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Interests: girls,Rock/Rap music...Drawing......videogames and hanging out with friends
Likes: Girls,games: RPGS,Fighters. comedy and action flicks, swimming and waterpolo
Dislikes: Bossy people, and homework


Hey, im Will,16 years old. Im a big fan of video games(RPGs,and
Fighters)MUSIC and skateboarding. Sega Genesis was my very first system, and even though some of the systems they had flopped, I still say SEGA is the BEST.Sega has been making some quality games and they are very fun. --------------------------------------------------------------------
When i make trades, i would like to be able to talk to you like a good friend, i dont want people acting as if im just another trade, i like to hang with the community.
RPG's and Fighters Rule (keep street fighter alive!)

Unlisted stuff NFT (just so you dont ask me)

Playstation: Quintuple Gold Star N64: Zelda 1
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

NFT ! ! !
Metal gear solid 2
Grand theft auto 3
SSX Tricky
Capcom Vs SNK 2

Genesis: Quintuple Gold Star
Shining Force 1&2

Will 16
sophmore at AHS

Systems i own, Psx,PS2,Dreamcast....used to own: n64,genesis,snes
Fave movies: Billy Madison,American Pie,Friday,Road Trip, Enter The Dragon
Fave bands: ,Rage Against the Machine, Millencolin,Incubus,Stone Temple Pilots.....some rap is ok too, i like the good hip hop stuff, and some stuff like jay-z, redman, ice cube.
Favorite Song(for now): Fistful of Steel by RATM
hobbies other than video games: music,Skateboarding, and drawing
Fave games:
Genesis: Kid Chameleon, Shining Force 2, Flicky, Sonic the hedgehog
Snes: Earthbound, and supermario world 2, yoshis island,Donkey Kong Country 1& 2
N64: Zelda: ocarina of time
DREAMCAST: Skies of arcadia, Capcom vs SNK, KOF DM99,Grandia 2,Jet grind radio, Powerstone, Shenmue and Crazy Taxi.
PSX:FF7,Dino Crisis, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Lunar SSSC
Playstation 2: SSX Snowboarding,Tekken Tag Tournament.

MY 2 Favorite Genres are: RPG's And Fighters

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
FAVE RPG OF ALL TIME: Earthbound.... runners up, Skies of Arcadia and Shining Force 2

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

FAVE FIGHTER SERIES OF ALL TIME: Street Fighter, runner up King Of Fighters
Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star


Some excellent traders on UGTZ

Ray Myers (rayzor)nice guy, I talk with him on AIM occasionally.i totally reccomend him.Quintuple Gold Star

Scott McDougal (ultimategamer)-Excellent trader, we worked out a great deal.The best trader on ugtz ive dealt with.Quintuple Gold Star

Peter Tsai (Vgamer)-my first trader I dealt with, he welcomed me very nicely into UGTZ

Mike Cawthon(galoot)-very friendly, will trade with anytime Triple Gold Star

Somoeun Min (Mudvayne) - nice guy, I talk to him on AIM soemtimes. an excellent ugtz trader.Triple Gold Star

Daniel Riley (capcommie) very cool guy, I agree on lots of stuff he says about the gaming world. Very cool, its always nice to chat with him, he can back up all of his stuff! Quintuple Gold Star

Daniel Lim (pluto)- very cool person, we worked out a great trade and he sent very fast. thanx!Triple Gold Star

Byron McDanold(bmcdanold) very generous person, he gave me kid chameleon for free!! very nice traderQuintuple Gold Star

stephen epting(Guru) hes a friend of mine, he is very cool and we both like rpgs alot. check his page, he updates it often.Quintuple Gold Star

Nirvy- Great guy, always cool to talk to.Quintuple Gold Star

Illcasta- Great guy as well, has some rad skills on a tech deck.Quadruple Gold Star

JdHughes- another one of my friends i introduced to this site, always fun to talk to.Quintuple Gold Star

Tigerkitten(melissa van wormer)- very cool trader!!!!! she wrote me a nice little note about the games, outstanding courtesy!kool trader and a good friendQuintuple Gold Star

OldLady- nicest person on ugtz, says hi to me all the time Quintuple Gold Star
Now here are some of my fave characters from my fave rpgs and fighting games:

Fighters--Im a big fan of Fighters just as much as RPGS, here are my fave fighter characters:

Street Fighter 2(and other Sf's): Ken,Guile,BlankaGold StarReview-My all time Fave Fighter, first fighting game i ever played, and i just loved it, when i was little i used to yell hadoken all the time smile

Dead Or Alive 2: Ein,Zack, Jan-LeeGold StarReview-A magnificent fighter with great martial arts moves, they really captured the moves well.

