Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on APPLEJUICE69

APPLEJUICE69 BTRs25-Mar-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Brendan Belzil
Address: 5 Portchester Dr. Nashua,NH 03062
Reporter: wrege

Pended a trade for me to pick up some shoes for him that were on craigslist.
And he was to send me an Ipod Touch, $50 and shipping costs.

Apparently the shoes arent what he expected and he is now trying to back out. I sent him links to the craigslist ad, and had him double check that they are what he wanted. I went and picked them up and paid $55 for them. I DO NOT WANT THESE SHOES!

I just want my $55 back, and $12 to ship them.
The BTR can be removed when this is done.