and happiness wherever you might be.

from Chadical
Richie actually wasn't all that bad of a guy. He knew not to take what people said on here to seriously and he never let a lot get to him. I wish he would have stuck around a little longer so I could have gotten to know him and traded with him a little.

RIP Richie

from Yazzinit
I'll post a final condolence as well. Never spoke to Richie 1 on 1 personally, but saw him around the forums, maybe posted a few times in some of his topics, etc. He had a great sense of humor no matter the situation and took pride in helping GTZ out with mini-mod duties. All in all, sorry to see him leave life and the GTZ community way too soon. Hopefully he's rockin out to his Guns N Roses in a better place now.

from LadyOwl
I didn't really know Richie... but I did know of him and talked to him a few times on the site and he was one of the main people I would think of when thinking of GTZ. A real regular.

I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I remember hearing when his father passed. I can't believe he did as well. These kinds of things are rare for me. I am not very use to death so hearing about someone I knew of and spoke to, passing, is very upsetting even if I didn't know him too well.

I hope Richie is in a better place, but I'm sure he is as he always seemed like a real nice guy so I pray more for his families' loss and hope they can get through such a horrible event in their lives...

from sandpaperback
I'll definitely miss Richie. He was one of the people here I've always thought I could get along with in person.

One for Richie from his favorite album:

We all come in from the cold
We come down from the wire
An everybody warms themselves
to a different fire
When sometimes we get burned
You'd think sometime we'd learn
The one you love is the one
That should take you higher

from Mendo
Richie was a good guy, he had a passive attitude which allowed users to openly make fun of him. That was neither his fault or the others doing it. His reputation and effect on the community will never be forgotten, god bless kid! All the best to the family for such a tough loss...

from Renald
The loss of a life is truly tragic and it's sad to see one of GTZ's members go. frown

May you rest in peace Richie!

from Brigance
one of the best here. one of the first traders to really catch my attention on this site. yeah, he had issues like all of us, but i'll always remember Richie as a stand-up guy with a fantastic personality and sense of humor. hope you found rest, Richie.

from Forgotten_Freshness
I never got a chance to trade with Richie, but he will be a missed part of the community. He took things like a champ and in good fun. Hope wherever he is now he's feeling free.

from dvdfreak2005
Richie had a great attitude. I did not know him very well but I would read his postings sometimes and he always seemed to be a funny guy.
This site has alot of bashers and he did take alot of hits. But he did so with dignity and often times he would laugh right back at the jokes being made about him.
This site needs more people like Richie who dont take the internet to seriously and get angry about every little thing. People can learn from that including myself.
RIP Richie and I hope you are in a better place where you get to play all the good video games early smile

from DrizzDrizzDrizz
Honestly, I still can't believe Richie's really gone. The man was a gametz icon; love him or hate him, everyone knew Richie. Good guy, I'll miss his presence. RIP

from neogeo92
Had some good conversations with Richie in the music forms awhile back!!!! Rest in peace bro, and my prayers are with you and your family!!!!

from sk8rjason
Richie is in Rock 'N Roll Heaven with hendrix and all the greats having the time of his life. R.I.P. Richie!

from BoB
talked to richie a couple times and i can say he was one of the most open/honest people ive ever encountered.he was a "sweet" person as much as hed hate to read that, its true.

from Scavenger4
Its been said numerous times in this topic but I don't think it can be said enough, Richie couldn't have had a better attitude about all the joking he was the target of. It is a shame that his social anxiety disorder kept that attitude a secret to the world outside of the communities that he frequented online. While I never really had any direct conversation with Richie it was hard to ignore his ability to go with the flow and take the jokes for what they were. Everyone here at GTZ can certainly take away something positive from being around Richie and I can't imagine the same isn't true for everyone else who got a chance to meet Richie.

from Chef_Charley
This def. is a blow to GTZ, losing a good guy and a good trader. My heart breaks for his family, I will be sending a donation in shortly and I suggest everyone takes the time to do what they can as well! R.I.P. Richie!

from sinnie
Wow I have been away for the forums all weekend and just saw this. At first I thought it was some sort of terrible joke. I can't believe this happened. I wish the best for his family... we've lost a great trader and friend...

from Assasin417
Rest In Peace Richie. I regret not asking him where he lived in Riverside. I live here as well, and would have liked to see him, as well as any other GTZ user in person.
I along with many others didn't know him all too well, but gathering all the times he said something ridiculously funny in his eerie sense and annoying some of you to all high hell, it seems that it just was another peice to the puzzle here on the site. Hopefully he finds better sanctity where he is at now, its nothing but hell here.

