Bad Traders

Bad Traders

fullhomey BTRs18-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: fullhomey
Address: 8325 26th Ave. Kenosha Wi, 53143-6228
Reporter: ebisoba

The trade is my copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Devil May Cry for his Gameboy Advance and Legend of Zelda. I was told to send first, seeing that he has more trades than me, I agreed. He received my games. Confirmed by him through email. My end of the deal never came. He claimed it was sent out on Nov.12 through 1st Class Mail. I waited for about 2 weeks and contacted him. He agreed to send back my games by Dec. 4 at the lastest, hopefully, and email me when he does. Well he didn't email me so I contacted him again on Dec. 8. He said the games were sent out. Now it's Dec. 18 and my games are still not here. If I get my games back and it's post marked as he claimed, I might take this down.

Update: Here's the delivery confirmation # 0300 1290 0008 5491 6293

It's great that he filed a Bad Trader Report just because I filed one. There's a rule against that. Anyway I tried to be nice and state what I know without any accusations in my report, but he feel the need to make accusation. Accusing me of ripping him off. Telling people to stay away from me. The email he sent me was so nice too. Ok whatever.

Anyway, I don't see how his accusation makes any sense. If I was to rip him off, why would I even bother with a Bad Trader Report? If I had his stuff and my stuff, Why the heck would I bother to file a report and go through all this? It's pretty obvious I would get a Bad Trader Report on my account in return. I would think that the easy thing to do is just say I got my stuff back and that's that right? What reason is there for me to file the report if I had those items and planned to rip him off? Just to get a BTR in return? Does all this make sense, you be the judge.

However, I'm glad that he's going to send me some receipt to prove that the my games were send out this Saturday. He's also going to the post office on Monday and try to clear this up. If it's proved that the post office is at fault or if the games arrive at a later date postmarked when they are supposed to be postmarked. I will drop this BTR.

Updated 2: Heh, it's Wednesday and to my complete lack of surprise, no receipt, no nothing.

Phoenix990 United Kingdom BTRs15-Dec-2002
Status: active
Address: 6 Walker Road, Glinton, Peterborough, PE6 7NA, Cambs, England
Reporter: Budo

I mailed out Imperialism on September 7th. I have never recieved Arcanum. Furthermore, I have not recieved a single e-mail response from the multiple e-mails I have sent to Mr. Carter. I asked him to inform me when Imperialism arrived, and he never did. I have sent him multiple, polite emails asking him why the delay. He never responded to a single one. I am fed up with waiting for Arcanum to arrive, and he owes me the return of my Imperialism, or to complete the trade.
My excellent trader ratings I have received should somewhat justify my credibility in this accusation. I don't do this lightly, but it's now three months and multiple unresponded e-mails later. In my opinion, he took my game and ran.

DREVIL Canada BTRs14-Dec-2002
Status: active
Address: #100 Valley meadow Cres.
Reporter: Dio69

Hey. Drevil has my PC games and he said he would send his 2 N64 games. Mario Kart 64 and Castlevania 64. He said he sent out already but that was over a 1 1/2 weeks ago. Then 3 or 4 days after he told me he sent he Deleted our Pending Trades we had. I have e-mailed him a several times and nothing. Once i recieve the 2 N64 games i will Bring this BTR down. Until then, to asure a safe time Avoid Sleeping.


Thuglife2003 BTRs14-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: magicman2002
Reporter: liquidcross

I sent out my half of the trade a month and a half ago. After repeated emails, he still said he would send my item out, but he never did. I've given up at this point. Nothing should ever take this long.

I sent: Digimon (Wonderswan B&W)

What I was supposed to receive: Samurai Shodown 2 (NeoGeo Pocket Color)

SirWobbit Canada BTRs11-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: SirWobbit
Address: 1413 Hwy 214
Reporter: Filius

I set up a trade with Rob back on August 28, 2002. The original deal was for me to send Final Fantasy X and Dark Cloud to him for Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Silent Hill. I sent my games first, being the newer member, and he received them. He then claimed to have sent them but they "must have gotten lost in the mail." Instead of straight up reporting him I emailed him about it. After getting out some initial frustration with an email that was admittadly angry we came to the agreement that he would get enw copies of both games and send them to me. I didn't believe he needed to get "new" copies to send to me, but I went along with it because I just wanted to play the games and didn't really care how. After a couple months he finally claimed to have gotten new copies of each. He said he'd be sending them a few days later. This was weeks ago, much longer than it should take for them to have gotten here. Not only do I believe that he lied about sending them initially, but I feel he strung me along, lying about getting new copies, then lied again about sending them. Something like this was abviously really disheartening. I just wanted to relax and play a new game and instead got ripped off and had to deal with it for what is coming up on four months. I would STRONGLY urge anybody reading this to steer clear of trading with this person.