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Bad Trader Reports

jim_sox31 BTRs31-Mar-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Chris Ruper
Email: jim_sox31@yahoo.com
Address: 46 clinton ave. fredonia ny 14063
Reporter: gearhead937

I know that it is recommended not to trade with another new user, but I was presented with a deal that I couldnt pass up. We both agreed to ship immediately; I was to send NBA Live 2008 and the Forza/Marvel two pack both for the Xbox 360 in exchange for a 120gb hd, a wireless controller and NHL 2K7. He claimed to have sent on the 13th of March, and while I did have to wait until the 14th of March, I did send on that day. On the 21st, I sent a message asking if they had sent it pony express, because even if it had been sent media mail, I should have received it that day. That was responded with a story about how all the mailboxes had been robbed, and they were going the following Sunday (March 23rd) to the local police station to pick up the items and ship them to me. I then had to send another message,asking if they had heard anything from the police or if they had retrieved the items. That was responded with "I will send the items when I get a chance." This upset me, so I sent a message saying, "when you get a chance? We were both supposed to send immediately." I told them that if I didnt receive my items soon, I would have to file a BTR. He then responded with this quote, directly from the Gametz.com message forum; "Hey jackass sis u hear what i said? Ya know what, screw off, ill send your crapty games back, u r stupid if u think that u were going to get that stuff. $200 worth of stuff for a $50 game and a game u got for free.... Go to hell." I did not appreciate being called those names; plus, they are the one who sent me the original offer. The following are the messages that were exchanged between us, in which he threatens to destroy the games:

on 26-Mar-2008 at 12:44am gearhead937 well, now i have proof, so if they do come back scratched, then i will know what happened, and btw, it was a buy two get one sale at gamestop, so whatever

on 25-Mar-2008 at 10:47pm momolu12 I found the reciept in the case that says marvel is free numnuts, and as for your request,no. Im gunna scratch the crap out of ur crapty games

on 25-Mar-2008 at 9:00pm gearhead937 hey butt-hole, if you remember correctly, YOU are the one who approached me with the trade, so wtf? whatever, but i want my stuff back in the same condition i sent it. you know, it must be nice to get two weeks worth of free rentals, and btw, i bought the games, i already had the xbox

He went back to try and cover his end by saying scratching them up worse than they already were, but those games were well taken care of. I then received what I thought was a tracking number for my games that he was sending back, but it turned out that it was a delivery to South Carolina, and I live in Georgia:

on 26-Mar-2008 at 12:17pm momolu12 Tracking number: 03062400000233093092
Your item was delivered at 3:23 pm on March 29, 2008 in CHARLESTON, SC 29412.
Processed, March 26, 2008, 6:30 pm, ROCHESTER, NY 14606
Acceptance, March 26, 2008, 11:49 am, FREDONIA, NY 14063

All I want is my games back in the same condition they were sent in; complete with all manuals and in mint condition. The BTR will be removed when I receive my items.

jim_sox31 BTRs27-Mar-2008
Status: active
Email: jim_sox31@yahoo.com
Address: .
Reporter: bill

As the owner of GameTZ, I'm filing this BTR to warn people about this user. His behavior has been very suspicious.

o He's been extremely rude to people in the forums. We've gotten multiple complaints from various traders. See: http://gametz.com/forum/Site_Feedback/topic/296834...

o He has 2 pending trades with other new users. This, despite warnings against trading with other new users. In both trades, he provided the same DC# as proof that he sent. One of the trades is a PS3 for an Xbox 360. We're very concerned that he's a scammer.

I will remove this once the trades are resolved. Hopefully, I'm wrong, somehow. But, please, anyone who is considering trading with this guy: Be careful, don't send first no matter what. Don't assume the DC# is valid.

jim_sox31 BTRs10-Mar-2008
Status: active
Email: jim_sox31@yahoo.com
Address: .
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR and a GameTZ Moderator to alert all the pending trades of jim_sox31. He made 8 pending trades, all with other very new users (something we advise against because of the high risk).

Just now, he asked us to delete his account.

So, that's fairly erratic behavior and we urge you all to be careful dealing with jim_sox31.

Presumably, he now wants to cancel all 8 trades. Or, at the very least, he's confused. Either way, sending him anything seems questionable. Perhaps, he was planning to rip everyone off, then chickened out. Or, maybe he just got in over his head. It's hard to tell.

Likes: Sports


I like any sports games, and games like GTA and call of duty.
Ill accept any trade, unless its unreasonable.
Iam very hesitant about shipping first b/c iv been screwed b4 many times, and this site doesnt offer insurance. Well see how the first few trades/purchases go...