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Bad Trader Reports on SquareEnix

SquareEnix BTRs3-Jun-2003
Status: active
Address: Trisoft Games, 1431 Avondale Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760
Reporter: UODucks315

on may 3, i pended a trade with him for a cd for $7 shipped. he received my payment about 5 days later. when i asked for his mailing address, he said to just use the one on his page so i made the money order out to trisoft games. he then tells me he cant cash it because it doesnt have his name. about 3 days pass then he says he did get it cashed and that he had sent the cd. the day after i sent my money, i noticed he had gotten a btr but he cleared it up, so i thought our trade would be ok. now, its a month later and i still havent gotten the cd, and he froze his account. i emailed him and havent gotten a response. i asked how his other trades were going and 2 other people also say they are also having problems. if i get the cd, ill take down the BTR.