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Bad Trader Reports on Ghost2k6

Ghost2k6 BTRs17-Mar-2007
Status: active
Address: MS#2114 955 La Paz Rd. Santa Barbara, CA
Reporter: Nickodeemuss

This deal was pended on February 5th. I sent my side out 3 days later and he recieved the game on the 12th. Two weeks later he said he sent. He says he sent it via UPS Ground after we had agreed on First Class USPS. He didn't supply a tracking number or anything. It is now March 17th and I still have nothing. I just want my game, man. It was a small trade but I either want the game we agreed on (Xenosaga: Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht ) or my game back (Tony Hawk 4). That's all I ask for.