from sonofwang
I dont participate in the forums much but I do read them and even a lurker like me could see how Richie was a great addition to the forums. Richie was Richie and he'll be missed by people who knew him and people who didn't.

from Staraang
Richie had been on this site almost as long as me, which is quite some time. Any time TZ loses a community member that is as active as Richie was, it's a huge loss. The forums will most definitely miss him. I don't post as often as Richie did, but I do often read the threads because they're so entertaining and Richie was a big part of that. It was apparent to anyone that Richie had a number of challenges in his personal life. And he met those challenges with openness, humor, and humility despite catching a lot of flak sometimes. I think these are qualities that all of us can learn from. All the best to you, Richie. RIP.

from thatonedude
I didn't know Richie well other than the few times we defended each others points of view here on GTZ. I tended to agree with Richie more often than not and enjoyed reading his posts.

A true loss to the GTZ community and to everyone that knew him in life.

R.I.P. Richie

I sincerely hope the grass is green and the girls are pretty now that you've been taken to the Paradise City.

from rainbowgirl
Though I read the forums quite a bit, I rarely participate in the forums but when I read about Ritchie's death, I was shocked & saddened.
I didn't know him, but my heart goes out to his family & friends. On behalf of my husband and myself - a donation has been sent and have left Kate a PM
R.I.P. Ritchie

from DefaultGen
Besides perhaps a small loan, I never traded with Richie, but felt his
presence on the forums. He was one of those people more than just a
20-something gamer looking for some deals. You could easily put a
face and almost a voice to each and every one of his posts. He added
something to the forums, and was amazingly resilient to the people
that constantly questioned or negged him whenever he needed something.
If I ever partook in that, I'm sorry Richie. A lot of us idiots on
this site could learn something from the way you handled everyone
around you with such cool.

You will be missed.


from DummyP
Richie's passing has affected me in a huge way. As many of you know, I
could never resist a joke about Richie, and he always responded in true
Richie fashion. He never cared if he was the butt of the joke, and knew
who was sayin crap for the lulz. I remember one time in the forums he
said the words "I love you, and you know it whether you admiit it or
not. My respone? "I hate you" He knows that was my way of saying(you're
right). I know he knew, but since he passed I regret not saying that.
I've been thinking a lot about him lately, and it made me realize that
my words do effect people, cause I'm realizing Richie affected mine. I
remember scrolling through general just to see if Richie said something
that I could make a witty comeback to.
I guess my point is Richie was a great dude, and in a lot of ways, we
were a lot alike. And it's made me think about my cigarette smoking, and
drinking. We never had a lot of one on one conversations, but I always
considered him a friend, and one of my favorite GTZ users. I regret I
never talked to you more, and that I never told you how cool I thought
you were.
I know Richie knew anyway, but I wish I could apologize for all my
jokes, cause that's really the only interaction I had with him.

from Admiral
Richard was one of my favorite GTZ'ers. One of the real "friends" I made here over the many years. He was genuine, honest, and good hearted. Exactly what we should all try to be. We are all better for being able to share time with him. RIP Richie... and we'll still have that shot of Jack Daniels my friend!

from rpgfan
I never had a brother, but feel like I gained a lifelong one in Richie. RIP

from oneluckybullet
You were a great person that always had a great sense of humor. You made me laugh more times than you know and I always enjoyed your posts in the forums. I hope you found peace in the afterlife as you will be greatly missed in this life.

from akira900gt
I feel honored to have been one of his many trades here on GTZ. Hope he's gaming it up in Heaven.

from Starwave27
I'm speechless when I saw "RIP Richard Winters" and thought to myself "NO WAY.... T_T" Sadden by his departure from GameTZ community and the world. I am very honored to have gotten to know him here and there in addition to have traded with him 4 times. While being a regular reader in the forums, I enjoyed his humorous posts and his dedication as a Mod to help bring the community closer together through laughter and joy. Richard will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family and love ones. R.I.P Richie.

RE: Richie, hard to believe, I was just wondering what happened to him and why he wasn't around anymore. He was a Kool Kat and he will be missed. Always sad when one of our young people passes. He was truly a good guy. Crazy man, just Crazy.

from ToadReaper
Richie was a truly unique individual. He had his share of woes like the rest of his, but carried himself with an invisible pride that most of us envied. Richie contributed much insight, humor, and empathy in his forum posts and was able to give and take jokes in total stride. He will be surely and sorely missed. A great trader, forum contributer, philosopher, artist, and friend. RIP Richie, wherever you may be I hope it's filled with people just like you so you too can see just how great a person you were.

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