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ToTheDregs Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs3-Nov-2012
Status: active
Address: 1920 mountain ash way new port richey, florida 34655
Reporter: coolest_stan

I have received everything but I am surprised by the condition of the universal adapter. It is clearly missing many components. Secondly, the bracketron also arrived BROKEN (one of the arms is off). Clearly you were aware of this issue and stuffed it back into its (already opened) clamshell packaging to sell it off. The damage definitely did not occur during shipping because the plastic is VERY sturdy.

He then showed me a link to the bracketron saying that I should have payed more for the bracketron. This makes no sense because he linked to a DIFFERENT bracketron, one that has a built in universal phone charger. I most likely OVERpaid for the bracketron. And secondly, he was the one who set the price. How does that make it OK to ship a broken product? The bracketron is completely broken, the plastic has snapped in half. Picture below.

I just tested the house phone he sent as well (one day later). The speaker does not work. This means that it won't ring during incoming calls. It also has no speaker phone function. This phone is useless. It was also registered to a woman named Monique. Did you pick up these items from the dump? How am I supposed to use a phone with no ring? How will I know when people call me? Of course this was all after he said the phone was in "excellent" condition. His words.

Initially upon discovery of the broken bracketron, I only wanted a partial refund, but at this point I am furious. The level of dishonesty and lack of scruples is absolutely despicable. I am requesting a full refund. If you want your junk shipped back to you, you can include shipping, and I will gladly ship it back to you.