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Bad Trader Reports on thumperhog

thumperhog BTRs13-Jul-2000
Status: active
Aliases: jason burnowski
Reporter: knight101

I sent him Vampire: Collector's Edition, Unreal, Die Hard Trilogy and Omikron and never heard from him again. I got a friend of mine that lives by him to call Jason to see what was going on. Jason said he had no idea what my friend was talking about. I have put in mail fraud charges with a few other ugtz users and I hope that we can get our stuff back soon.

thumperhog BTRs7-Jul-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Jason Burnowski
Address: Jason Burnowski
Reporter: Neokitty

Jason Burnowski
3338 Otto Ave.
Alpine, CA 91901

Well he has my Tatics Orge and MK4. But I sent DC and Insurance. Mail boxes Express said he has already got the package which they have on File. They will be paying him a visit soon.

thumperhog BTRs6-Jul-2000
Status: active
Aliases: thumperhog, TeibarVitellius om AIM
Address: 3338 Otto Ave. Alpine, CA 91901
Reporter: Flatliner

I knew this was too good to be true. But when he showed me "his" feedback record on Switchouse (which Im almost positive is not his) I went ahead and traded with him. He seemed like a nice enough guy on AIM and chat, and claimed to work for IGN. He also sayed he got engaged and was getting married. Well I sure hope she doesnt marry this loser. Well anyways, I sent my stuff and I still dont know if he recieved it but Im almost positive it did. So he said he would be shipping my stuff out and I said great. So I wait and nothing. I catch him on AIM and ask. Well his "brother" made a mistake in shipping, and would be sending off again. After this he wasnt on AIM so I emailed him and still got no response so yesterday I sent this email:
I just looked at your page and apparently youve been screwing everyone
out of games. Well you have 24 hours to respond to this before I file
for mail fraud. And seeing as how my Uncle's a lawyer that wont be good for you. And im telling you right now sending me the stuff I sent you back to me wont work. We made a binding agreement when we traded and I expect you to uphold your part of the trade.

I do fully intented to file for mail fraud to the fullest extent of the law, and he will pay for the items he owes me and all court costs.

Thanks for your time,

thumperhog BTRs5-Jul-2000
Status: active
Address: 3338 Otto Ave. Alpine, CA 91901
Reporter: Puscifer

I had a feeling he wasn't legit, but I went through with the trade anyways (I could care less about the game I sent and I really wanted tomba). I will also make sure that he gets what's coming to him. I suggest that everyone who got ripped-off fill out a mail fraud report form. If we all fill one out, that will be enough to start an investigation against him. Mail fraud is a serious crime and no one should let him get away with it.

thumperhog BTRs4-Jul-2000
Status: active
Aliases: thumperhog
Address: Jason Burnowski 3338 Otto Ave. Alipine, CA 91901
Reporter: chainsawyak

Jason and i agreed to a trade for 5-6 of my PC games for his Resident Evil 2 (N64) and complete Final Fantasy 3 (SNES) i knew from square one that this was a bogus offer, and within minutes of me reporting the pending trade my good ol' pal sportbettor emailed me telling me to watch out for this guy. i had noticed before receiving sportbettor's warning email that this offer was bogus, but i hadn't noticed before receiving the warning the 15 or so pending trades that jason had set up that night, and very shortly beforehand. after posting the trade, jason was bugging me to send first. that right there should have been enough for me to cancel the trade. i never send first to new users, and i hardly ever send first to even older users. anyone asking me to send first automatically means they don't trust me as a person, regardless of the fact that they could have been ripped off in the past. jason said he had a +40 feedback on switchouse of all things (i could care less about switchouse feedback) and that he had gotten his playstation stolen from him in the past so he couldn't send first (i hope he did get his playstation stolen from him, he deserves it for all the things he took from other people) we went around and around on the matter, i tried to keep a positive frame of mind about the whole thing, because i really wanted to do this trade. he told me he would send on monday, and i told him that i couldn't send then because i had just been to the post office and couldn't go until towards the middle of the week (when i should have gotten his package if he sent on monday) that seemed okay to him and on tuesday in the chat room he told me his brother sent the package on monday but he "forgot to get delivery confirmation" i told him that was fine, and that i couldn't mail until thursday or friday. he asked me why and i told him the truth that quite frankly i don't trust people who ask me to send first or at the same time as them, and that i would have to wait until his package arrived before i sent. he got angry at me and said that he could send Resident Evil 2, but not Final Fantasy 3 because that was worth too much to send first. i guess he forgot about telling me had already sent, so i said "i thought your brother already sent the package?" he went on to tell me that he would "unsend the package" and just send me Resident Evil 2. fully realizing that it is impossible to "unsend packages" (maybe with FedEx you can, but even if you can it's probably a very complicated process) i told him fine and that i had to go. later that night Jason deleted our trade and that was the last anyone heard of him. he was temporarily suspended for being offensive, but he was back on shortly after that making more trades, until finally people started getting their stuff stolen by him, and bad trader reports started appearing.

jason really did sound like a nice guy when we were discussing the trade. he told me he was going to throw $10 into the trade for no particular reason. he was also saying in the chat room that he was recently engaged to get married and everybody congratulated him. i just checked his AOL profile and he has an online chat room Role Playing profile (for Rydin or whatever) so i guess thats what he was talking about when he said he was getting married. this guy is probably some 12 year old kid who sits in front of his computer all day RPing and stealing Playstation games from nice, undeserving people. if he was in fact telling the truth that he was getting married, i hope his marriage falls apart very early before children are brought into the world by him and taught by old papa thumperhog that it is okay to steal videogames from people.

so i didn't actually lose anything in this trade, but i can assure you he is a bad trader. it's kind of funny, our trade was the only pending trade he deleted. i feel kind of insulted... wink if after reading this and all of jason's other Bad Trader Reports you still want to trade with him, please for your sake don't. it's not worth your time, he is a liar and a theif and i hope the law works out it should and puts this little kid (or his parents, i don't really care) where he belongs, in jail.

h--w K