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6 year plaque received today! Amazing. Six whole years ago, I joined
the revolution that was GameTZ. Perhaps a piece on my fondest
memories here to be put up soon on my site.


WOW it's been forever since I updated. I've been on a SNES/SFC run
the past year... so much so I made my own homepage, check it out for
some great info!

It's basically going to reflect me and my passion for this great hobby.
I have so many reviews, impressions, memories, etc. to share, and
they're not always gaming-related, though yes, the bulk is related to
SNES and Sega Saturn

Hope you enjoy the site.

As for GameTZ, I don't check in much these days. Probably once every 2
and a half months. I've pretty much got all I wanted, game-wise. But man,
in a few months I'd have been here SIX years. My word. Talk about a trip.
(edit 3/21/07... yup, 6 years official now!)

6 years ago, when I signed up, I was in the final months of my senior year
in high school. I just began to get diehard into all things Sega Saturn, and
college was on the horizon, yada yada. It was very exciting times to say
the least.

I was working at Blockbuster with my good friend, the high school slut, haha...
ahhh good times. 5 free rentals a week!!! But I'm digressing.

6 years later, as I type this, I've graduated from college. In 2 weeks I begin
Grad School. I no longer love the Saturn like I once did. Now my passion
is all SNES/SFC. But I'll never forget the memories the Saturn gave me.

All in all, it's been quite a ride. The SNES is my last gaming stand, the last
HURRAH so to speak. I know this to be fact.

I'm 23 now, going on 24 come July. I'm not a kid any more. I still love games,
but this is going to be a critical semester for me. Time to get my head screwed
on tighter, and look to my real life ambitions.

But, I'll always remember these days with a great fondness.

May you all be happy and have a great 2007.
Peace out,

WOW! Yesterday I received an email saying it was FOUR years ago to the
day that I became a member here on GameTZ. Man oh man. Four years
later I have met and interact with some of the coolest, friendliest and grooviest
(haha that is not even a word) video gamers I've ever been lucky enough to
meet on the internet. Almost 50 trades later, I can honestly say this website is
very important to my game collection. SO MANY games I got here that I didn't
have to resort to eBay for. For all of you who have dealt with me, thanks.
Maybe this site isn't QUITE AS awesome as it was four, three years ago, but
hey, it's still pretty darn cool. Here's to five years!

Wow... has a year really flown by that fast? Has FIVE years really zipped on by just
like that? *snaps fingers* Amazing. Well what can I say... although I am not as
active on GameTZ these days, it's been a great five years. When I came here
back in March 2001, this place was a hotbed for trades. I'm not about to get ALL
wishy-washy "let me tell you about the good ole days" spiel but I will say this: lotsa
good memories here. And just when I think I'm done with it all -- I come back.

Believe it or not, I am currently out of the Saturn scene. Not just collecting, but playing.
In general my heart's not in it any more. Saturn's just not the same any more. I lost
that awe about it. In fact I now think many of its games are overrated.

I am now knee-deep BACK into the best gaming system of all time -- the Super Nintendo.
Got back into it 1/17/06 and haven't looked back. Also repurchased a Genesis but
the SNES is WHERE ITS AT! Anyway, so that's where I am now. One day after I play
all these damn SNES games I will do a top 25 list much in the vain of my top 25 Saturn
list here below. I always thought Saturn would be my #1 love... boy life is funny sometimes...

BTW, no I'm not giving up on Saturn altogether. I did sell over 100 titles I no longer
played/needed. My Saturn collection has gone from 340 to now... 220. The passion
is currently tucked away but I know one day I shall return... not as strong as my 2001-2005
"honeymoon" years with Saturn but hey -- thats not a bad honeymoon!

Hey there! Welcome to my Bio page. I hope you find something that intrigues you and perhaps
we can wheel and deal.

Feel free to email me any reasonable questions you might have.

