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Mox_Demon BTRs8-Aug-2004
Status: active
Reporter: Capnwinky

I pended a trade with this user on 16-Jun-2004 at 4:34pm. This user recieved from me on 21-Jun-2004 at 7:07pm. I have waited patiently for a month before contacting this user. My contact letter was not responded to until after 9 days. The letter was asking a simple request to recieve some sort of notice of when I would expect my items to be shipped. After the 9 days this user contacted me back and told me "Yes I sent your stuff". That was the only thing I was told. However this user did NOT post it on the site that they had sent at all. I then noticed immediately afterward that this user changed their address. I decided to look into the address they had posted and I discovered that this address is fake. I kept a log of this user's original address and decided to get a phone number for the address. I called the residence of this user's original address (101 Dover Dr Roscommon, MI 48653-7300 1-989-821-4793) and I then discovered that someone resides at this address under the name "Charles R Mitchell". I thought that something was fishy because the names seemed so closely related. However immediately after I discovered this I was sent another email from this user and in my outlook account and discovered that the name in the email is actually "Amber Mitchell" and NOT "Mepham"! Very fishy! I have still not heard any word from this user and I have noticed that since then this user has logged into their account and pended several other trades with other users. I monitor this users account and immediately notify all other potential traders as to my findings to help others avoid getting ripped off.

I will also be filing with these groups:
if I do not recieve my items (or substantial compensation) within 14 business days of this BTR post

In addition to this information I will also be filing at this user's local small claims court under all known alliases of the user and addresses. I do not take things like this lightly and I will use my knowledge to the fullest extent.

*UPDATE - I WILL BE FILING LEGAL COMPLAINTS TONIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2004. I have been waiting long enough. I was lied to numerous times and still have never recieved my items. I will also be doing these filings in conjunction with Mike Swizzy to help any action I decide to take against this user. Small claims court IS an option and will most likely occur as a final step in my process of filings.


Thank you for taking the time to complete a complaint with the IFCC.
Your complaint has been successfully submitted.
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Mox_Demon BTRs24-Jun-2004
Status: active
Reporter: BezerkTurk

OK im a stone cold lier LOL thats funny becouse in that response right there says she was gonna send my game back in a WEEK and its been yet ANOTHER MONTH and im the stone cold lier its been like 4-5 months i didnt get my game back im guessing shes gonna keep it couse she doesnt respond to my emails or the moderators of gametzs emails so i guess i lost a game in a trade with some......................... ok NEVER MIND I WONT CURSE ON THE BTR BUT U PEOPLE GET THE POINT WHY I CURSE THE HELL OUT OF HER IN EMAILS ITS COUSE OF DUMB #@$@ LIKE THIS THAT MAKES ME NOT EVEN WANNA DO STUFF ON THIS SITE i just hope theres something the moderators will do to help me out. o and EVEN THO IT WASNT SCRATCHED i dont even care anymore i just want my game back if she didnt like it why is she keeping it she just wants a freaking exuse
Game discs were not in excellent condition as said. Discs were heavily scratched due to surface scratches. I am guessing the games were bought used at Eeltronics Boquiete. Mike Swizzy has shown no emotion or concern for the fact that his games were not in the condition as stated. When I told him I was going to send the game back because of the sticker residue on the plastic cover of the case, he responded with cocky and very sarcatsic remarks. This man has called me about every name in the book. Has shown no kindness to the fact that when he sent the game, I moved from one location to another, to another, and now I am finnaly situated. Next week I am sending out packages to other people, as well as Mike Swizzy's Resident Evil 0. This is by far the worse trade I've ever experienced since becomming a member of this site. This man is a stone cold liar, and a bad trader every way you look at it.

Mox_Demon BTRs24-Jul-2003
Status: active
Reporter: RollingStonesPhan

We made a big lot trade of several old systems and games for a huge lot of Sega Saturn games. In order to avoid any ripping off we sent in lots. He was incredibly slow the entire time, but the last lot he sent was missing 2 N64 games: 007 and Perfect Dark, an AC adapter for the Virtual Boy (essentially a SNES adapter), and a N64 controller. He forgot to put it in the lot but claimed he would still send it. It has been over a month and he doesnt care. Essentially I recieved the F.U. instant messenger conversation. It is attatched below... (I obviously am Route66SM)

