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cool smile Hello...
I have many games for trade and/or sale. Some are giftable via GamersGate & GOG. Others are serial numbers for either Steam or Desura. I have 'multiple' copies/serials for many of them too!!!
I also have physical disks of 'used games' that I may be interested in trading/selling. I just don't have the time to list them all right now.
I have Game Trading Zone, GOG, GamersGate, Steam and Desura profiles of which I go by the same username, echelonone.
If you are interested in something, message me via either the Game Trading Zone, GamersGate or Steam.
I am willing to work out trades, package deals, and/or sales far cheaper than you could get anywhere else.
Thank you for looking and have a great day, EchelonOne smile

Steam & Desura Versions (Either a 'free' Steam or Desura account/client is required to install/play):

1953 KGB Unleashed: (Steam)
99 Levels to Hell: (Desura)
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Abducted: (Steam)
Aeon Command: (Desura)
Afterfall Insanity: (Steam)
Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition: (Steam)
Alien Breed Trilogy: (Steam)
Alien Hallway: (Steam)
Alien Shooter: (Steam)
Alien Shooter 2 Conscription: (Steam)
Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded: (Steam)
Alien Spidy +Rock and a Hard Place/Easy Breezy DLCs: (Steam)
Alpha Runner: (Steam)
Always Remember Me: (Desura)
Anomaly Warzone Earth: (Steam)
APB Reloaded - Free to Play+Stackable Premium Pack: (Steam)
15 days Premium membership + 10 day leases on ATAC 424 'Bodyguard'(Assault Rifle)/N-HVR 243 Scout PR2(Sniper Rifle)/OCA-626 'Whisper' PR2(SMG)/Colby CSG-20 PR2(Shotgun)
Arcane Worlds: (Desura)
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda: (Steam)
Bad Hotel: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Banzai Pecan - Last Hope for the Young Century: (Desura)
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Batman Arkham City GOTY: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Battlepaths: (Desura)
Burgers: (Steam)
Chronicles of a Dark Lord - Ep. 1 Tides of Fate Complete: (Steam)
Cities in Motion 2: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Cognition 1 & 2: (Steam/Desura)
Commander Conquest of the Americas Gold: (Steam)
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines: (Steam)
Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty: (Steam)
Commandos 2 Men of Courage: (Steam)
Commandos 3 Destination Berlin: (Steam): (Steam)
Company of Heroes Complete Edition
Coniclysm: (Steam)
Cooking Academy Fire and Knives: (Steam)
Crow: (Steam)
Cubetractor: (Steam)
DARK: (Steam)
Dark Sector: (Steam)
Dead Horde: (Steam)
Dead Hungry Diner: (Steam & Desura)
Dear Esther: (Steam)
DeCalc: (Desura)
Defenders of Ardania: (Steam)
Defenders of the Last Colony: (Desura)
Defense Grid 2 - Double-Take Designer's Cut DLC: (Steam)
Demigod: (Steam)
Dodge: (Steam)
Dollar Dash +More Ways to Win/Robber's Tool-Kit/Winter Pack DLCs: (Steam)
Driftmoon: (Steam)
Dungeons Steam Special Edition: (Steam)
Dwarf Quest: (Desura)
Dysfunctional Systems Learning to Manage Chaos: (Steam)
Eets Munchies: (Steam)
Elements - Soul of Fire: (Steam)
Epigenesis: (Steam)
Eschalon - Book I: (Steam)
Europa Universalis III Chronicles Collection: (Steam)
Famaze: (Steam)
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin: (Steam) 3copies Needs to be gifted via
F.E.A.R. 3: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Fortix: (Steam)
Frederic Resurrection of Music: (Steam) Needs to be gifted via
Friendship Club: (Register at
Future Wars: (Steam)
Garry's Mod: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Garshasp Temple of the Dragon: (Steam)
Gemini Rue: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition: (Steam)
Greed Black Border: (Steam)
Grotesque Tactics: (Steam)
Grotesque Tactics 2: (Steam)
GT Legends: (Steam)
GTR FIA GT Racing: (Steam)
GTR 2 FIA GT Racing: (Steam)
GTR Evolution Expansion & RACE 07: (Steam) {Note: Also listed under Race 07}
Gunman Clive: (Steam)
Hammerfight: (Steam)
Hands on Deck: (Steam)
Hero of the Kingdom: (Steam)
Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead: (Desura)
Hoard Complete Pack: (Steam)
Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising: (Steam)
Humanity Asset: (Steam)
Hyper Fighters: (Steam)
Ignite: (Steam)
Immune: (Steam)
Incognito: (Steam)
Ion Assault: (Steam)
Iron Grip: Warlord: (Steam)
Jack Lumber: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Jamestown Legend of the Lost Colony: (Steam)
Kami: (Steam)
Killing Floor +13 DLC: (Steam)
King's Bounty The Legend: (Steam)
King Arthur +DLCs, King Arthur II + Dead Legions DLC, King Arthur Fallen Champions: (Steam)
Knytt Under4ground: (Desura)
Litil Divil: (Steam)
Little Inferno: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Little Racers Street: (Steam)
MacGuffin's Curse: (Steam)
Magicka +21 DLCs: (Steam)
