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Bad Trader Reports on brookjeff

brookjeff BTRs21-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: 212 marilyn dr. Jasper , TN
Reporter: coreycorey2000

I sent her a Dreamcast controller, VMU, Rumble pack and 4 games. She was supposed to send me some N64 games. However she never sent and hasn't responded to my emails.

I have filed mail fraud charges. I recommend anyone else who was ripped off to do the same. If enough people do it something might be done.

brookjeff BTRs24-Jul-2007
Status: active
Aliases: jeff perry brookjeff blood_ill_tempered
Address: 212 marilyn dr. Jasper , TN
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR to let all the people with pending trades with gamergirl1982 that we just discovered that gamergirl1982 lives at the same address as brookjeff (an old account with a BTR and an old pending that looks like it should also be a BTR.

So, it looks pretty clear that brookjeff / gamergirl1982 are scammers.

Hopefully, you didn't send first to them, right? Because we warned you not to send first to account without a reputation and you always listen to our warnings, right?

If you haven't sent, you can probably just cancel the trade. If you have, you may want to call the police in Jasper, TN and file a complaint with them.

brookjeff BTRs23-Jul-2007
Status: active
Address: 212 marilyn dr. Jasper , TN
Reporter: ksmitty202

I agreed to send Gamergirl1982 $48 in paypal for her
The Darkness (xbox 360) .The suckered me in to paying
her first. I was then told she shippid out the next morning.
About a week later nothing was here so i asked for a
Delivery Confrimation number , and she told me she
lost it and the reciept as well. It has now been 3 weeks
and i have gotten nothing from this user. I have filed
a claim with payapl to get my money back and
advise that nobody trade with this user. She has
made up constent excuses about looking for the
reciept and the post office not bieng able to go back
in the computer and track the package

brookjeff BTRs14-Mar-2007
Status: active
Address: 212 marilyn dr jasper tn 37347
Reporter: beavis

We made a trade back in January 24 to trade my Wii package for his Xbox360 package. I agreed to send first as he was hesitant with such a big trade, and he had a few trades under his belt so i figured i would give him the benefit of the doubt and agree to send. I sent the package out on the 26 of Jan. Here is the tracking number 03051720000082438841. He received the package and said that he would send. He told me a couple days later that the weather had been bad, and it was, so he would send it when the weather got better. The something happened and the 360 stopped working. So he agreed to either give me $330 in cash or get me another 360. I told him that if he could do it in a month it would be fine.

I keep trying to contact him and ask him whats going on with the trade, but i get no response. Hopefully this will get him to communicate with me whats going on with the trade. I havent heard from him in two weeks.