Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Nirvana71

CapcomMan BTRs16-Mar-2003
Status: active
Aliases: BloodLust
Address: Andy Gudgell, 36 Rosedown, Destrehan, LA 70047 Phone Number: 985-764-1436
Reporter: Nirvana71

This trader was very nice to me and i still think he intends on seending me the package but it has been over 3 months since i sent my part of the trade. I sent him 3 months ago my Arc the Lad (PSX) Mint, $10, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) and he agreed to send me Breath of Fire 3(PSX), Breath of Fire 4(PSX), Thousand Arms(PSX), Golden Sun, Dark Arena(GBA), and Black & White(PC). Well 3 months have past and i have been in light communications with him. He doesnt answer his email or send emails to me. I see that as having no consideration whatsoever. The only way i can contact him is through Battle.Net and he is rarely on. I have grown increasingly fustrated and i believe that i have made the right choice. BloodLust if you are reading this (which you will eventualy) i am both asking you and telling you to send my rightful games the next day you see this article or the same day. I AM TRULY FEED UP WITH THIS!!!! THOSE GAMES I SENT YOU VALUED OVER $90 AT THE TIME OF THE TRADE!!! SO PLEASE SEND THE FREAKING PACKAGE AND NO EXCUSES THIS TIME!!! WHEN I HEAR FROM YOU AND RECIEVE MY RIGHTFUL PACKAGE I WILL TAKE THIS THING DOWN BUT I WILL NOT IN ANYWAY TAKE THIS DOWN BEFORE THAT HAPPENS!!! I REALLY HOPE YOUR THE GOOD KID YOU MADE YOURSSELF OUT TO BE!!!! SO PLEASE SEND THE GAMES IMMEDIATLEY AND EMAIL ME AT NIRVANA71@IGNMAIL.COM!!!! SO PLEASE SEND IT!!!! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!!!