Mortal Kombat: Scorppion,Sub-Zero,GoroGold StarReview- how can i forget this game "finish him!" Uppercutting victims in the pit, always a crowd pleaser.

Mortal Kombat 2: Kitana,Reptile,BarakaGold StarReview-Gave more of what the all time hit MK produced with some awesome characters.

King Of Fighters DM 1999: Ryuji Yamazaki,Chin Gensai,Terry Bogard,Ralf,Joe Higashi and KingGold StarReview-Great fighting game, with lots of characters and they dont all suck, very fun to beat the snot out ouf people with yamazaki and chin gensai. I also love this game cause using advanced characters really gives you experience in other fighting games.

Capcom Vs. SNK: Yamazaki,Kyo,Ryu,Sagat,ViceGold StarReview- Clashes between capcom and SNK, a great game, it was really cool to face different characters since SNK and capcom fighters are almost exactly alike.

Soul Calibur: Taki,Seung-Mina,MitsurugiGold StarReview- This is by far the best weapon fighter in fighting games, with great detail and brilliant fighting system, this game is awesome.

Tekken Tag Tournament: Brian Fury,Lei Wulong--my best teamGold StarReview-I hated this game at first but then i realized its not so bad, very challenging game and i love challenging games.
Now my Fave RPG Characters are:

EarthBound: Ness,Apple Kid,Pokey,JeffGold StarReview- my first fave RPG with a modern setting, and awesome personalities and characters, this game was a very memorable game to me.*Memorable moment: Beating the snot outta Onett's local ruffians the Sharks and the best one was escaping the boarding school*

Shining Force: Max, thats all i remember hehGold StarReview- cool rpg, started the actual SF series,this is after Shining in the Darkness i think smile*memorable moment:defeating the evil circus enemies*

Shining Force 2: Bowie, Slade , Luke, Gerhalt, and gehspGold StarReview-Awesome game, with such cool character portraits and an awesome strategy battle system, one of my all time faves.*memorable moment:sailing on teh ship to a new island, and fighting the Kracken*

Super Mario RPG: Geno, mallow, and that lady with the big parrotGold StarReview- game is ok, graphix were very nice. i always thought this game had great magic factors.*memorable moment: hiding behind the curtains from booster*

Crono Trigger: Crono,LuccaGold StarReview- What can i say? a true classic.*memorable moment: the fair*

Skies Of Arcadia: Vyse, Gilder, Pinta,and BrabhamGold StarReview-Great RPG with such cool characters and heroic decisions made by Vyse, very enjoyable game!*Memorable moment: Being stranded and vyse doing evderything he could to get off that island*

Grandia: Justin, Sue,Rem,Feena captainsGold StarReview-Cool game,very adventurous,love the charaters love the anime in this!*memorable moment* disconnecting the train to get away from the garlyle forces

Grandia 2: Ryudo,Skye,Vyxx,Roan,MaregGold StarReview- Awesome game, Great battle system and Ryudo has the coolest personality.*memorable moment: the mysterious girl at Mirumu, and when they had to go into her mind*

Final Fantasy 7: Cloud,Tifa,Cid,RedXVIIIGold StarReview-A masterpiece, i enjoyed this game so much,a real turning point for SquareSoft.*memorable moment: thinking about how that sucked when aeris died while the map music is playing*

Lunar: SILVER STARY STORY: Kyle, Nall,Jessica,Ramus,alex Gold StarReview-
even though this game has some old rpg elements (as some people say) i think this is a great rpg, a true classic, it really brought back the real meaning of a good rpg, plus i liked it because of how great some of the medieval style music was like the song"in the darkness". *memorable moment* Watching Kyle act drunk off his butt, and also, when you meet Laike.

Anyone who tricks me, im filing for mail fraud