Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Skedoo32

gameboy BTRs28-Sep-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Gameboy,Brent Reed
Address: 3450 H. Broussard Rd Sulphur, LA
Reporter: Skedoo32

We had a trade,I was going to give Twisted Metal Black,for his Madden 2002. We were to send same time, I send my game out with confirmation number. I ask him where my number is. After a bit of stalling,he finally gives me a number. A PHONY NUMBER. So I got in touch with the post office in Sulphur and told them do not deliever the package to Brent,to hold it until I got back with them. I told him that his package was in Sulphur and that he wasn't getting it until I saw Madden. He pitches a fit,saying I am ripping him off. After threatening mail fraud,he finally tells me that he didn't send,he was waiting to get my game before he sent. Come to find out,he had 2 trades already in the works for twisted metal black and he has ripped off another trader. I hope the other files mail fraud on him or gets the Sulphur police involved.