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gamestopblows BTRs18-Sep-2007
Status: active
Aliases: Matthew Lutz
Address: 1275 Pall Mall St., Norfolk, VA 23513
Reporter: SaturnHST

The trade was for me GameCube games for his Xbox games. He sent me 7 Xbox games and they turned out to be in crappy condition. Did not tell me all of them had price stickers all over them and the conditions of the discs were poorer than the ratings suggest. The worst part was 2 of the games keep freezing and are unplayable.

He seemed to have started ignoring me after receiving my games.

I tried contacting him through the trade messages and by email. I even had the mods email him but there were no responses.

It has been 2 months since he has logged in and now I checked his bio page and it seems he has abandoned his account.

I talked to another user he has screwed over and he is most likely a scammer.

EDIT: I contacted a moderator at and it turns out he was banned from that site a year ago.