Magicka +2 DLCs: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Magnetic By Nature: (Steam)
Marine Sharpshooter II - Jungle Warfare: (Steam)
Mark of the Ninja: (Steam)
Men of War Assault Squad GOTY Edition +5 DLC: (Steam)
Men of War Condemned Heroes: (Steam)
Men of War: (Steam)
Men of War Red Tide: (Steam)
Men of War Vietnam: (Steam)
Men of War Vietnam Special Edition: (Steam)
Moto Racer Collection: (Steam)
Musaic Box: (Steam)
My Lands - Miner's Luck Starter Pack DLC: (Steam)
N.P.P.D. RUSH The milk of Ultraviolet: (Steam)
NeXus - One Core: (Steam)
Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi: (Steam)
Nuclear Dawn: (Steam)
Oborun: (Steam)
Ocean City Racing: (Desura)
Onikira - Demon Killer: (Steam)
Orcs Must Die! GOTY - includes Artifacts of Power & Lost Adventures: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
PAYDAY 2 - Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via and needs base game
Pid: (Steam)
Pirates of Black Cove Gold: (Steam)
Planetary Annihilation: (Steam)
Planets Under Attack: (Steam)
Playing History The Plague: (Desura)
Prime World Defenders: (Steam)
Qora: (Steam)
QuestRun: (Desura & Steam)
Rabbit Hole 3D Steam Edition: (Steam) Needs to be gifted via
RACE The WTCC Game + Caterham Expansion: (Steam)
Race Injection: (Steam) {Includes RACE 07, STCC The Game 2, Formula RaceRoom, GT Power Expansion, Retro Pack, WTCC 2010 Pack}
Race On: (Steam) {Includes RACE 07, RACE On, STCC - The Game, RACE 07 - Formula Race Room Add-On}
RACE 07 & GTR Evolution Expansion: (Steam) {Note: Also listed under GTR Evolution}
Racer 8: (Steam)
RADical ROACH Deluxe Edition: (Steam)
Raiden Legacy The Return: (Desura)
Real Warfare 1242: (Steam)
Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades: (Steam)
Really Big Sky: (Steam)
Red Faction: (Steam)
Red Faction II: (Steam)
Red Faction Armageddon: (Steam)
Red Faction Armageddon Path To War DLC: (Steam)
Red Faction Guerrilla: (Steam)
Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45: (Steam)
Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stelingrad GOTY Edition: (Steam)
Restaurant Empire II: (Steam)
Retro/Grade: (Steam)
Road so Far: (Desura)
Rooks Keep: (Steam)
Saira: (Steam)
Sanctum: (Steam)
Sanctum + 2 map packs & soundtrack: (Steam) 2copies Needs to be gifted via
Scribblenauts Unlimited: (Steam) 3copies Needs to be gifted via
Secret of the Magic Crystals: (Steam) Needs to be gifted via
Secret of the Magic Crystals - The Race: (Steam) Needs to be gifted via
Septerra Core Legacy of the Creator: (Steam)
Shattered Horizon: (Steam)
Silence of the Sleep: (Steam)
Sine Mora: (Steam)
SkyDrift: (Steam)
Solar 2: (Steam) Needs to be gifted via
SpaceChem: (Steam)
SpaceChem 63 Corvi DLC: (Steam)
Space Pirates and Zombies: (Steam)
Sparkle 2: (Steam)
Squarelands: (Steam)
Star Ruler: (Steam)
Star Wolves 2: (Steam)
Star Wolves 3 Civil War: (Steam)
Starion Tactics: (Steam)
Starlaxis Supernova Edition: (Steam)
Stealth Inc 2 - A Game of Clones: (Steam)
Steam and Metal: (Desura)
Steamalot Epoch's Journey: (Desura)
Steel & Steam - Episode 1: (Steam)
Stellar Impact: (Steam)
StuntMANIA Reloaded: (Steam)
Sword of the Stars Complete Collection: (Steam)
Sword of the Stars II Enhanced Edition: (Steam)
Terra Incognita - The Descendant: (Desura)
Theatre of War: (Steam)
Theatre of War 2 Kursk 1943 + Battle for Caen DLC: (Steam)
Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943: (Steam)
Theatre of War 2 Centauro: (Steam)
Theatre of War 3: (Steam)
The 39 Steps: (Steam)
The Bard's Tale: (Steam) Needs to be gifted via
The Culling of the Cows: (Steam)
The Detail Episode 1: (Steam)
The Joylancer - Legendary Motor Knight: (Steam)
The Lord of the Rings War in the North: (Steam) 3copies Needs to be gifted via
ThreadSpace Hyperbol: (Steam)
Titan Quest: (Steam)
Tomb Raider 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack DLC: (Steam)
Tomb Raider Shanty Town DLC: (GamersGate/Steam)
Tomb Raider Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC: (GamersGate/Steam)
Tomb Raider Anniversary: (GamersGate)
Tomb Raider Legend: (GamersGate)
Tomb Raider Underworld: (GamersGate)
Tower Wars: (Steam)
Trapped Dead: (Steam)
Trauma: (Steam)
Trine 2: Complete Story: (Steam)
TRIP - Steam Edition: (Steam)
Tropico 3 Gold: (Steam)
Twin Sector: (Steam)
Two Worlds II: (Steam)
Two Worlds II Castle Defense: (Steam)
Unstoppable Gorg: (Steam)
Uplink: (Steam)
Vessel: (Steam)
Warframe: (Free to play/Steam + 170 Platinum Currency $10.00 value)
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War - Game of the Year Edition: (Steam)
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II: (Steam)
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II Retribution: (Steam)
Warhammer 40K Space Marine
Warlock Master of the Arcane: (Steam)
X-Blades: (Steam)
Yelaxot: (Desura)
Yumsters 2 Around the World: (Steam)
Zombies: (Desura)
Zombie Shooter: (Steam)
Zombie Shooter 2: (Steam)

