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BringMeTheHorizon Has Written 8 Reviews BTRs11-Jan-2009
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Address: 3115 Ashton ct. abingdon, MD 21009
Reporter: wesk74

We pended a trade on 11/17/2008. I sent my side of the trade, but when I received my side of the trade the book was missing. I sent a message on 11/28 when I received the game that the book was missing and that it wasn't acceptable to me. on 11/29 he apologized and said he would send the book. On 12/3 he said he would send the following Friday. On 12/15 I asked if he was planning on sending it, he said he was too busy to get to it but was still planning on sending it. On Christmas he told me to "chill" and stop worrying about a manual. I threatened to cancel the trade and send back his item on 12/27, he responded by saying he would send it ASAP. He still has not sent, and I don't believe he ever intended to. I have no problem removing the BTR if the manual is sent