Some stuff about me if you're interested in case you do deal with me. smile
I grew up on gaming, ever since the late 80s with the good ole Nintendo. The NES simply ruled
its day. Almost everyone has fond memories of Mario but for me, it was all about Contra. That was
probably the one game that hooked me forever as a gaming fan. smile

Then I got into the Genesis when it came out. I remember watching my friend Denny playing Altered
Beast in 1989, it was an amazing experience to me, about six years old at the time. "RISE FROM
YOUR GRAVE!" And who could forget the likes of Sonic? Streets of Rage? Toe Jam & Earl?
Thunder Force III? The Genesis has a special place in my heart. I still remember those carefree,
innocent days when my best friend Nelson would bike to my house hauling his bulky Genesis along
for some Saturday morning play which sometimes led to evening play. Great times they were.
Things seemed so simple back then, know what I mean?

SNES days were good to me as well. My first experience was either F-Zero or Final Fight. Whoa.
Ooooh. Ahhhh.

Hey, remember Street Fighter II? WOW. What an era that proved to be. And how about the sensation
DooM caused? wink

My all-time favorite video game franchise is, believe it or not, ADK's World Heroes. It was a 2D fighter
that came out in '92 and had 3 sequels. I grew up with them; me and my best friend did. While not the
best gameplay in the world, there's just something about them that I never grow old of.

My favorite console system thus far remains the SEGA Saturn. So many great gaming memories
with it, even more than Super NES or NES or Genesis.
Below are my top 25 favorite Saturn games, starting with #25 and counting down. How do I define
"favorite?" A game I enjoy playing and can gladly pick up and play at almost any given time.
Below may be review(s) if you're further interested.
Note. Most of the GameFAQS reviews listed are done by me.

Last updated: 8/19/05

25. Elevator Action Returns
Honestly I never really liked the original Elevator Action. But this arcade blood mayhem is just what the
doctor ordered. Although I've recently come down to earth with it (I once ranked it 7th and scored it a 9.5),
this is still an enjoyable classic romp of the run and gun variety. They just don't make games like this
anymore. My review below is very extensive and ALL you need to know about this wonderful game.
Best Memory: Seeing for the first time ever an enemy being unmercifully crushed by an elevator. A
most refined technique I like to call.... PRAYING MANTIS SHAOLIN TOKYO DEATH CRUSH


24. Street Fighter Collection
Three classic Street Fighter games. These are some of the sweetest fighting games I'll ever play.
(Super SF II, Super SF II Turbo, SF Alpha 2 Gold). You can almost feel the 1990's creeping back into your
living room!
Best Memory: Reliving the good ole days! Where innocence was abundant and there were such
things as arcades costing only a quarter to play! Seeing and hearing the ole sweet sights and sounds
again! From Ryu's classic rooftop stage (with the crescent moon casually rolling by in the sky) to
Blanka's Brazalian outpost! Plus Alpha 2 Gold just flat out rocks..


23. Dracula X
AKA Castlevania: SotN. I know I know, a lot of people hate on this game saying it could have been so
much better or that it could have been the be all end all Castlevania game EVER. Yadda yadda. When
it comes down to it, I love this game, flaws and all. And even with the flaws, I don't think they're THAT
big of a pain anyways. This is good Castlevania action with 3 selectable characters and it still plays
great! Some say the graphics took a hit, and admittedly in some areas it's clear that is so, but I'm
no graphic whore, fun and playability is where it's at and Dracula X is bursting with that! BTW, the
Japanese is a bit of a bother, but for me adds to the feeling of accomplishment with the game. I know
one thing, it sure beats poor English dubbing! wink
Best Memory: Seeing the first stage for the first time, with the big (but not so bad) wolf guarding the


