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Bad Trader Reports on Joel99268

Joel99268 BTRs14-Feb-2011
Status: active
Aliases: Joel Gonzalez
Address: 136 St. Stephens Road Bridgeport, CT
Reporter: GoldenEagle

Payment was due on Jan 1, 2011. Has contacted me a few times to delay payment. Now that the second "due" date has come up, I'm forced to elevate.

Hasn't responded to my latest few requests. Warned him that I'd BTR him if he didn't reply by 10:00 PM yesterday and I still waited 20 hrs later to give him a chance to own up.

Edit 7/3/2011 -- Still waiting on this.

EDIT 12/22/2011: Updates: Alex Gonzalez and Joel Gonzalez are both related. Alex went by user name Phatshooter360 and also has an open BTR for stealing money.

His brother began working with me and promised to repay, but ultimately backed out after only sending 9.00.

Joel is responding to email, but ultimately said that if I keep contacting him or his friends/family he's just going to keep the money.

Edit: 7/2/2012 -- Joel is working with me again. Will remove as soon as it's cleared up.

Resolution: Completing the deal as originally described