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Bad Trader Reports on Mafiaman

Mafiaman Canada BTRs22-Aug-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Richard Wirkkunen
Address: 12 Hill Street, Apt. 103, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, POT 1W0
Reporter: lain21us

This jerk off ripped me off, then lied about having sent his end of things (he never did). He offered to send cash to make up for it (still insisting he had sent the game) and then completely disappeared, and did not respond to several attempts at contact. Oddly enough, just a few days after I finally threatened him with a BTR he sent a message pretending to be some girl saying she had talked to "Rikkie" and that he wouldn't be able to respond for several months. Then I got an e-mail from Bill regarding an e-mail he had received from the guy's "wife", saying that this piece of s--t was in jail, and trying to delete the account for some bizarre reason.

This guy's a straight up punk b|tch scammer, hands down, no extenuating circumstances. He is a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and if his wife actually exists then she is too for trying to delete his account (seriously, why the hell is this chick messing with his account?) So anyway, that's my story, not interested in anyone's explanation, since there is no explanation for any of this. The guy's a thief, the scum of the earth, and I don't really care what excuses he gives, even if he is pretending to be a girl. I will accept $20 to make this go away, and no, you stupid motherf--ker, I will not let you send it through the mail.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (22-Aug-2009)
Look you little crap, I sent that fudging game when i said i did, you claim you sent your end of the deal, but I ain't ever seen it, I have no other way of sending anything except by snail mail, when you asked i told you the truth, I never lied to you, and I never cheated you. And keep my woman out of your mouth, i asked her to forward a message for me while I was in trouble. I am back, you talk to me, and leave her out of it man.

Every form of contact he has truly attempted I have responded to, and have responded to ASAP, unless you gonna send me a ticket to your home town so i can drop another copy of the game off there is nothing I can do. I hope we can find a way to settle this quickly and you can forget about me sending $20, Pokemon Gold is only $5 in the local pawn shop and waiting for you I just went and bought a copy myself, so if you want $20 you can reemberse me the $5.65 it cost me for the game, and the $4.00 it will cost to send you the $20, and original $11.50 it cost to send my end of the game