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Interests: your momma
Likes: simple games that are difficult to master
Dislikes: games with too many buttons. sux.

Quote: "A Week?... But I'm Mad Now" Homer Simpson

I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN COMPLETE GAMES. unless I specifically ask for different.
I am always looking for games people will think Id like though and I have a taste for off-beat stuff.

People I have traded with several times and some in depth analysis:

SNKapcom - This guy is evil. I mean little kitten evil. Seriously.
Barbapappa - One need look no further than the screen name he has chosen to understand what a sick bastard this guy is. I mean is he a pappa? A Hanna Barbera fan? Maybe he just likes Babar? We may never know - sicko.
Crewser - in Al Quaida
Lemurballs - It takes a special person to name himself after an obscure animal's testicals. Back of the short bus special that is.
Synthetic - Pretty much famous for being the worst person on this site. Others have already written everything there is to be said about this tool shed.
Giznad - I saw him knock an elderly lady into the street.
Suikoden - To be honest I get this guy confused with Synthetic all the time. Its probably due to his lack of a distinct personality.
XtalDragon - Combining a love for D&D with pop singer Aguilera = no sex forever.
jarcat - when I see this dudes name, I picture one of those cats raised in a jar that I heard about ( I mean what more can you say about a guy who glorifies animal cruelty. He displays 8 of the 12 tell tale signs of a serial killer.
Saturn_Master - He is an aussie. As such he is a criminal. Oh, you can trust him all right. Trust him to use all sorts of quaint Alligator wrastlin slang.
Janitor - Actually unemployed.
Frizzlefry22 - What? The first 21 "Frizzlefry"s were taken? freakshow.
Fyrecrow - His screen name is fine, its his real first name that indicates what a jerk he is. I mean sure it might be his parent's fault but personally I believe in unchangable destiny rather than nurture or nature.
OrochiBlood - This is the guy you know who listens to sarah mcwhatever and tori amos just to score chicks. Later in life he will probably get really desperate.
MonteCristo/Decepticon - Changed his name just so he could rerip people. Whatever you do just don't get him started talking about dairy products -- especially yogurt... Seriously I mean its cool that he prefers Yoplait, but I dont know if we really need a "dairy products" forum.
Twentymeese - He is so against porn that he named himself after that pioneer of upright law, perhaps the most macho man of all time - edwin meese.
Lino - Wait I take back everything I said before... Its totally no big deal about the Chlymiddia, just keep the rash clean and Im sure it will go away on its own.
Ziv_Zulander - The single worst human being on the site. He is the devil. No words are too strong. I think he may have been gametz user of the month.
vDub/Dyne - some people love their car. This guy does too... but in this case "love" is a verb.
John - Lacks any imagination at all... May be a robot.
Broccoli - Everyone knows that Broccoli is actually in the mustard family, that mustards are a form of musk, and that musk is the key element in sexual rage amongst elephants. He was going to go that way, but "elephantsexrage" took too long to type.
Bob - Well, his user name relates to the series of specialty porns called "Bent Over Boyfriends" so he is into pretty wierd stuff. But on the other hand I dont think there is anything wrong with a guy willing to explore his submissive side. Love see no species.
Belladonna - Just for the record he is named after the poisonous plant, not the anal porn queen... Choosing a plant over a porn chick is pretty messed up - Christ, even the lead singer of Anthrax was cooler. Anyways here is a link to his homepage which I promised to post:
animallyson - Has anyone heard about her recent bout with carpal tunnel syndrom? Hey don't knock masterbation, its sex with someone you love.
G6155Type2 - You may ask yourself "Why did this guy name himself after a bunch of random letters?" Then you go to a link like this: and then you realize you only wish they were random.
Hungrywolf - I guess this guy is trying to advertise that he is a sexual predator, but really I just picture the wolf's little tyranasaurus arms poking out of grannys frock in Little Red Riding Hood. Its also possible he is just a huge Duran Duran fan.
MMPoole8 - says she is from Olympia... but truth is closer to Tumwater ( Tumwater is birthplace to Olympia Beer, which is the only known beer to ever come in neon cans, so maybe when she says "from Olympia" she means the beer not the city. Still, Its not like I go around saying I am from Molson. Very untrustworthy. Probably due to all the beer.
Iced -I think this means he was killed by a mobster. On the other hand he lives in Canada. Alternatively maybe he means Ice D, like Ice T but less ghetto. So many options... all lame.
ThirdeYe I've asked him if this refers to the peehole in his junk, but he said it was all about the cosmic reality, the energy and connectiveness of organic matter. Whoa. Dude. Does that get you more ass? I can barely deal with ACTUAL reality.
Robdukes - In theory Rob Dukes is the front man for a crappy thrash band based on Moses and the Jews flight from Egypt. After doing some deep investigative reporting, this guy is a self-hating North Carolinian who is anti Blue Devils and wants to steal from them and their classmates. I believe "Thou shalt not steal" made the tablets, big boy. Its difficult to trust a guy who doesnt blindly follow the 10 commandments if you ask me.
Admiral - ok so he is from Pittsburg but he is a David Robinson Fan... look... fact is, he just likes seamen.
Kilter I think after after you see his name it would be natural to think he is the opposite of "offkilter". Then you notice he is a lifetime member of Then you notice he often brags in the forums about his lack of underwear.. Then you barf a little in your mouth.
You too can be on this list if we complete more than one trade. smile