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XcubE BTRs28-Jun-2004
Status: active
Reporter: jules13

I sent him a $15.00 check for Gabriel Knight 3. I sent first since I had lower trades and he 'said' he sent GK3 but it never arrived. He was slow in answering emails. He also said that he has gotten a new email address but never told me it??? I still have the emails to prove it. I checked my banking account to see if the check was cashed--and it was. I asked to get a refund since GK3 never came in the mail but he never responded to my emails. I numerously tried to contact him through Instant Messager but whenever I'd send him an IM, he's go offline. Sounds fishy to me. His IM name is Trikrock. Perhaps he did send it, perhaps he didn't. I just want to aware of all in case this happens to anyone else. I'd just like for him to send my 15$ back--that's all. :(