GOG (Requires a 'free' GOG account to download):
Dracula 4 Shadow Of The Dragon

GamersGate (Requires a 'free' GamersGate account to download, Mac only games are noted):

ArcaniA Gothic 4
Three Dead Zed Enhanced Edition (Mac)
Anomaly Warzone Earth (Mac)
AI War Light Of The Spire (Mac)
AI War The Zenith Remnant (Mac)
Blue Libra
Bobby (Mac)
Cardinal Quest (Mac)
Creeper World (Mac)
Creeper World 2 Redemption (Mac)
Dark Scavenger (Mac)
Delve Deeper Gratis Grottos
Fortix (Mac)
Fortix 2 (Mac)
Frozen Synapse (Mac)
Gothic II
Gothic II Night of the Raven
Gothic III
Gothic III Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition
Gothic 4 ArcaniA
Girl with a Heart of (Mac)
Gemini Wars (Mac)
Hacker Evolution Duality (Mac)
King's Bounty Armored Princess (Mac)
King's Bounty The Legend (Mac)
Medieval 2 Total War Collection
Osmos (Mac)
Project Black Sun (Mac)
Power Of Defense Defend Your World! (Mac)
Sentinel 3 Homeworld (Mac)
The Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet Demo
SpaceChem (Mac)
Save the World Collection
Star Wolves
Tiny and Big Grandpa's Leftovers (Mac)
Tomb Raider Shanty Town DLC (Steam)
Tomb Raider Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC (Steam)
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Underworld
Torchlight (Mac)
Telepath RPG Servants of God
Trine (Mac)
Two Worlds II Castle Defense (Mac)
Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress (Mac)
Total War SHOGUN 2
Total War SHOGUN 2 The Blood Pack
Total War SHOGUN 2 The Hattori Clan Pack
Total War SHOGUN 2 The Ikko Ikki Clan Pack
Total War SHOGUN 2 Rise of the Samurai Campaign
Total War SHOGUN 2 Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack
The Witcher Enhanced Edition Director's Cut (Mac)
World Train Royale