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tbwmp88 BTRs17-Aug-2011
Status: active
Address: Alex Chow 57 Newbury Ave Apt 2 Quincy, MA 02171
Reporter: Jdaniels

We made a deal, I sent him 3 Pirate of the Caribbean and Alive in Wonderland ALL Blu ray + 5$ paypal. for his Supernatural Season 1 and season 4 both blu ray, we agreed on July 31st, I sent my part the very next day on the first of August. I have sent him several emails, and gave him until today (wednesday 8/17/2011) to get back to me with a message with him explaining and he never did or else I will file a BTR. I have checked his last log in and it was August 2nd. This user has been on the site for some time now and has a respectable feedback. I don't see why this would happen and I will be more than happy to remove this when he gets on and explained what happen and when I recieve me end of the deal. I have mixed feelings but I just feel like he got my stuff and took off and ran.