Route66SM: did you get my email
titz Mox Demon: no
titz Mox Demon: new email
titz Mox Demon:
Route66SM: ok
Route66SM: well i'm tired of waiting for my stuff
Route66SM: send my stuff
titz Mox Demon: be happy with what you got
Route66SM: no, you owe me two n64 games, a controller, an a AC adapter
titz Mox Demon: i dont care
Route66SM: then you're about to be screwed very severely
titz Mox Demon: how?
Route66SM: it doesn't matter, you dont care
titz Mox Demon: theres nothing you can do
titz Mox Demon: stop tripping over 2 games
Route66SM: no, its 2 games, a controller, and an ac adapter
titz Mox Demon: as it is, I had to pay around $50 to ship everything, got rid of 2 systems, all for some old crapty games
titz Mox Demon: dont cry to me about it
titz Mox Demon: done deal.
Route66SM: you owe me my stuff
titz Mox Demon: you owe me all the money i spent to send
Route66SM: you never complained about any of that
Route66SM: and i had already offered to throw stuff in for that
titz Mox Demon: and besides, we agreed on me keeping those 2 games
titz Mox Demon: so dont hassle me about two insiginficant games
Route66SM: no we didnt, it was part of the deal, which i emailed to you AND sent to you over here MANY times
Route66SM: its two games, a controller, and an AC adpter
Route66SM: 4 items
titz Mox Demon: nope, I get to keep 2 n64 games
titz Mox Demon: i remember
Route66SM: no, you changed that after you realized what you were trading.
Route66SM: and you got so many rares that now i regret the trade. the 3d0 is total crap, and you got almost all of my rares. if we sold what we have, you'd end up with more pocket money. thats all besides the point. you owe me stuff
titz Mox Demon: so is saturn games
titz Mox Demon: i'm selling them all anyways
titz Mox Demon: i never play
Route66SM: i dont owe you a thing. i shipped on time at all times
Route66SM: you owe me my stuff
titz Mox Demon: maybe if you pray to god long enough they'll be answered
Route66SM: no, i'm tired of waiting
Route66SM: its been over a month
titz Mox Demon: do you get hardons over perfect dark and 007?
Route66SM: no, i get frustrated over lost games and a controller and AC adapter. just like you woud get frustrated if i left off two saturn games
Route66SM: so are you going to send my stuff, or do you still not care?
titz Mox Demon: when i get around to it
Route66SM: no, i want it in the mail tommorow, with a delivery confirmation
Route66SM: i've been VERY patient
titz Mox Demon: sometimes you cant get what you want
titz Mox Demon: i know
Route66SM: no you dont understand.
Route66SM: its now or never
Route66SM: i will screw you over much worse than you think
Route66SM: thank you for giving me a reason for a BTR
titz Mox Demon: whatever, we agreed on me keeping those 2 n64 games
titz Mox Demon: you're just trying to get free stuff
Route66SM: no, you've screwed me over
titz Mox Demon: im not giving into your tempter tantrum
titz Mox Demon: nope, I gave you the 2 zeldas, I kep tthe 2 shooters
Route66SM: you even appologized for leaving it out of the last lot and said you would send it later that week
titz Mox Demon: i dont know about that...
Route66SM: why else would you continue to tell me that you would send it???
titz Mox Demon: you are trying to get free stuff
titz Mox Demon: you got way more than I did
Route66SM: no, you have changed your mind
Route66SM: no, i got screwed. the 3d0 lot is worth crap
titz Mox Demon: 3dos 3do
Route66SM: and you know it, but i'm not complaining about what i got. i just want what we agreed to, and what you have said you would send for over a month now
titz Mox Demon: this is ridicoulos
titz Mox Demon: i'm not giving into these lies
Route66SM: i've saved this entire conversation and i'm turning it in with the BTR i just finished. you're tone in this conversation has changed DRAMATICALLY since the beginning. next time you screw someone over stick with ONE story. either you dont care, or we never agreed on it. smile
titz Mox Demon: you are trying to get free stuff
titz Mox Demon: im not giving into your childish antics
titz Mox Demon: not my fault you cant remember
Route66SM: you are full of crap, and a bad trader. someone else had the EXACT same thing happened which is why they filed a BTR against you. read the beginning of this conversation. you know very well what you're doing and you will pay for it.
titz Mox Demon: im not paying for anything
titz Mox Demon: i dont have a tone
titz Mox Demon: you are reading this
Route66SM: I have to go to work. Thanks for being problematic.
titz Mox Demon: your not getting anything
Route66SM: Route66SM: well i'm tired of waiting for my stuff
Route66SM: send my stuff
titz Mox Demon: be happy with what you got
Route66SM: no, you owe me two n64 games, a controller, an a AC adapter
titz Mox Demon: i dont care
Route66SM: suddenly NOW it wasnt part of the deal?
titz Mox Demon: ok
Route66SM: no, you know exactly whats happening
titz Mox Demon: it always wasnt
Route66SM: and i'm tired of talking to you
titz Mox Demon: go cry to some one else
Route66SM: i really have to go to work, but you can complain on gametz all you want.
Route66SM: cya
titz Mox Demon: yea

This is the first time I've had a bad encounter on gametz, but its not getting me down. :)

Thank you
It's all made up so he can weasle out with a few extra items.