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[Xbox live gamertag: Schmeetz]

(but I have plenty of US games anyway)

Hi. With that out of the way, let's get down to business: if you want to trade with me, there's no defined rules. Anything's possible: direct trade, with cash, anything, as long as I like it. With IMO's being the expensive hassle that they are, and PayPal having seen the wisdom of adding the Netherlands to their bank-account approved list, I prefer to use PayPal for all my monetary needs. Cash in an envelope is also possible, but we all know how dangerous that can be...

A word of warning: my games come from all territories, so be careful that you can run them (if you're interested in that kind of thing). I always list where a certain game comes from (if it says nothing that means it's US), whether I want it or have it myself. There's no rating system, as I use that spot to specify the territory, and value's all relative anyway. In fact, I have nearly all the games I own on my list, and I will trade everything, but it's depending heavily on what I'm getting, especially with some games on the upper scale. So check out what I got and maybe we can do som bizness.

The conditions: everybody has them, so why can't I?

1. Think

I've had too many instances already where somebody made a trade with me first, and then realized about shipping costs or other possible stumbling blocks afterwards. Factor all of this in when you trade with me, because I will too.

2. Keep in touch

I don't expect you to e-mail me all the time for every little detail, as I will not clog up your mailbox with pointless e-mails. But when something needs to be said, do it or I will hold it against you later on. I expect a similar treatment, of course. If you want to know something, however, go ahead and drop me a line. If it's not complete nonsense or rude, I will reply as soon as I can find the time.

3. Send properly

I usually send stuff by (Regular) Airmail. Of course, I will expect you to do the same thing, unless we agree on the matter beforehand. If one of us gets this wrong, the other party is in its right to ship the same way, as far as I'm concerned. I can't force you to, and (as some of those who traded with me can attest to) I am a pretty patient boy. I can wait, if you can.

4. Don't be paranoid

Things come up. I know they do, because it happens to me all the time. So unlike some triggerhappy traders out there, I won't be upset if you can't send out 2 nanoseconds after we agree to a trade. Or have to send it by carrier pigeon, because you don't have a lot of money at the time. It's OK. Well, maybe the carrier pigeon will upset me a slight bit. Don't get me wrong, I don't like to be kept waiting just because you can't be bothered, but if something comes up, tell me and I will understand, mostly. As long as it eventually comes, that is. When stuff doesn't show up, I will hold you responsible for that.

Not the post office.

Not customs.


Sometimes stuff can get lost, and that happens. I'm sorry. But a trade is a trade, and in that case I feel that the party who's stuff didn't make it should find a way to make the trade work, or give back the stuff he got. This includes me, if you were wondering. Same goes for stuff that is completely dissimilar to what's expected, as I don't like that either. Sorry to be blunt about this, usually this is not an issue, and most people figure this one out on their own (and are heavily respected by me for that) but just for the record: don't say I didn't warn you.

5. Don't take me for stupid

I've seen it happen a few times that people tried to give me unfair assessions of game prices and shipping prices. I know what stuff is worth, and if I don't, I'll check. Similarly, don't think you can tell me how much shipping is to the Netherlands, because believe it or not, I am capable enough to find a postal service website. In short: I will not knowingly insult your intelligence, so I urge you to do the same.

...but enough with the annoying rules. Time for some personal info:

I'm starting to morph into a complete Shooter junkie, and I like RPG's as well. Especially Ys, I totally collect this series, so if you have the Japanese Ys1 Special Windows edition (the LE that is), or Ys 5 Perfect, you have my undivided attention. Other than that I would like to get my hands on a lot of older Konami/Treasure stuff, since that's all good, not to mention the remaining few import shooters that are missing on my greatest hits list...I'm not that far away from getting all the retro titles I want, but you know what they say about the last stretch...

As a lot of you, probably, I collect videogames platforms, but I'm still a teeny bit short. In effect this means that if you have a rare system and are willing to part with it, I would be very interested indeed.

People that I met on GTZ that I'd like to meet over a pizza and discuss games and/or other meaningful matters with: (in alphabetical order, and don't be surprised if some of these people have left GTZ by now)

DanielP (or Ronfar or whatever the hell is name is now)
PaCrappa (this guy totally rules)

...and people that I would suggest you let send first:

saturn_master - backed out on two trades within a week, and acted like a butt-hole about it afterwards.
NightOwl - ripped me off, no games came as expected.
Gunn - he's a cool guy, but unfortunately can't be trusted when it comes to trading.