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theyoungfreshone BTRs23-Sep-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Peter Karvelas
Emails: NA
Address: Peter Karvelas, 21-73 47th Street, Astoria, NY 11105
Reporter: Despaire

He dipped out after I sent, claiming he never received the package. The local postmaster told me that the package was hand delivered to him.
He refuses to send or compromise for the lost package he claims to have never received.
Only way to resolve it is to send his end of the deal or accept 1/2 the games value compromise (for either person) through the most accessible internet means - Amazon.
He would have to send first if he demands 1/2 the games value, or he may just send me 1/2.
Currently this is roughly a $15.00 exchange.

Edit [4/17/2013]
Based on the time it has taken and the events that led to the GTZ community covering the cost of the game (Essentially me acquiring a new copy after all this time),
There's no longer any reason for me to compromise 1/2 to games value ($15.00) TO HIM.
The only option available now is for him to pay the $15.00 TO ME where I may direct it to those people who helped me out.
There's no need for Mortal Kombat to be shipped any longer, the trade is nullified after he resolves the BTR.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (26-Jan-2013)
I don't "claim" anything. It is fact. I never received it. Period. I wouldn't stiff you over a game and jeopardize the rep I've earned on this site. Don't flatter yourself. My reluctance to comply with your demands that I compensate or else is simple as this is an error I didn't commit or contribute to. So I don't believe in paying the price for it. It baffles me that I could possibly be classified as the bad trader in all of this. All I ever did was receive nothing and I'm the bad trader? Go figure. What astounds me further is how encouraging and enabling the Mods have been throughout this whole ordeal. You'd think they'd be sensible enough to see right through this joker. Either USPS dropped the ball or Despaire made a mistake along the way. The latter is not at all farfetched considering that prior to the trade he didn't even know First Class was the cheapest method of delivery. When I offered the trade consisting of First Class with Delivery Confirmation as the shipping option Despaire replied "I will never ship First Class on this site, the point is cheap trading so I don't feel like I'm at Gamestop." So not only is he ignorant but he is convinced he is right when he clearly isn't. If I did in fact receive the game I must be some kind of delusional to cooperate to the extent that I have and provide all the specific details about my findings in dealing with the post office in the aftermath of this fiasco. Don't believe him. He's obviously an ill-informed trader who will get your packages lost or delivered to the wrong residence and still expect you to hold up your end of the deal when he hasn't.