22. NHL All-Star Hockey '98
Or NASH '98 as I dearingly refer to it, this game is, obviously, about hockey (bet cha ya didn't see that
one coming!) Just an ace game and well done. The graphics are good for its time, still acceptable
today I think, and the fun is still there. I'm not a hockey fan at all, but this is one hockey video game I
can always play again and again. Now that's all the proof I need that this is one great game. Every
NHL team is included, over 650 players, including Olympic teams and there are fights, yes. Well done!
Best Memory: Beating my brother in an EPIC game that went into the EIGHTH OVERTIME FRAME!!! A
sweet one-timer for the game winning goal!!! I dubbed this appropriately "THE GAME" smile


21. Chibi Maruko Chan no Taisen Pazurudama
Longest title in the Saturn library? Wouldn't be a bad guess! What a mouthful indeed... but I'll just call it
Chibi. Rest assured what we have here is yet another *gasp* great Saturn puzzle game. Once again
colorful, competitive, charming and addicting. Extremely kawaii (Japanese for cute). This game seems
quite uncommon but is worth hunting down. Different characters with different attack patterns... touch 3 like
colored blocks together to disappear... more good stuff. A must for the puzzle fan!
Best Memory: Seeing the game's bizarre but very atmospheric ending for the first time. Also, finally
getting this game after a long 2 year search and it was every bit worth it.


20. Norse By Norsewest: Return of the Lost Vikings
Hmm, is that longer than Chibi? *scratches head* Naaaw... but anyway here is a real great underrated
domestic game for the Saturn. As my friend puts it, and I think it describes this game well, "A great game
for anyone who gives it the time of day." I really enjoy this game and am STILL stuck on the 4th to last
level to this day. 31 levels, 5 different playable characters, great sound, great brainteasers... just a well
put together game. Bravo, Interplay! And remember now, as the back of the box endearingly puts its...
Best Memory: "OH! SO NOW I GET IT!! HA!" (must have said this at least 10 times)

19. Soukyugurentai
Ahhh, what a great shooter. Many people like Radiant Silvergun and it's easy to see why, but I much
rather play Souky given the choice. Intense shooting action! Game has a great dark steely atmosphere, it
feels like you're on a desperate mission to save Mother Earth against an evil empire.
Best Memory: Getting to the last boss (not an easy feat!) for the first time

18. Battle Garegga
Raizing had a hit with Souky, here is another big splash! BG is every bit as intense as Souky, if not more.
While Souky had sort of a futuristic feel to it, Battle Garegga has the classic military style look. Shooter fans
must own this game!
Best Memory: Getting this game for free from a dear friend

17. Metal Slug
Man, what a game. What can I say about this one... it's the closest you'll get to NES Contra on Saturn,
and some folks even feel it's better! I dunno about better, but equally as good? Hell yeah. This game has
some slowdown but it's forgiveable. Things on screen explode, shatter, bleed, crumble, etc. It's awesome
old school 2D fun done the right way.
Best Memory: I never thought I would own this game but in a trade here made it possible. Popping
this bad boy in for the first time at 6 AM, mere hours before school was going to start and just being
blown away at the 2D love poured into this baby... WOW


16. Worms
This game rocks. It's very simple... very basic... but hard to master and no two matches are alike! Man
I can't count the # of times I've had classic wars with my brother on this game. I remember I won an auction
of this game on 4th of July, 2001. I had to go see fireworks so I couldn't snipe, I put a bid in with 5 hours to
go hoping I'd win. When I got home I won and was so happy. Then I played this game and then THE
REAL FIREWORKS began. You can destroy anything in this game, it's fan-freaking-tastic! The landscapes
are all randomly generated and you could play 1000 times and probably never end up on the same
playing field TWICE! It's insane. Plus, if you like one landscape, copy the 10 digit code and punch it in
so you can play there again any time you like! Talk about cool. Sure there have been sequels and
upgrades over the years but this is the original classic that started it all, damnit! raspberry Worms -- one of
the most underrated games on Saturn, period.
Best Memory: Engaging in an intense battle with my bro to the very end... my last worm had 1% health
left. Bro miscalculated the wind factor, and then I nailed his last worm with a grenade dead on for the win!


