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GamerGudda88 BTRs4-Dec-2010
Status: active
Reporter: omair8

What acem77 said is spot on. This guy has scammed a lot of people. I paid him $40 for Fable 3 on Nov 9. He claims he has shipped it but it is now Dec 4 and still no game. I contact him and of course he ignores my messages. Later he responds saying that he is a victim of mail fraud and that "ups lost it and it should have been there". Looking at everyone Else's BTRs I don't believe him one bit. He then said he would "buy the games back and then send it". How is he going to buy these games back if he also says he is having money problems? I mean he owes the one ipod guy $100 and he won't even pay him.

This guy feels safe because he scammed a whole bunch of people on here and is hiding behind a computer. He logs in and ignores everyone's messages. He canceled his recent trades saying he wants to fix his BTRs but he is not doing anything to fix them! I told him to give me a refund and of course that didn't happen and didn't even bother to reply to my messages.

*Dec 15 Update* : Looks like I got my my money back from PayPal after filing a claim. Thank god. No one should deal with this scammer. I hope everybody gets their items/money back. This guy is going to get hit so bad by Karma just watch. Enjoy your time jacking other peoples hard-earned money and possessions while you can until you get owned real bad.

GamerGudda88 BTRs4-Dec-2010
Status: active
Reporter: acem77

A handful of other people and I got scammed by this guy.
This guy scammed about $500 between all of us, $250 was the value of my stuff.
i traded a new pspgo white with some paypal money for a ps3.
user said he shipped it the 26th, one week later nothing. he wont write back. and he has the nerve to list the pspgo on his have to trade list..
has not logged in since the dec 1st

All the BTR reports came in a few days after I shipped him my stuff grrr...!!

GamerGudda88 BTRs29-Nov-2010
Status: active
Reporter: Diglett

On October 16th, 2010, Chris offered 100 dollars paypal for my 8gig first gen iPod Touch. I, having no feedback, sent my iPod first, trusting him and this site. (I am not blaming this site at ALL. This is an excellent site.) He "received" my iPod, and said that he would pay me as soon as the money "transferred" into his account. After a month or so, I just asked for my iPod back. It's been over 3 weeks, and still no iPod. It only took 3 days for him to receive mine. I kept pestering about him scamming me, when he claims he wasn't. Although he could have had 2 8gig 1st gen iPod touches, I noticed he traded one for an xbox 360, which could have been mine. Who knows. This BTR could be resolved if I get my ipod back, or 100 dollars in paypal.

P.S. I think he's using a fake address, I called 411 to see who lived there, and it was an older man. That info may not help, but I'm trying to provide as much info possible.

GamerGudda88 BTRs29-Nov-2010
Status: active
Reporter: bamafan3414

On October 27th, we agreed for me to send him $30 Paypal for a wireless network adapter for the Xbox 360. He says that he sent on Oct. 28th. I sent my Paypal on Oct. 30th and he marked it as received on Nov. 6th. On Nov 8th, he says that he filled out a missing claim form and he would refund my money if I did not receive it soon. I gave him a warning that I would post a BTR if he didn't refund my money on Nov. 21st. He said that he would send the money that Monday or Tuesday AT THE LATEST. It is now the following Monday (29th) and I have yet to receive my money or even a response to my message even though he has logged in. This can be resolved if he sends my money back. He can sent it to the Paypal email:

GamerGudda88 BTRs28-Nov-2010
Status: active
Reporter: 1020chase

I bought Fallout New Vegas (PS3) for $37.50 gifted paypal and I wanted to have it to play over my Thanksgiving break...The seller said he shipped it to the wrong place the first time, so I asked for a refund instead of the game...The seller said he would send me a refund...I have messaged the seller multiple times over the last five days and he has logged onto the site, so he has seen the messages...Below is all the conversation that took place between us on the trade page...

I will remove the BTR once I get a refund...

on 28-Nov-2010 at 12:32pm 1020chase please communicate with me, i dont want to leave you a BTR but i will be forced to if i dont hear from you the next time you log on
on 26-Nov-2010 at 9:53am 1020chase please send a refund by tomorrow
on 23-Nov-2010 at 5:20pm 1020chase okay, just let me know when you have sent
on 23-Nov-2010 at 5:19pm GamerGudda88 Alright that's cool. I'll send you your refund asap. Sorry about this.
on 23-Nov-2010 at 3:55pm 1020chase let me know what you're planning on doing since you're on here right now

on 23-Nov-2010 at 12:32pm 1020chase honestly, at this point, i would prefer a refund...i was going to complete it over my thanksgiving break because i am going to get gran turismo 5 and donkey kong returns for my christmas break...since i didnt get fallout for my thanksgiving break, i really wont have much use for it...please just give me a refund and ill leave all excellent ratings and i will have no hard feelings...
on 23-Nov-2010 at 11:33am GamerGudda88 I think I sent to the wrong address & I got it today in the mail. I'll send it asap with DC this time.
on 23-Nov-2010 at 11:32am GamerGudda88 I think I sent to the wrong address & I got it today in the mail. I'll send it asap with DC this time.
on 23-Nov-2010 at 9:20am 1020chase still no game
on 22-Nov-2010 at 9:26am 1020chase shipping should be shipped

on 22-Nov-2010 at 9:25am 1020chase if you can show me a receipt showing that you shipping, i will assume the po lost it...if you cant, i would like a mail will run around 2pm today, so ill let you know if i get it
on 21-Nov-2010 at 12:07pm GamerGudda88 The game was definitley sent. If it doesnt show up by Monday I'll send your money back.
on 21-Nov-2010 at 10:06am 1020chase contact me the next time you are on or i will file a btr
on 19-Nov-2010 at 8:11pm 1020chase i still havent received the game...lmk whats up
on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:49pm GamerGudda88 No prob man. Happy early B day. :)
on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:47pm 1020chase thanks for shipping so quick; my bday is sunday and that would be a sweet gift to myself
on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:43pm GamerGudda88 I sent on 10-Nov-2010.

on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:43pm GamerGudda88 I have received.
on 10-Nov-2010 at 1:19pm 1020chase I sent on 10-Nov-2010.