Bad Traders

Bad Traders

CrazyEights BTRs18-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: coolest_stan

I lent him some paypal, $100, and he has not paid my back ANYTHING. He said he would send me a money order after he deactivated his account but I haven't received anything.
I will be contacting the lancaster police next week if I don't receive my money order. It has been over 4 weeks

CrazyEights BTRs15-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: YahooChocolate

ok i am sick of this guy. first he takes a week to tell me he cant get shadowrun or tenchu z from his freind when the trade pended on 26-Jun-2007 at 3:49pm .when he received on 26-Jun-2007 at 4:18pm. and didnt say nothing till on 3-Jul-2007 at 11:24am . and i was like you said you had them in hand and you are selling them not your friend. then i told him to get the games and send them. then he said he couldnt get a hold of him and would have to send the money and i said ok send it threw paypal never heard from him again and still have not got my money and i want it now! and he has ben the worst trader ever!

slipknot055873 BTRs9-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: Yamas

On June 8, 2007 we pended a trade my Second Sight (GC) complete for his Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GC) complete. We agreed to send at the same time and I sent on June 9, 2007. For some reason, the post office I went to wouldn't let me send First Class w/DC so I sent it First Class. Instead of sending when he was supposed to, he waited until June 16, 2007, when he received. I decided that that was acceptable because he might have thought I was trying to trick him because there wasn't any delivery conformation. I contacted him a week later on the 23rd saying I had still not received. Then I contacted him again on the 28th with a similar message and he has not contacted me or responded since we pended. On the 29th I said I would give him one more week before I put up a BTR. Since I was out of town during that week and just got back to not find his package in the mail, I am putting this up. I would either like my game sent back to me or the game that was promised. When either of these conditions is met, I will take down the BTR. There's no reason for him to ruin his account over such a small trade.

lexicon BTRs30-Jun-2007
Status: active
Reporter: ducci

Trade was agreed upon on 5/31/07. I sent out my side of the deal first the following day - 6/1/07, tracking number included. Item was delivered on 6/4/07, lexicon acknowledged he received the package on 6/5/07.

After a week passed with no further action regarding him sending his part of the bargain, I sent a notice inquiring about it (6/11/07). He responded the next day saying he forgot, and that he would ship it ASAP express. Another week passed with no notice from him, so I sent yet another inquiry (6/18/07).

The next day he said he would send, yet again. On 6/21/07 he posted that he sent the package, yet listed no tracking number for it. On 6/26/07 I inquired a third and final time about it, and have yet to get any response whatsoever. It is now almost 1 month since he received my game.

FFXNo1 BTRs11-Jun-2007
Status: active
Reporter: gibbylson

On May 22nd, FFXNo1 and I agreed to a trade. The trade was my F.E.A.R. (PS3) in exchange for a $40 Postal M.O. I sent on the 25th of May and he recieved on the 30th of May. He claims he sent the same day he received. Since then I haven't gotten my money order. On June 8th I asked for details of the money order. The trader told me that he didn't send a money order, that in fact he sent some game instead. So I asked when I was gonna get my money. He told me I will get it once I sent the game back. I told him I wasn't going to wait due to a mistake HE made. That wasn't fair and he wanted me to pay for return shipping. So I asked for the DC# to atleast see where this game was. He exclaimed that he didnt pay for DC even though we agreed on it originally in our trade.

Once I told him I would be filing a BTR, he just threatened to file on me. He has made no attempt to remedy this situation and I'm am tired of dealing with him
I am the one out a game and I am still waiting...

So Now I'm here, no PS3 game and still no money order. I cannot prove he sent a game nor can I prove he sent one to me. He says he has a slip saying he sent something. So Unless I get my money order or my game is returned to me, this BTR will stay up.

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (11-Jun-2007)
First of all I tried to work something out. I thought I was dealing with a honest trader, but I think I was wrong. For you actions and lack of interest to resolve this problem, I'm certain that you are a child. I never told you that I wanted you to pay for shipping the game back and you never asked me to pay for the shipping. I told you that I wanted the game back and then I send you the M.O. But it seems that you want to rip me off and keep the God Father. I send two packages (from two trades) one got to its destination and the other one you decided to keep and claim that you never got it.

I send you the God Father because you send me this in my post:

My trade and your post

#2 posted May 21, 2007 at 4:21pm (PDT) quoted reply moderate
Godfather for my FEAR? If so, send offer.

You were the one who offered FEAR for The God Father after I offered you the $40 for the FEAR.

Your post and my offer

#4 posted May 21, 2007 at 12:47pm (PDT)
I can do it, send me the offer. I'll send you a money order.

As you can see I got confused because you offered your FEAR for The God Father after. The slip you called is called a RECEIPT from the post office, this proves that I send the game. If you want I can send you the receipt. I'm going to post office today and see if if I can prove you already got the game. They must have a record from that package I send and hopefully this stupid moderators do something about this.

I'll pay for all the expenses and I'll send you back your game. I don't have any interest of dealing with you. I might keep this BTR, but I wont let a dishonest trader get away with this fraud.