Bad Traders

Bad Traders

seantheman BTRs6-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: seantheman
Address: 112 N. wagner ave stockton,ca 95215
Reporter: magicman2002

He sent me his stuff, i sent him mine. He was supposed to have sent me another package,but yet he didn't. I emailed him over and over, but no respondence. Remember, i have your address. matbe my dad( cop ) will pay you a visit. he told me he has no ploblem with doing it. So send me my stuff, or be ready for a cop car in your yard.

sdc459 BTRs5-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: sdc, sdc459
Reporter: Ido

We made a deal almost a month ago to agree on me purchasing Parasite Eve and a PS2 controller from him. He was tight in cash, being the nice guy i was, i sent the money first via paypal directly into his account. afterwards, i never saw my stuff or ever heard from him again. i tried to contact him with email but was not successful. I will remove this when i recieve my share of the deal.

i have chat logs of when we made the deal and also email reciepts from paypal when i made the payments.

(This message is being sent automatically by the TZ Trade Reporting System.)

A trade report which you were part of was just deleted by
John Moore (sdc458).

The trade report was in the "pending" state.

It consisted of John Moore (sdc458) giving:
ps2 controller

and C.J. Ying (Ido) giving:
15 dollars paypal

The trade had been created on 14-Nov-2002.


TZ Trade Reporting System

for those of you come supon this btr, and the guy is lying to you about this btr invalid, well, it's still valid, and i still have not yet recieved my items, this is updated on september 1st 2003 at 8:00pm est

If he made this right, i would've taken this down. nothing was resolved, and if it was indeed corrected, the trade would've went through, not deleted by him!

this is BS ... i made this right a year ago when it was posted ...

JiggaMan BTRs3-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Jiggaman
Email: removed
Address: n/a
Reporter: bluesaturn

Earlier this year, in August, Frank and I made a trade where I would send him a Dreamcast system and two controllers for $70. Days later, I sent Frank my system and package and he e-mailed me to let me know that he recieved the system and later the 2 controllers. He told me it would take a week or so to get the money but he would send it soon. Weeks later on September 17th, I sent the following e-mail to Frank:

Subject: DC

Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 06:56:01 -0700 (PDT)

Just wondering if you've sent the money order for

the Dreamcast, games and controllers I sent. Please let

me know, thanks-

Frank replied saying

--- <> wrote:

> > Sorry I havent gotten to you in the past few weeks,

> > I had gotten in a car

> > accedent and was in the hospital. Drunk driver Rear

> > ended me. All my cash

> > is tied up in hospital bills, it might take another

> > few weeks for me to get

> > the $$ to you, I can Send you a PS game as a good

> > faith token. Please get

> > back to me.

So I told him that was fine and waited about another month and asked again on October 13th if he had sent the money order. Again he replied saying I need to wait


>I was just wondering when I will be recieving the $70

>for all my DC stuff. Please let me know as soon as



Frank's reply:

I have neerly payed off my hospital bills. I Will give you the money


they are payed off. Thanks for your patince.

I have yet to recieve the money order and again e-mailed on November 14th him telling him that I would need the money order by December 1st. I sent my address and he has not replied since then.

davis4651 BTRs3-Dec-2002
Status: active
Address: 4651 Stevens Rd. Centerville, IN
Reporter: pibbsman

Dec 5th - He finally did email me back, but still no game. He also didn't ship it the way we agreed on (First Class) so who knows when it could get here....

He and I agreed to trade my Totaled!(Xbox) for his Burnout(Xbox). i sent it out 2 weeks ago and still have not recieved anything. I have repeatedly sent him email asking for him to respond. All i want is either Burnout or my totaled! back to remove this BTR.

BustinBusta BTRs3-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Bustinbusta
Address: 1130 Central Ave, Johnston, RI 02919
Reporter: msmeenk

The trade was:
Driver 2
for his:
Bushido Blade 2

It's been about 90 days since we agreed to this trade(Gametz just canceled it because it had been pending for 90 days frown ). I sent right away, and have been waiting for my game ever since. In his emails, he's said he recieved it, but has never said when, and he's never told me he sent my game, plus he still has Bushido Blade 2 in his available list. 90 days is long enough, so I'm leaving a BTR, until I get either Bushido Blade 2, $15, or Driver 2 back in the SAME MINT CONDITION.