Bad Traders

Bad Traders

Jbad_Machine BTRs5-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Evil_Jbad
Reporter: chaos

I feel this guy is a bad trader because odviously i have not recieved my package from him. he told me that he sent on friday feb. 16 and well today is todays date(??/??/01) you can put in your own date and if this is here then i still have been waiting since 2/16/01. i was honest and sent first to him and he got my stuff on time and with an extra game included that i didnt even tell him about but he feels that he doesnt want to send my stuff. i went to the post office and asked how long it should take and they said the longest it should take is a week and well it is past a week and i have nothing. and to make matters worse he has completed numerous trades that date after he says he sent so i dont know if im that convienced that he sent, but i will say this if i get the package and it says that he sent on either 2/15,2/16,or 2/18 then i will send him an apology letter and give him a good trader report but if not then he will not recieve an apology letter.

posted by honest trader

Skedoo32 BTRs5-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: John Wade
Address: John Wade rtRt4 Box32 Cochran,Ga 31014
Reporter: SnKDeViL

Well, as soon as I stop getting childish responses to emails, I will take this btr down, I sent my half, and now he will not respond
Just to say, he now deleted are trade report, I can post the cancelation he did as well, if everyone wants to see it. I just want my games you cheat!!! quick update, I have posted on here emails between me and him, he has now told me he will send my games back, and was just having fun with what fun

Ribamar Brazil BTRs4-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: NeogeoKing, astrozombie, Ribamar
Reporter: SnKDeViL

Over a month ago I sent my half of our deal to him a Us playstation 2 and three games. I was in return supposed to get two neo geo carts.
Well, its been over a month and nada, I now get no replies, or posts or nothing from him, and of course he keeps putting up a new false email address everyonce in a while to fool everyone....well your not fooling me you liar....I want my games or my stuff back, and as soon as i get it, and when spikytail gets his too, we will take down are btrs

Plan_B Canada BTRs3-Mar-2001
Status: active
Address: 9444 Chemainus Rd, RR1; Chemainus BC; Canada V0R 1K0
Reporter: tyler

sent my stuff same time because we had completed before bad mistake.

emailed him a few times. said he sent jan 24 2001 never recieved anything, this is the email he sent me

I don't know? Its not my fault it got lost in the mail. Trust me I
sent them out. I don't rip people off, because if i did i would have
lots of btrs. I understand how you feel, I've had things lost in the
mail, but if you feel i'm ripping you off, i'm not.

he still has the dvd's listed he was supposed send me....

this BTR will go down when i get my 4 dvd's

i contacted other pending traders who had also been ripped.

ContagiousPhil BTRs2-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Onebadone
Reporter: luv2rave24_7

Sorry, I have to do this but... sometimes I guess you just have too... I had a trade with this person for a watch for a game & controller. To make a long story short, he sent the watch in a regular unpadded "letter" envelope! I was fine with that even though I would have to pay $30 in repair fees... But when I sent his items, I accidentally sent him some Anime (which was for another trade I had here on gametz. One of them was unopened... :=) but ONEBADONE took it upon himself to open what was not his &'s not unopened.. frown no ) The next thing I know I come into chat & he accuses me of ripping him off!! (Cuz I sent him the anime instead of the items promised to him.) He yells at me on & on about how I'm ripping him off & I try to explain to him that I sent him the wrong package, & that the one I sent him I need back for another trade. HE REFUSED TO RESEND THEM BACK!!! I was like WHAT?!! I even offered to pay for shipping when I sent him the correct items. After many discussions with him we finally just speak in chat where the great members of gametz helped to persuade Phillip to resend the items. It has been about 2 weeks & I have no anime tapes that another trader is waiting for.... I will take this down once the anime tapes come back in the condition that I sent them (except the new one which is almost impossible to find now frown ) Sorry to do this to you Onebadone...