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Sickle BTRs7-Jun-2014
Status: active
Reporter: qualityman14

Trade: Loan for $275, repayment of $315 by April 15th
Loan Purpose: To Pay for School Books
This member was given a Loan in December of 2013 that was supposed to be repaid in two payments 15Jan14- $158 & 15Apr14- $157. The member states in January he was having issues with financial aide from school and could only send $50 at the time. February 4th he sent another $20. On February 15th he sent a message saying his father passed and he was going to have to buy a plane ticket and would try and sell his xbox to cover the costs.
On Aprile 4th he sent me this message: "I have an issue with my Paypal because of a user reversing charges on me, so now my account is $450 in the hole. I'm trying to get it situated, is there another form of payment I can pay you in, in case it takes forever to get situated?"
I told him a amazon gift card would be fine but I would prefer Amazon Payments. Right around this time is when he stopped coming on the site.
He stated he sent a money order on May 1st then 3 weeks later i told him that i did not receive it, he said he went to the money gram place and they were able to tell I did not cash it but he would still need to file a claim.
He kept in contact via text messages for awhile until about 2 weeks ago when he stopped returning my messages.
If anyone would not mind helping me contact him via phone or text it would be greatly appreciated. I know he is getting my text messages and ignoring my phone calls because when i call sometimes it rings 5 times before going to voice mail and sometimes it rings twice so he is hitting the ignore button.
At this time there is $245 remaining on the loan.

His contact Information:
Jay Martinez
1. Jay Martinez
5990 Bridgecross Dr
Sacramento, CA 95835
Phone numbers: 916-626-4084 - (The one I texted him on)