Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Jestering

Jestering BTRs2-Nov-2014
Status: active
Reporter: Jartravian

I hate to do this, but it has been almost two months since I have had any contact from Jesse. He made an offer, and I accepted and sent my games the next morning. When they arrived, he was not satisfied with the condition of two of the games and didn't want to trade his "perfect" games for them, even though I listed their conditions accurately and he made the initial offer. I asked for him to ship my games back to me at my expense, but after a week he said he wanted to complete the trade, which was the last communication I received from him. I since asked for an update and received no response.

I'll be happy to retract the BTR if I receive Jesse's end of the deal, or I get my games back. This should have been my very first trade on GameTZ, and honestly getting ripped off like this, so quickly, and by an established user, has colored my opinion of the community as a whole. I haven't even renewed my subscription as a result. I just want it resolved so I can forget it :)

Jestering BTRs22-Sep-2014
Status: active
Reporter: deNNis55555

I have done three trades with Jesse, I believe he is a good guy. However he has yet to complete any of the trades with me. Or let me rephrase this the first two trades kind of went well but what happened was I sent the wrong game, we both agreed on a third trade where he would send the wrong game back and I would make up for the second and I would give games for the third. I have not received the games for the third trade we had. But I have sent out everything for him. He has yet to complete the trades on the first 2 trades which bothers me because I'm a new trader and I need as many trades under my belt as I can get. Right now they are both pending waiting for him. He has given me excuses saying he has had no time because he just started a new job but this trade has lasted over a month I think you should find time. To make this right and resolve this I would just like him to send my items and complete my other trades so nothing is pending and it can be over. Again I really don't think he is a bad trader I just didn't know what else to do. I don't know his email but if you do can you contact him for me?