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logical123 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs25-Mar-2011
Status: active
Email: logical123@gmail.com
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Address: Rob Ringstad 3239 S. Highland Ave. Berwyn, IL, USA 60402 or Robert Ringstad c/o Denise Gorchos 1826 S. Cuyler Ave Berwyn, IL 60402-2052
Reporter: JBel4331

Only file a BTR if you've been ripped off. For example, if you've sent your side of a trade, but the other trader has not. Or, if the condition of the goods you received were not as described and not acceptable.

It is my right to file a BTR because the condition of the goods you received were not as described and not acceptable.

We traded my PS3 package for his XBox 360 package + Paypal. My PS3 was less than 2 weeks old. He sent me a 360 that has no warranty seal and has been previously opened. He says he opened it to "clean" it, but who know what else has been done. Nothing about the system being opened was brought up and he told me that I should have asked and that I shouldn't have assumed that it hadn't been opened. I told him that the value of an opened system and an unopened system is not the same. I told him that we don't need to trade back and spend more shipping money. I asked him to send PayPal to make up the difference of values between systems. He told me tough luck. I no longer would like the PayPal and I would like to send his 360 back to him and have my PS3 returned.

I also told him that I could get the 360 mailed back out to him tomorrow and he said that "I did not give you the option to return it unless it died."

UPDATE 3/26/11 - I just got back from a local used game store (Play N Trade) where they sell and repair systems. I brought them the 360 to let me know if anything had been touched on it. The were helpful in letting me know that this system has been "repaired" for the RROD already. I asked them how they knew and they showed me the CPU had been cleaned off and new thermal paste had been applied. They also told me that the fan was louder than it should be. I know I asked you about the RROD and you told me that it never had it. That was obviously not true.

In response to the comment "Also, because he opened up the console and had it checked out, he basically eliminated the possibility of me EVER wanting it back, for exactly the same reasoning he is using on me. This whole thing is a mess."; The system had already been opened AT LEAST twice before. Once to repair the RROD and the other when you "cleaned" it. All the guy had to do to find out was remove a few screws, look at it for less than 2 seconds and let me know that it has been tampered with.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (26-Mar-2011)
No, you will not be getting paypal unless a mod deems that to be the only option, with proof that there is a market price difference in the value between those two types of consoles. Two months of warranty can be likened to a rock skipping in the eternal pond of time. It is foolish to think I would owe you $25 for the assumption that a used product would be under warranty.

Also, grounds for BTR include one side sending, the other side not, or issues of condition not being as described, or as totally unacceptable. He has received his end, and I had always been 100% forthcoming about condition. The possibility of the warranty being void for any reason was never brought up. Therefore, the BTR has, in my eyes, not been filed for a valid reason. If anyone wishes to view a transcript of our conversations, I will be more than happy to provide.

Reply #2: How were they not as described?

Reply #3: This BTR makes no sense without context, and the quote he had listed bares no real relation to the issue at hand. He never asked if it had been opened, and he says that it is my fault that was never made apparent. It is a used piece of hardware. As I stated earlier, as well as in PMs, used ANYTHING cannot be purchased or traded for with assumptions. It is one's responsibility to be an active trader and make sure all information you feel is pertinent be put out in the open. I still fail to see how his lack of thorough-ness makes me a bad trader and an unreasonable person. I gave him the option to keep the trade open until the original warranty would have expired, basically acting as a warranty myself. He did not see that as an option. Instead, he wanted cash for his miscommunication, which I politely declined, as I see it to be unfair and impossible.

Reply #4: I have the entire transaction transcript, and the message he sent me 5 or so minutes ago was the first ever mention of RROD. Now he's just lying to the general public. Stop it. And in addition to this, his previous message to me stated "Well I guess I have no choice but to file a BTR. I hope you like the brand new PS3." He clearly stated earlier that it was used, for 2 weeks or whatever (no actual proof of that either). So Jeff is being inconsistent in his messages and not giving valid points. I'm entirely lost as to what I should do at this point.

ALSO: Why would anyone just take off the heatsinks for the reason to check if they had had new thermal paste applied? Then you are FORCED to apply new thermal paste. What kind of reasoning is that?

Reply #5: Warranties don't transfer from owner to owner, they are only valid, and I quote, for the "original end-user", So now the whole argument is absolutely pointless. Can we please end this? Also, because he opened up the console and had it checked out, he basically eliminated the possibility of me EVER wanting it back, for exactly the same reasoning he is using on me. This whole thing is a mess.

Reply #6: That's highly unlikely. How would he know that new thermal compound had been applied without taking off the heatsinks?

NOTE: I am going on vacation March 27th through April 1st. I hope I have internet access, but I may not.

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