15. Space Harrier/OutRun
Both games are featured on the domestic release "Sega Ages." Or both can be had individually via the
import market. Either way you'll be getting two classics; two games that surged through the 80s and
coming alive again in your very own living room. Space Harrier -- some of those enemies have burned
their images into my retina! OutRun -- this is what gaming is all about. Good times down the old a-callin' road
in a cool car with a hot chick by your side. Crank up those tunes... and let the good times roll. wink
Best Memory:
OutRun: Hearing that Splash Wave tune again and riding down the windy courses set against an orange
backdrop, ahhhhh
Space Harrier: Receiving the Saturn import version as a Birthday present from an old friend back in the
summer of '02... playing it and going "whoa!" every 2 seconds. Good stuff, good stuff...

9.0/10 each

14. Tetris S
Ahhh, Tetris. Classic Tetris on my Saturn. Unlike Tetris Plus which was an insult to the proud name,
Tetris S is a VERY competent version that includes the classic standalone mode, CPU VS. and
2P VS. Everything you'll ever need to play... is here. I also like that semi-super deformed monkey
they threw in there. I first saw this game on eBay in late 2001 and I was like "Huh? That's not the crappy
Tetris Plus..." so I searched for another copy and finally got it in 2002. I played it and was delightfully
surprised that it was a great version of Tetris!! Whenever I'm sick of the latest 3D graphics in games or the
30 minute cinema scenes, Tetris is always there waiting. smile
Best Memory: This game was probably the first game that got me all interested in buying the lesser
known Saturn games, for they may turn out to be true hidden gems, which this one certainly is.


13. Coin Puzzle Moujiya
My 2nd favorite puzzler on the Saturn.... the puzzle genre IMHO is the most underrated genre on Saturn
and it's home to some of the best unknown Saturn gems ever. CPM is a lot like Money Exchanger from
Neo Geo fame. I could say more about it here but everything you need to know is covered in my link. Just
a very charming puzzler and very addictive. It'll eat hours from your life.
Best Memory: Doing a 7 chain for the first time. My God. What a thing of beauty. Also, discovering
this game existed.


12. Pandemonium!
Awesome platforming action. Possibly the best platformer on the Saturn; definitely top 5 for any
region. I love this game and its atmosphere: 22 levels of whimsical and magical fun. Everything
you need to know in my review below. Awesome game. Breath taking camera angles but *gasp*
are actually also functional and practical! Cool characters, great graphics/sound... this game has it
Best Memory: Playing through all 22 levels and loving every second of it back during the summer
of 2003.


11. Fighter's History Dynamite
This is "Guilty Pleasure City" to the max wink Man, I love the FH games! The first one came out during
the Golden 2D Fighter Era. It was one of my absolute favorite gaming times... those oh-so-sweet
1992-1994 years where 2D fighters raged the machine; Street Fighter II goodness, SNK, even Konami,
and of course, Data East's Fighter's History! The sequel is very good and if you're into this mid-90s
old skool feel kind of fighters, this is right up your alley. This was the 2nd Saturn game I ever purchased,
and I remember receiving it on 4th of July, 1999.... exactly 2 years after its Saturn release. For 2 years
all I played was this game and World Heroes Perfect; my other Saturn import. Ahhhh, my best friend
Nelson and I used to stay up nights playing the original FH. Good times... God Bless those days....
Best Memory: Getting this game in the mail on 4th of July 1999. Finding out that this 1994 game made
it to the Saturn. Playing on Mizoguchi's stage for the first time... ahhhh


10. Tennis Arena
Ahhh, the best tennis game by far on Saturn. "Tennis with Attitude"... sorta. All you need
to know is this is good stuff! Read my review for all the info you need.
Best Memory: Finally getting it and having a ball with it, figuratively and literally

09. Keriotosse!
In the land of the rising Saturn, there are many great games. Some possess raw processing power,
others are more simplistic and basic. There are the worldwide known hits like Guardian Heroes
and Radiant Silvergun, but then in the dark corner under the closet lies a set of numerous Saturn
games that can be classified as "obscure gems." KERIOTOSSE! is such an example. Ever played
Poy Poy on PSX? This is like that. 3D game that pits four players in 1 of 8 arenas... and the last one
staying on the playing field wins! First one to 3 victories wins that stage and so forth. There are 21
characters to choose from and each one is very unique with their special attack. Awesome.
Best Memory: Getting this game playing it and finding out it was not only a keeper but a top 10 favorite.
Also seeing the huge polygonal dragon end boss for the 1st time.


