Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on duyeahno1

duyeahno1 BTRs10-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: duyeahno1, David Turnham
Address: 16500 E. 33rd St. S, Independence, MO 64055
Reporter: nickie

On August 11, 2002 we entered into a trade agreement, where she was to send Zak McKracken, Jazz and Faust, Dememtia and Discworld Noir to me, and I was to send Touche, Kama Sutra, Chewy-Escape from F-5 and Jack Orlando to her. I sent the games on 8/17, and delivery confirmation shows receipt on 8/19. When I did not receive her games I emailed her (date unrecalled) and she responded on 8/26 that she had been in the hospital, and the games were boxed up but had not been shipped. I let quite a bit of time go by due to her illness, but did email her several times between that date and 11/8, asking her where my games were. On 11/8 I received an email, allegedly from Cheryl's son David, advising that his mother Cheryl was in a nursing home, and he was taking care of the transactions regarding games for his mother, as she could no longer play the games or handle the trades, and would send the promised games shortly.On 11/21 I had still not received the games, and advised Cheryl or her son David, that I would be filing a bad trade report in a week, unless the games promised to me or the games that I had sent, were sent/ sent back to me. Another trader had advised me in the interim that they had been approached by "David" asking for a trade of a new game, which he said was for his mother, and in the email I sent I advised that I did not think this was fair, for him to pursue other trades when ours was incomplete from his end. On 11/21 I received an email from "David", who said he had attempted that other trade for himself, and that he would send the promised games to me that weekend. It is now 12/10, and I have not received the games.
I very much dislike filing a bad trade report, and so have waited on doing so, until it appears that this party is going to continue to pursue trades, and possibly become a problem for other traders. I have tried to be patient as I believed the other party to be ill. I will be more than happy to remove this btr if I receive my games back, in the condition in which they were sent, or receive the games promised me (in the condition they were promised).