Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on deicide

deicide Canada BTRs4-Feb-1999
Status: active
Aliases: Maria Goncalves
Address: 24 Shaw st. apt. 702 , Toronto , Canada
Reporter: shos

DON'T TRADE with someone who lives in SHAW STREET , TORONTO , CANADA You can look below & see that those people who live there cheated many traders ( including me ) .

deicide Canada BTRs22-Jan-1999
Status: active
Address: 24 shaw st. apt. 702, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 3W1 CANADA
Reporter: Reiter

We agreed to trade Sanitarium for Unreal. I mailed Unreal and after a week she said she had it, but lost my address. I sent my address again and HAVE NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN! This is over 3 weeks later. There are other reports on this "trader." Do not trade with her. The administrator should delete her page so she doesn't rip anyone else off.

deicide Canada BTRs14-Jan-1999
Status: active
Address: n/a
Reporter: Skarekrow

I do not enjoy filling this out. I made a trade to exchange Might & Magic VI : Limited Edition for her Fallout - I have yet to recieve it. She has acknowledged recieving M&MVI:LE. We made the trade in the first week of December - after some time I was wondering why I had not recieved my game. I requested she confirm shipment and she said she had not shipped it and intended to do so right away. Some more time passed and in January I requested another confirmation of shipment - she said she had shipped it. It has been almost a month and I am still waiting. I am giving the benefit of the doubt - she is in Canada and the postal service there is as inept as they are here (I am a Canadian living in the USA so I know...) - I will wait... If it arrives this message will be deleted.

deicide Canada BTRs20-Sep-1998
Status: active
Address: 24 shaw st. apt. 702 toronto, canada M6J 3W1
Reporter: Patrik

We agreed on me sending him The Complete Ultima VII and Caesar 2 in return for Fallout (isn't it odd that he tried to trade Fallout with other traders as well?) After two months I have still not got the game or an explanation. I have repeatedly e-mailed him about it, but sofar he hasn't answered.

deicide Canada BTRs14-Sep-1998
Status: active
Address: 24 Shaw St. Apt 702 Toronto Canada
Reporter: Hank

I was trading starcraft for fallout. I mailed my game and now it has been over a month and I have not received fallout. He said he mailed it a month ago but I know now he is full of . Apparently I am not the only person he has ripped. (see below)