08. Saturn Bomberman Fight!!
Ahhh, this is the perfect compliment to the almighty Saturn Bomberman. When you get tired of playing
the best 2D Bomberman title ever, pick up this 3D chaotic-filled title! It has new gameplay techniques but
retains the classic 2D Bomberman feel. There's now an energy bar and bombs can even explode from
up above. 2 story stages, mega bombs, jump button, etc. There's more than enough new here to
warrant buying even if you already have Saturn Bomberman. Trust me, you will not regret it. Especially
at its great price of $25 or under, there's no excuse not to own this very underrated 4 player blast.
Best Memory: Seeing the ULTIMATE BOMB for the first time. YOWZERS!!

07. Hattrick Hero S
Man, another top quality sports title that screams ARCADE FUN AND CHAOS! I love this
game... it completely caught me off guard that this $2.99 game would provide me with
so much joy and entertainment that a lot of the Saturn $50+ purchases fail to match. God
Bless you Taito for your classic games and I'll light a candle for you boys! See the link...
pics and an in-depth review of my personal experience with Hattrick Hero S! Weird
name, awesome game!
Best Memory: Finally beating the Tournament mode after several tries... eat my dust
MAX team! Also, seeing the female streaker for the first time and just having a hoot with
the whole thing... man I love this game


06. Fire Pro Wrestling: Six Men Scramble
Definitely I credit this title for being the number one reason why I got a Saturn in the first place. If it weren't
for my brother's immense desire to own this game in late '98, I wouldn't be here right now talking about all
these great games. On the gameplay itself, it's fantastic. The replay value is endless and Human has
created quite a monster in the Fire Pro games, a franchise that finds itself supported by a legion of diehard
fans. The Saturn version isn't the best Fire Pro around, but it's still damn near perfect.
Best Memory: Playing a 6 man Battle Royale for the 1st time and trying to CRITICAL everyone... before
they Critical'ed me!


05. Slam N Jam 96
A 2D sprite fast-paced, fun-filled 5-on-5 basketball game. Very overlooked in my opinion. I just love this
game. It's fun it's fast it's exciting. If you like basketball and have a buddy who feels the same, gear up
for some thrilling roundball action. SNJ 96 is the best basketball game on the Sega Saturn, no doubt.
This game is arcade-style at its best; think "Run N Gun" fun. You know the programmers also had fun
making this game: slam dunk "just right" with your center and the glass backboard will shatter into
a million pieces -- a thing of beauty!
Best Memory: All the classic battles with The All Star Team and my bro. Seeing the glass backboard
shatter for the first time, and watching the replay over and over again....


04. Street Fighter Zero 3
You can say I'm quite a Street Fighter fan, yes. This is A+ quality from the fine folks at Capcom, and we
must thank the 4 meg RAM cart. It seems like almost everybody who was ever anybody in the Street
Fighter universe, is back. Blanka returns. As does Fei Long, Cammy, Vega, Guile, etc. I mean, Blanka
and Guile! It doesn't get much better than that.
Best Memory: Playing this baby for the first time on an innocent crisp Saturday morning in 2001 and
feeling absolutely floored. I swear -- I started looking for the coin slot!


