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I Trade: playstation 1 or 2, xbox and 360, gamecube, dreamcast, wii, super nintendo, nes, ds, gba, gameboy/color

Favorite Links:  
my myspace
my youtube
Interests: gaming, tennis, hangin with friends, ufc
Likes: people who are nice, dogs, gamers, tennis players, chicks
Dislikes: mean people, haters, loaners

Quote: "Games are but a simulation of whats yet to come, or has been embeded in the past."


() I'll usually send first, no matter how many stars you have.
() I don't accept broken items
() If you don't reply for a week, or the item hasn't been recieved within a week, i'll most likely file a BTR
() If i give you a "good" or "fair" on one of your rates. please don't act like a baby and tell me to change it. I'll give you as many details as i can; to why i gave you that rating.
usually i give everyone E,E,E ^_^
() Please don't lie. Lieing doesnt make friends -__-

ANYWAY! Here's some stuff about me :)

[] I'm in Varsity Tennis!
[] I'm a junior in High School
[] I'm Dating the women of my life love
[] I LOVE chineese food
[] I want to move to Sunnyvale, California
[] I have a brother and a sister
[] I Own a 2006 Honda Civic
[] I Make make money at school by buying candy at local stores, and selling them for a slightly higher price. haha
[] I Love Math! Mostly the part of challenging my brain xD
[] I DO have a myspace if you want to be FRIENDS!
[] I also make vids on youtube occasionally (probably not worth seeing)
[] I Do magic for my family and friends at school
[] I LOVE to free run (ask me what it is if you don't already know)
[] My biggest fear is HEIGHTS! (i hate them -.- )

If you have anything else to ask me, go right ahead!!

Now, for my gaming history!

Well i started playing games when i was about 6 years old (i'm almost 17 now)
I remember when my mom and dad first bought a SNES. we would ALWAYS be playing
tetris and mario kart against eachother. Then my brother saved up enough money to buy a Sega Saturn, and of course being a little kid as i was, i soon broke his dream; in other words his Sega XD. It was horrible but he got over it. Later on, we soon grew into the new age of the nintendo 64 and playstation 1 era, we had both systems and played them almost all the time!
my favorite game back then was definetly yoshi's story, i had the streatagy guide and everything! I really disliked fighting games back then; i guess because i didnt see the point in beating the crap out of someone else and hearing some random guy say " K.O!" but i soon grew fond of them, when i first started playing soul calliber 2. I know own about 9 game systems, and currently involved in collecting more then playing. SO if you have something to sell let me SEE IT!

Me and this website ----

Well i looked and looked and looked and i STILL couldn't find a place where all kinds of gamers got together and could talk/sell/trade/and even buy games from eachother, untill about october 2nd, i discovered this AMAZING website on google one day and decided to check it out. It seemed sort of plain at first, but then like mario has tought us, "dont judge a GAME by its GRAPHICS" and thus, i stuck with this website and am deciding to STICK with it, for a LONG TIME. I'm ussually the guy that just buys random cheap games, so if you have any cheap games that you just want off of the shelf then give me a holler!

My Trading Policy --

Because I feel like i should put others before me, i will ALWAYS send first, unless you just want to for some odd reason :P
I'm a VERY trustworthy person, who wants to show everyone that even when the chips are down, I would still be loyal, honest and trustful towards anyone who opposes myself.
When I buy and item(s) from you, I will 98 % of the time send RIGHT WHEN I RECEIVE YOUR PAYPAL INFO, which brings me to my next topic. I do only send money and receive money through PAYPAL. I've had some bad trades go through in the past, and i've decided that paypal is THE SAFEST WAY TO TRADE. and so i will stick with that ^_^

What I'm Doing Currently ----

Trying to get through school
Looking for Random Accesories for the WII
Looking for controllers to Vintage Systems
Trying to collect anything related to CAPCOM
Making sure everyone i meet comes HAPPY and leaves HAPPY!

Need a Banner? --

I took photoshop in school last year, and so i finally got PSCS3 downloaded and ready to use!
my computer is fairly slow so it does take a while to create a photo on the software
but it's nothing I cant handle :P
If there is a banner, avi, or just random picture you would like, send me some photos, tell me what designs to use, name colors and all that. and i'll try to my full extent to make a UNIQUE and ORIGINAL picture JUST FOR YOU! absolutely free of charge ^_^
Pictures may take upwards to weeks if requests pile up.
here's what i would need, if you DID want a photo.

` photos to be used (can send through email)
` colors you would like in bg/pics/ext.
` designs if any
` bg wallpaper if wanted
` size of canvass
` anything else :P

Extras! --==--

My myspace! [ http://www.myspace.com/noodles4anyone ]

My Youtube [ http://www.youtube.com/ConquerOnlineLegend ]

And My Email Add. [ dancedance2035@yahoo.com ]

By the WAY!!

I'm like totaly addicted to The company CAPCOM, so trying to get anything related to CAPCOM from me, is nearly impossible haha
I only trade Unsealed Games For Unsealed games, unless the offer is irresistable :P

thanks for checking out my page!
///// Iaregamer \\\\\ ~