Bad Traders

Bad Traders

IsellgamesIguess Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 5 Reviews BTRs28-Feb-2016
Status: active
Address: Robin Jackson, 190 E Main, Rockford, MI 49341
Reporter: lordkaosu

Purchased a complete DS that was "good" for $40. System received was "fair" and packaging was "damaged" and missing AC adapter, grommets, and parts of the box and packaging were missing. Items were shipped in a used bubble envelope not providing any protection during shipping.

User can either refund $10 for the system to cover the cost of a replacement ac adapter and grommets or refund $40+$5 for return shipping for the full cost of the system and I will mail back.

User also owes me $2.60 for shipping another trade he accidentally shipped me and I paid to send it to the correct address. Total owed to close BTR is $12.60 (keep system) or $47.60 (return system).

Messages to user about refund have been ignored. He has been very slow to reply to any communication over the last month during this trade and took 3 weeks alone just to ship out my package after I paid on the first day and was expected to receive within a week.

MajorGimp BTRs3-Jan-2016
Status: active
Aliases: Danny Thomas
Address: 3542 N. Meade Ave., Chicago, IL 60634
Reporter: bunky

I have traded with this user before so when he asked for a paypal loan I didn't hesitate to give it to him. It was my first loan and probably will be my last.
04 Mar 2013 he wanted $150.00, so I sent it to him with an agreement to repay in a couple of months.
16 Mar 2013 he needed more and wanted to know if I could send more with same repayment. I sent $350 more for a total of $500 with interest.
17 June 2013 he sends $25. He would've sent more but he had employment problems, etc.
August 2013 he sends $85 psp game system.
Nothing more until $20 in June 2014
Leaving a balance of $380 plus interest.

There has been a lot of communication between us as to why he didn't pay this off. There was always a reason or excuse. But I did see other trades/loans that got paid off before mine. I don't know why and who he chose to pay off first. I will not remove this until I get goods or payment from him. Sorry I had to do this, but it has gone on long enough...

ghostmanbluntroller Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs29-Dec-2015
Status: active
Address: 9791 mosby dr. Olive Branch, MS 38654
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this on behalf of jollyg97. He had contacted me by pm back in February 2015 over this trade:

ghostmanbluntroller gets: Gotcha Force (GameCube) [Condition: good; Box: yes; Manual: yes; Rare and worth lots on amazon. Looking mainly for Earthbound but I'm willing to hear other offers(Old games only)]
jollyg97 gets: Earthbound

jollyg97 sent but ghostmanbluntroller never sent his side. jollyg97 tried to have his package returned, but that didn't end up happening and jollyg97 eventually left the site.

You can still see the pending trade on their accounts.

littleceltic33 BTRs9-Dec-2015
Status: active
Address: 9808 Blue Spruce Road, Wise Virginia, 24293, USA.
Reporter: Tad

On Novemeber 24 we made a deal for some DVD's, he asked me to send first and it was only 9 dollars so I paid promptly. A few days later I get a message from the moderators saying he tried deleting his account. On Nov 29th he told me he is still going to send. I've tried contacting him several times since and he won't even reply. I will take the BTR down when I either get the DVDs or my money back.

ROSTEER BTRs8-Dec-2015
Status: active
Aliases: Roland Aradillas
Address: 1081 meadow dre 305 calexico, ca. 92231
Reporter: ued222

I sent then he sent a message saying he received and would send payment if I send a invoice. I will take it down when I get my $40 paypal for items received.

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