03. World Heroes Perfect
One big reason why I decided to invest in a Saturn in the late 90's. It's not perfect but in my book it's darn
close. Underrated and under appreciated. If you ever witnessed Rasputin's unforgettable and
controversial HERO-Desperation move, "The Secret Garden", well then... there's a very special
place in Heaven for you my friend. I wish World Heroes 3 will come out, but oh well. The franchise ends
with the best game in the series, bar none.
Best Memory: Finding info about this game and taking action to make sure I owned it... bought it
BEFORE I bought a Saturn! Playing it for the first time... remembered being just... you knew it was
one of those moments in life ya never forget...


02. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Like many other Saturn puzzlers, this game is competitive, addictive and charming. Few games possess
that special charm. Puzzle Fighter has it in spades. The kind of game that reminds you what video games
are all about. It will bring out the cutthroat-ness in quiet, innocent girls. It will bring out the worst in people
who are competitive. Also, girls dig Puzzle Fighter. I don't know how or why, but they love it. They just do.
In other words, this is a very special game indeed. wink
Best Memory: Playing this baby all night and morning long with my California cousins, Texas cousins
and their Canada cousins. Winner plays on. Loser passes controllers. 8 players, 3 guys 5 females. Great
stuff. Also, waking up at 7 AM because I heard from the other room "GOMEN NE?"


01. Saturn Bomberman
This sweet game has a simple yet timeless concept. From the Super NES days to the Saturn times,
Bomberman is truly a fine multiplayer affair. If you have a multitap adaptor, at least 4 controllers and 3
friends over, there's no reason to leave the house. Damn good times... smile
Best Memory: Playing this game multiplayer with friends and cousins. Good times, man... good times.
Also, the guy who traded me this game back in 2001, he also threw in a free multitap. Never will forget


There ya go! My top 25. I love these games. wink


Trade Status Central


For all you Saturn fans, check out that thread to see SEGA Saturn Magazine's
TOP 50 Saturn games. I created that thread and it's the best I have ever produced.
I hope you enjoy. grin


As a video game magazine lover, I used to worship the older EGMs and
GameFans, but since I've found the TRUE gem of video game magazines
(in my humble opinion) I've never looked back. In fact, after reading those
bad boys nothing else comes close!
What am I talking about?


These UK-based treasures are absolutely delightful.

The day I got home and saw the big box sitting on my front step, I did a double take in
awe. Then when I opened the box, I was floored by its majesty. It was like opening a
treasure chest -- glimming with prizes!

Each issue is 100 pages long, in full color, written with enthusiasm and beautifully
laid-out pictures. As my friend says, "the passion of a fanzine but the production
values of a full-blown magazine."

It marks the "holy grail" of my Saturn collection, easily.

here's some more details on SSM for those who would like to know more:

-They're incredibly huge! Currently, an EGM issue measured 7 3/4 inches by 10 1/2 inches.
SSM measures at a whopping 9 inches by 11 3/4 inches!
These mags are HUGE. Page-wise, each clocks in at 100 pages.
And yes, they're NOT staple-bound.

-Your standard news section, Letters, a showcase section (6 or so pages devoted
to game on cover plus showcases/previews of upcoming games), a sweet Review
system (each game gets 2 whole pages devoted! That's passion... sometimes four!)
and a bloody useful tip section. i.e. they list all the moves for the Darkstalkers in Night Warriors.

-And lastly, here's some comments pulled from a buddy of mine living overseas in regards to
SSM legacy:


The "King" so to speak for Saturn reviews and coverage would definitely be Sega Saturn
Magazine. Although they sometimes got a bit too carried away, they wrote with passion and
enthusiasm and did more than anyone else to keep the Saturn alive in the UK. Their reviews
were always written by gamers and for gamers. Their features and interviews etc. were always
worth reading and beautifully laid out.

More importantly, you only need to look at the screen-shots to see how much they played the
games and also to realize that just about every screen-shot added to the review rather than just
being some arbitrary grabs. They also managed to produce a top quality magazine every
month despite the worsening Saturn situation in Europe and never resorted to cheap filler
articles, etc. One month they even produced a mag without a single PAL review.

