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Bad Traders Reported by yoda5

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs15-Jan-2012
Status: active
Address: 212 edward st. apt.2 Schenectady ny 12304
Reporter: yoda5

I loaned AhmedJohnson 35 dollars back in the beginning of December. He was to pay back on Jan 3rd. He said he may be a little late and I said just let me know when. He will not give me a date and he is no longer responding when I ask for a date.

On 12/27 he asked for a small extension. I said ok but I would like to really get this wrapped up. On 1/3 I asked when he may pay back, and asked him again on 1/4. He said on 1/5 that he was busy with BTR stuff, but still didn't set the date. I said on 1/8 I needed to here something or I would need to look at filing a BTR. Still nothing. Finally today I checked with him again to give him one more chance but even though he is logging in he still isn't even responding.

It isn't even the lateness but the total lack of communication

When I get my $40 that was agreed upon this will be taken down.

EDIT: Yes, I hope you clear them all up but based on the age and responses I am not sure. I am also not sure why logging into Paypal and paying back the money has anything to do with these other issues. If you have the money you should pay it back now. There is an interesting post in the forums where you won $1000 dollars at a local poker game. It should not be any issue to get the 40 dollars you are now almost 1 month late on.


So ahmedJohnson says he doesn't no where the $1000 from poker is coming from...check it out below. He can't remember all his stories. Or just go to general forum and search for AhmedJohnson posts and it is the third one.

Auzman wrote:
> AhmedJohnson wrote:
>> me 106(and i can go on forever guys i will not lose)
> lol.

i was too busy winning 1k at my local poker game to bother with this imma just buy a sealed copy on ebay
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (16-Jan-2012)
sry the outstanding btr's come first