Bad Traders

Bad Traders

Kyo9599 BTRs6-Apr-2007
Status: active
Address: 7510 manigold ct, Alexandria Va,22315
Reporter: Forgotten_Freshness

Unfortunately, no contact has been made with me by this trader in a trade where we agreed he would send his [Lunar Knights] at the same time I sent my [Final Fantasy IV Advance]. He never sent his side of the trade, and now has my Final Fantasy IV Advance. I was also suppose to send him $5, but was going to at least wait until he marked sent. I'm glad I didn't send the $5 paypal as well.

I've had 8 successful trades with Alli, and if he didn't log into the site every other day with no contact, would think something serious really may have some up. Unfortunately I haven't heard from him in over 2 weeks and I still have no game.

Very disappointed Alli. Please let me know what's going on and make good on this, so I can remove this report. 8 Successful trades, no need to screw it up now.

Kyo9599 BTRs6-Apr-2007
Status: active
Address: 7510 Manigold Ct., Alexandria Va, 22315
Reporter: Starwave27

After asking him multiple times about our trade status, seeing he still logs on every few days with no response and him getting 2 BTRs so far, its time to file mines.

He says hes been in the hospital, yet he still been logging on here for the past few days and doesn't respond to any of the msgs except the last I heard from him was March 24th which he said he had his mother send the package because he was in the hospital.

We pended the trade on March 5th where I send: Nokia 6102 cellphone unlocked complete, cellphone case, Official Nokia headset, Official data cable + CD

and him: Peacemaker vols. 2-7 (DVDs) unopened, Children of Mana (DS) unopened, Valkyrie Profile 2: Sylmeria (PS2) complete

I mailed mines with insurance and I know he has recieved it already. Insurance tracking #: VD 333 425 346 US yet I still have NOT recieve anything from him.

I will be filing for mail fraud as well as its about $150 worth of items there. I will also be contact his local police department. Its not the first time I had police visited those who ripped me off and reprossed my items while arrested him/her/them.

Alli - You had your chance, I'm no turnover when you chose the wrong person to rip off.

I already contacted his local Alexandria Police Dept as well as mines. Anyone who is getting ripped by Alli can contact his local police at (703) 838-4444 and they will give you instructions on what to do.

Kyo9599 BTRs6-Apr-2007
Status: active
Address: 7510 manigold ct Alexandria Va,22315
Reporter: Admiral

I sent my $50 PAYPAL on March 25th, and on March 29th I asked Kyo9599 if HE/SHE had sent Guitar Hero 1 yet. I have sent 3 other messages since then - a reminder, and then a couple of warnings. Another BTR was just filed on this user, so I don't see the need to give EXTRA time. Obviously there is something going on, so I am jumping all over a BTR on this person.

PLUS - they have been logging in the last couple of days. It pisses me off that someone can log in, but not respond trades.

On Monday I will be heading to the Post Office to file Mai Fraud, and I will be contacting the police in VA and also Paypal for fraud.

Kyo9599 BTRs2-Apr-2007
Status: active
Address: 7510 manigold ct, alexandria, VA 22315
Reporter: t0pdawg7

Alli was desperate for someone to loan him money so I decided to step up and do him the favor. He said he'd pay it back plus $20 interest in a week. A week came around, he paid back the money a day late but with a valid excuse, minus the $20 he promised to the user who spotted him the funds. It's now been past 3 weeks and I still have not received the $20. He's signed on numerous times and continues to avoid my messages. This will come down as soon as I receive what was promised, $20 via paypal.

mbrownn BTRs26-Mar-2007
Status: active
Address: 105 henry street, Union beach, new jersey, 07735
Reporter: wcmiker

Mike and I pended a trade on February 27, 2007 in which I agreed to loan him $400 PayPal in return for a game, a DVD, and a $420 payback. He shipped the game and DVD right away, no problems there. He stated that he would be able to pay the loan back on March 9 because he was expecting a $400 PayPal payment from someone else he dealt with named Jordan.

On March 5, Mike asked if I wanted Jordan to send to me directly. I said he could do whatever he preferred to do since it did not matter to me how he got me the money. He cancelled the payment he was expecting from Jordan and gave me all his contact information. He then had me email Jordan (though it should not be my responsibility to go after some other guy that owes Mike money). Jordan replied to my email on March 9 saying he had no idea what was going on, and that I should fill him in. I did so and have not heard from him since.

I have been in contact with Mike and I asked him if he was going to make any attempt to pay me back himself. The latest I heard from him was on March 23 when he stated: "Well after refunding my entire paypal account to him [Jordan] to give to you i'm not exactly on the high end of money. The best i can do is keep trying him, if nothing in the next few weeks i'll take legal actions."

Mike seems like a nice guy, but the bottom line is that he owes me a lot of money and has not followed through on what he agreed to. If he did not have a reliable way to complete his side of the deal he should not have agreed to the deal. I will gladly take this BTR down when I get what he owes me.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (26-Mar-2007)
No arguement on this, i'm fine with this staying up until things are worked out although i did refund jordan all of his money i agree that i should help wcmike recieve that paypal.