SSM was an emotional roller-coaster ride. You felt like someone was fighting the Saturn corner
with you. You felt like you knew the writers and that they knew you. It had excellent features as I
said. Excellent reviews (although sometimes a little too blinded by anti-PlayStation sentiment
but, finally, the other way around for a change!)

The magazine kept the true believers going through some of Sega's darkest days. Few things
in my gaming experiences can compare with the feeling (when everyone believed that Issue
no. 36 was the last ever issue) of seeing Issue no. 37 sitting proudly on the shelves in WHSmiths
and doing a double take in disbelief. It's a great last issue too, a proper farewell issue from the writers.

The last page is a picture of Sega Rally with the caption "Game Over Yeah!" at the top and then
the bottom half is Dreamcast with "But the Dream continues."

SSM evoked an emotional response from readers and I even knew people who didn't have Saturns
and weren't even particularly Sega fans, who bought SSM just to read for enjoyment. High praise indeed.


Hehe, good stuff. smile
Damn, what a true collector's item. And no, they just don't sit here idly by. I truly enjoy reading
through them and referring back to their previews/showcases/reviews of Saturn games I just
bought.... i.e. Shining Force III. What a luxury... what a sweet thing to own if you're into that whole
archive thing, which I certainly am.

How did I find out about SSM? Don't recall really. But I guess I heard it mentioned some time
in 2001, and since then I've searched and searched. More than 2 years later, I got discouraged
and was ready to quit when a buddy made a topic about doing review scans. It reignited my
flame so to speak and I got on eBay only to find a huge lot ending in 4 days. I sniped it and
lucky me, I knew the seller through a game message board and even luckier, the magazines
are in MINT condition. No smoke smells, no nothing. Like they were just bought brand-new
the day before.

Sorry, I'll stop now. Didn't mean to get you envious or anything. Obviously there is more to life
but yes, Saturn is a hobby of mine... and this is not only the cherry atop the cake, but possibly a
good portion of the cake itself.


Some non video games related stuff about me. I like baseball and I love basketball. I watch and
play basketball passionately. My favorite NBA team is the Golden State Warriors.

As for playing basketball, that's a productive use of my time. It is my form of exercise and my form of
expression. I love to go practice in the gym by myself. I never lose sight of why I play... and that's for
fun and to better myself. I'm not a bad player, nor an excellent player. I'm above average and I just
play my best and look to improve in any way physical or mental.
Basketball is a great game, and if you are reading this I hope you will go out sometime to shoot some
hoops with a child-like imagination. Practicing by yourself is fun, and 5-on-5 is fun too. Remember,
wherever there is a hoop, there are dreams. wink

Rest in Peace, John Ritter. You were one of my very favorites. Thanks for the laughs.

I'm a senior in college. Much better than High School. My first experience in the US Work Force
was back on Thanksgiving of 2000. A local Blockbuster had just opened and I worked at BB for a
good 9 months. My favorite Holidays are: New Year's, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas.
Alright, enough about me... on to the rules.... =


These rules are very simple and standard. I stand firmly by them.

-If you have more positive feedback then me, I send first.
-If I have more positive feedback then you, you send first.
-If we have the same amount of positive feedback, whoever contacts initially sends first.

I send most of my games in a Priority box (they are free) with delivery confirmation. I only send first
class when its a CD jewel case because let's face it, they can arrive just as safely, and you save a
couple bucks. I only send priority mail for PS2 or Saturn type cases. I package all my games with
bubble wrap to make sure it will arrive as safely as possible. If you are trading with me, I expect you
to do the same too. If you can't, don't bother.

Also, when we complete a deal, I expect both of us to post each other the appropiate feedback. That's
common sense, but unfortunately something I have to reemphasize.

I'm a generous and mild mannered person. Still, I get fed up with people who lie and/or cheat.

If we agree on a trade, I expect some standard procedures.

For example, if we're exchanging games... PLAY THE GAME BEFORE SENDING TO MAKE SURE

You can be sure I'll do that as well. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks for reading and God Bless,