Bad Traders

Bad Traders

CrazyEights BTRs21-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: Orlandu

We pended a trade of $90 for a black DS Lite and Big Brain Academy on June 29th. He's made several claims that he was about to ship, followed by the standard "I'm too busy" lines. At first he claimed to not have internet access, then he was on messengers and GameTZ several times after that. Now his account has been frozen for a week. I've gotten sick of all the excuses, and I'm going to file a Paypal complaint and a chargeback if he does not contact me this weekend. Either send me my DS or refund my money. It's that simple.

ganon42 Has Written 1 Review Canada BTRs19-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: oKIINGo

i feel this person is a bad trader because i sent almost 2 months ago and he says that he has not received and he also says that he has been having problems with sending and receiving. i personly think this is bs. i am mad that i just lost my stuff and im not gettin anythin.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-Jul-2007)
Sigh, I told you not send until i give you the word because every single one of my trades has screwed up. I told you not send but you sent it anyways and i told you that all my trades have screwed when me myself has sent in first when i have yet to recieve nothing. Well, ill work to remove this btr i guess.

CrazyEights BTRs18-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: coolest_stan

I lent him some paypal, $100, and he has not paid my back ANYTHING. He said he would send me a money order after he deactivated his account but I haven't received anything.
I will be contacting the lancaster police next week if I don't receive my money order. It has been over 4 weeks

CrazyEights BTRs15-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: YahooChocolate

ok i am sick of this guy. first he takes a week to tell me he cant get shadowrun or tenchu z from his freind when the trade pended on 26-Jun-2007 at 3:49pm .when he received on 26-Jun-2007 at 4:18pm. and didnt say nothing till on 3-Jul-2007 at 11:24am . and i was like you said you had them in hand and you are selling them not your friend. then i told him to get the games and send them. then he said he couldnt get a hold of him and would have to send the money and i said ok send it threw paypal never heard from him again and still have not got my money and i want it now! and he has ben the worst trader ever!

slipknot055873 BTRs9-Jul-2007
Status: active
Reporter: Yamas

On June 8, 2007 we pended a trade my Second Sight (GC) complete for his Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GC) complete. We agreed to send at the same time and I sent on June 9, 2007. For some reason, the post office I went to wouldn't let me send First Class w/DC so I sent it First Class. Instead of sending when he was supposed to, he waited until June 16, 2007, when he received. I decided that that was acceptable because he might have thought I was trying to trick him because there wasn't any delivery conformation. I contacted him a week later on the 23rd saying I had still not received. Then I contacted him again on the 28th with a similar message and he has not contacted me or responded since we pended. On the 29th I said I would give him one more week before I put up a BTR. Since I was out of town during that week and just got back to not find his package in the mail, I am putting this up. I would either like my game sent back to me or the game that was promised. When either of these conditions is met, I will take down the BTR. There's no reason for him to ruin his account over such a small trade.